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     and.....there we go again...       
nobody believed me when i said in may,  
A-HEAD will be back!! well..i started   
to do sum text..but stopped again as i  
noticed that noone supports me !        
     one month later or so ,i had a     
new idea: i wanted to make a very small 
kind of comeback issue to proof that we 
are back.so ,when you see that we are   
really doing the mag again,you maybe    
will support it again...and so i did.   
     here it is...A-HEAD #C c means     
comeback...and you have to keep one     
thing in mind when ya complain about the
amount of chapters and text:            
     this is not A-HEAD #5! it is       
just a proof that we are producing the  
mag again...so please start again       
spreading votesheets..etc.. !           
     A-HEAD #5 will be out pretty       
soon hopefully and will have nothing    
to do with this short comebackmag...    
many chapters ,including sum original   
ones again..to set sum new standards... 
i won't tell anything else here !       
     the most important:                
  many many thanx to my friends in      
desert nomads who made this outfit for  
me and A-HEAD! without you,there never  
would have been A-HEAD again! yes....i  
asked them in march or so,when i wasn't 
in the scene,if there is a chance to    
make a outfit for A-HEAD,and they agreed
....if they hadn't agreed,i maybe       
wouldn't have come back to the scene at 
all....so muchas gracias,amigos!        
well..what more...yes....this mag will  
only have the very usual chapters....   
and my musiccrap....                    
     take it as a new beginning ,ok ?   
so...read the few chapters,and spread it
like hell,so that everybody sees that   
A-HEAD is back!!!!! not only back...    
but more back than any other thing ever 
has been back ! (what??)                
until A-HEAD #5...yours...bizarre!      
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