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yo men here are back ramirez of trance  
with the most loved chapter in ahead    
the old days!!!                         
well this time i took the charts and the
news from relax issue 2 /afl'1970       
ok lets start the charts                
01. dcs                                 
02. talent+ikari                        
03. cosmos                              
04. 711                                 
05. action                              
06. güp                                 
07. dominators                          
08. nato                                
09. rough trade inc.                    
10. crazy                               
11. nec                                 
12. f4cg                                
13. x-ray                               
14. fairlight                           
15. illusion                            
c: nearly all this group are dead today 
   well you see groups like f4cg,       
   fairlight,illusion in this charts and
   you see this old groups today in the 
            demo groups                 
01. blackmail                           
02. contex                              
03. megastyle inc.                      
04. the ruling company                  
05. horizon                             
06. nato                                
07. sphinx                              
08. bonzai                              
09. master design group                 
10. logic                               
c: blackmail was the kings of demos in  
   this edge, but you some other le-    
   gendary groups like megastyle inc.   
   and so on in this charts..           
           the best musicans            
01. 20cc                                
02. maniacs of noise                    
03. lord of sonics                      
c: blalblabla                           
   the best demos of the month          
01. insane reality/the ruling company   
02. vector mania/mdg                    
03. batmania/atg                        
c:yo old times rulez                    
now someme news from this old magazine  
- markus schneider(lord of sonics) is   
now in x-ample                          
- abnormal is dead                      
- array is dead                         
- megadeath is dead(ed. hehe)           
- mtv/bb used in the last part of his   
  last demo a coding from ironcat/wolfen
there were 2 proper groups in ireland   
fbr and tnt/excess                      
ikari is now in cooperation with talent 
now comes the interview of this mag     
i think is interesting to read some old 
interviews ok this time a put an inter- 
view with spitfire/action made in the   
relax issue no.2 ok read it and enjoy it
r= how old are you(89)                  
s= i'm 17 years old.                    
r= when you get your first c-64 and     
   what happens since this day?         
s= i got my c64 1984 on the fcs-party   
   on december. 1986 i started to trade 
   i build xades society in november '88
   i started cracking, and since march  
   1989 i'm in action.                  
r= how many members does action have?   
s= since the 21/10/89 we have 6 members 
r= what are the future plans?           
s= to be the number in the scene !!!    
r= who is the best in the scene?        
s= at the moment there is no number one 
   but i've vot for one i would vote for
  seven eleven.                         
r= what do you think about disc mags &  
   which is the best in your opinion?   
s: there are to much but i have to rank 
   them i would do it like thisü        
1. magic news                           
2. magnetix dreams                      
3. sex'n'crime                          
4. relax                                
5. soprostic magazine                   
r= what do you hate?                    
s= nazis,wars, uniformed persons,dudes  
   meaning the are faster than action   
   but aint it.                         
r= do you have a girl friend?           
s= if i have desir i'll catch one but   
   only for a short term.               
r=what are your job in action?          
s= telephone operator ,supplier, cracker
r= what can we exept from action in the 
s= many first releases!!!               
r= who are friends in the scene?        
s= all action members, goblin/light     
   mr. lee/711, nosh/dcs, dragon sphinx 
   forgotten are misted because of      
   time pressure.....                   
           load next chapter            
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