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greets,pals...bizarre here with his     
latest music-mix !!                     
over the next lines,i'm gonna bring     
ya the following stuff:                 
your musiccharts,that means,the music   
charts that many of you have filled on  
the new votesheet,that has been very    
well spread!                            
so..first your charts....they include   
top 75 musicgroups,top 40 singles       
of alltime..and also yer favy songs     
of the past 52 weeks......              
 the scene's top 75 favy musicgroups    
       or male/female artists!          
01.(01) 2 unlimited                     
02.(02) metallica                       
03.(10) ace of base                     
04.(42) guns'n roses                    
05.(27) queen (r.i.p)                   
06.(08) u 96                            
07.(--) iron maiden                     
08.(12) dance 2 trance                  
09.(04) prodigy                         
10.(--) beastie boys                    
11.(52) genesis                         
12.(47) ministry                        
13.(--) fantastischen 4                 
14.(--) ugly kid joe                    
15.(07) depeche mode                    
16.(--) shamen                          
17.(--) spin doctors                    
18.(44) red hot chili peppers           
19.(20) snap                            
20.(--) nirvana                         
21.(--) def leppard                     
22.(06) anthrax                         
23.(--) ice cube                        
24.(39) lard                            
25.(33) the cure                        
26.(--) u2                              
27.(--) culture beat                    
28.(18) sonic youth                     
29.(61) acdc                            
30.(14) manowar                         
31.(--) pearl jam                       
32.(38) running wild                    
33.(--) sepultura                       
34.(09) bodycount                       
35.(--) jingo de lunch                  
36.(--) rage against the machine        
37.(--) l.a.style                       
38.(--) dr.alban                        
39.(21) pet shop boys                   
40.(37) faith no more                   
41.(--) green jelly                     
42.(--) sisters of mercy                
43.(19) ice-t                           
44.(--) beatles                         
45.(11) snow                            
46.(--) 4 non blondes                   
47.(13) naughty by nature               
48.(16) klf                             
49.(15) slayer                          
50.(03) public enemy (!!!)              
51.(--) ll cool j.                      
52.(29) leila k.                        
53.(--) die toten hosen                 
54.(--) morbid angel                    
55.(74) dire straits                    
56.(22) megadeth                        
57.(--) monster magnet                  
58.(--) black sheep                     
59.(31) haddaway                        
60.(--) billy idol                      
61.(58) big black                       
62.(--) boehse onkelz (ed.:bah!)        
64.(--) pogues                          
65.(32) cappella                        
66.(55) gorefest                        
67.(--) inner circle                    
68.(--) omd                             
69.(--) east 17                         
70.(65) technotronic                    
71.(--) gary moore                      
72.(49) j.m.jarre                       
73.(--) 2 life crew                     
74.(35) alice in chains                 
75.(--) run dmc                         
well..some comments....                 
2 unlimited is the best of coz..hehe!   
cool not to see neither madonna nor     
michael jackson here..cool!             
ok,now something else.....your          
favourite top 40 songs of alltime...    
01.(01) no limit/2 unlt.                
02.(04) all that she wants/ace o.b.     
03.(--) nothing else matters/metallica  
04.(03) tribal dance/2 unltd.           
05.(--) november rain/g'n r             
06.(--) the unforgiven/metallica        
07.(12) informer/snow                   
08.(--) enter sandman/metallica         
09.(--) one/metallica (ed.:i think so)  
10.(16) das boot/u 96                   
11.(--) stop /???                       
12.(--) lucky star/????                 
13.(--) fight 4 yer right./beastie boys 
14.(--) 3 little pigs/green jelly       
15.(05) out of space/prodigy            
16.(--) civil war/g'n r                 
17.(--) carry on/???                    
18.(--) psalm 69/???                    
19.(--) 2 princes/spin doctors          
20.(--) copkiller/ice-t                 
21.(14) love sees no color/u 96         
22.(--) just one fix//??                
23.(28) wheel of fortune/ace o.b.       
24.(--) epic/faith no more              
25.(17) i wanna be a kennedy/u 96       
26.(--) james brown is dead/la style    
27.(--) hysteria /????                  
28.(--) westerland/aerzte               
29.(--) sad but true/metallica          
30.(39) pump up the jam/technotronic    
31.(--) deep/east 17                    
32.(--) the look/roxette                
33.(--) don't you want me /felix        
34.(--) don't cry /g'n r                
35.(--) get ready 4 this/2 unlimited    
36.(--) easy/faith no more              
37.(34) smells like teen spirit/nirvana 
38.(--) mr.vain/cult.beat               
39.(--) neighbour/ugly kid joe          
40.(--) we are the champions/queen      
well..of coz no limit is one of the     
very best..hnm..sooo many metallica     
and g'n r songs entering here..why?     
hehe..ya know,i don't like them at all  
here sum tips for next time,i mean      
the following 5 songs missed the top    
40 only coz of some missing points:     
rhyth is a dancer/snap                  
what's up/4 non blondes                 
true faith/new order                    
big gun/ac dc                           
take a free fall/dance 2 trance         
surely "faces "by 2 unlimited will      
be here next time,but it didn't get     
enough points for the top 5 predictions.
so..now the review of yer current       
taste ...here the                       
scene's top 40 songs of the past 52 w.: 
(i only write the groupnames,when it is 
 not 100 % sure by whom the song is..)  
01.(01) no limit                        
02.(02) all that she wants              
03.(03) tribal dance                    
04.(13) mr.vain                         
05.(10) love sees no color              
06.(--) 2 princes                       
07.(05) informer                        
08.(--) killing in the name/rage a.t.m. 
09.(09) wheel of fortune                
10.(04) power o.a.nat./dance 2 trance   
11.(--) shock 2 the system/billy idol   
12.(--) civil war                       
13.(--) nothing else matters/metallica  
14.(--) only/anthrax                    
15.(35) somebody dance with me/dj bobo  
16.(--) 3 little pigs                   
17.(--) what's up?                      
18.(--) runaway train/soul asylum       
19.(12) oh carolina/shaggy              
20.(24) walking in my shoes/dep.mode    
21.(--) you got 2 know/cappella         
22.(08) what is love                    
23.(--) break it down again/tears 4 f.  
24.(--) sundial/???                     
25.(19) magic friend/2 unlimited        
26.(--) would/alice in chains           
27.(11) open sesame/leila k .           
28.(18) wherever i may roam             
29.(--) fear of the dark (live)/i.maid. 
30.(--) open your mind/usura            
31.(06) hip hop hooray                  
32.(07) out of space/prodigy            
33.(25) wind it up/prodigy              
34.(--) wuensch dir was/toten hosen     
35.(--) 5 live/g.michael+queen          
36.(--) chronologie 4/j.m.jarre         
37.(--) feel the rhythm/jinny           
38.(--) funky junky/???                 
39.(--) sleeping satellite/t.archer     
40.(--) give me your love/s.blame+camil.
yeah...not bad,the top 3..hehe..well    
the songs "nothing else matters"        
and "the magic friend" have now become  
52 weeks old,and so can't be voted      
in that section anymore..so..if ya      
like these songs,vote for it in the     
alltime section....                     
here the 5 songs,who should enter       
next time..                             
we are going on down/deady sins         
insane in the brain/cypress hill        
living on my own/freddy mercury         
numb/u 2                                
here we go/stakka bo                    
well..well..some guys ask me ,why the   
fuck i name this section "best songs    
of 52 weeks,and not best songs of the   
past year"..i do it,coz i wanna avoid   
misunderstandings...look..if i named    
it "last year" then sum of ya might     
think it means "best songs of 1992"     
but i want yer opinion of "now"..and    
to avoid appearances of only the same   
songs in both,this and the "alltime"    
section,i decided to do it this way..   
and i think ,it works fine!             
ok...now again ,as ya already have      
known it since issue 1,i give ya        
all kind of charts...that i either      
get from the radio,or that you  supply  
me..also i have the airplay charts      
compiled by myself,and sum mtv-text     
further more there 'll be sum new       
releases mentioned in this and also     
part 2....                              
first the latest german charts:         
(as always,when ya read this,they       
will be 1-2 weeks old...)               
01.(01) what's up?                      
02.(02) life/haddaway                   
03.(03) mr.vain                         
04.(04) somebody dance with me/dj bobo  
05.(06) runaway train/s.asylum          
06.(10) living on my own                
07.(19) keep on dancing /dj bobo        
08.(05) can't help falling in love      
09.(07) happy nation                    
10.(08) 2 princes                       
11.(09) night in motion                 
12.(11) summer summer/loft              
13.(13) will you be there/m.jackson     
14.(37) show me love/robin s.           
15.(12) give it up/cut'n'move           
16.(15) what is love/haddaway           
17.(14) dreams/gabrielle                
18.(17) give it up/goodmen              
19.(16) 3 little pigs                   
20.(18) jungle book groove              
25.(33) faces/2 unlimited               
45.(--) here we go/stakka bo            
80.(--) la esperanza/sven vath          
93.(--) nightswimming/rem               
well..one of my favy songs by           
dj bobo "somebody dance with me"        
finally has become a real hit..great!   
bad luck for loft with summer summer..  
well....when i wrote this chapter for   
a-head #3,it was at 23..i prdicted      
it to become top 5...it failed..it      
only reached no.10..i think,it's        
coz there really was no summer in       
germany this year....fuck mtv that      
they ignore the song..so maybe sum      
of ya don't know it...i can tell ya     
it is a real summer-song..e.g. on       
the beach,etc...last year this song     
would have become a top 5 for sure.     
as we had even 38 degrees in bremen and 
all other parts of middle europe...     
damn..so much crap about one song..     
well..something more about predictions..
.ya know,since issue 1,i have always    
been predicting future hits....         
and all became true.....                
(all that she wants and open your mind  
 in january,somebody dance with me in   
mai,and we are going on down in august) 
this time i had fucken lot of luck!     
i mean.,when ya look back to the new    
entries in germany,that song called     
"we are going on down " was a new-entry.
..so..one week later in the charts,and  
my tip would have been a miss...anyway..
strange that it took so long for it..   
ded ya know,that last week it was at 9  
in austria ? anyway..hope 2 see it top  
20 in germany soon...                   
of coz ya want a new prediction for     
next time...my personal rule is only    
to take songs by new artists....i mean  
it's nothing special to predict a new   
song by snap,madonna or metallica,as    
they always become hits!                
so..what to take this time....          
ok..there are 2 cool new dance-trax     
around..who should make it...           
1. "groove me" by factory or something  
like that...and my ultiamte prdiction   
"feel the beat" by rhythm and dance     
it kicks major-ass,and well...they      
stole a bit from "rhythm is a dancer"   
but i don't care...so..until next       
a-head,it should be in the charts!      
ok dudes....now some new releases       
twenty 4 seven have a new hit called    
"slave to the music" it's good!         
well..in 1990 they had 2 hits           
"i can't stand it " and "are your drea- 
ming"..that time,also cpt.hollywood     
was featured by twenty 4 seven..but     
as ya all know,he has his own           
project now....                         
guns'n roses have a new one,but i       
forgot the name...hehe...               
pet shop boys release "go west"         
and when ya read this,it is already     
in the charts...for sure...             
4 non blondes release "spaceman"        
a really boring song !                  
red hot chili peppers released          
"soul to squeeze"                       
stone temple pilots have released a     
2nd song called "wiched garden"         
and we are out of memory!               
read part 2!                            
trance-the way a-head!                  
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