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bizarre gives ya the chapter that       
contains lotsa stuff ,all those         
things ,i'm gonna write now,are too     
small to have an own chapter ...        
so i print it here...yep...             
this time,i won't have any record-      
reviews,as too less guys said           
anything about it.so i think you don't  
care anyway...if not..then tell me      
next time via votesheet,that you want   
sum records to be reviewed,and i'm      
gonna do it for sure !                  
ok,now i wanna continue something that  
i began mentioning somewhere else..it   
is about using your music....           
so,guys...if you think,ya can make a    
cool tune,and want it to be used in     
one of the next issue of a-head..       
well...just send it to me,and i'll use  
it...not 100 %...i mean,if it is really 
not worth being used ,why should we     
do it...hehe..so make something cool,   
and get famous..hahaha!                 
no..seriously..i think ,this mag is     
spread pretty well....(coz of so many   
votesheets i got in only 5 weeks)       
,so maybe ,many guys would start        
voting for ya,when they hear yer tunes..
by the way..i want you to compose       
new tunes....so let's call them         
exclusive tunes...yeah!                 
this time ,i have 2 tunes by            
decoy/trc,ya can hear them in the       
2 parts of music-crap...                
next time,we'll probably have something 
by morbid/shazem..i heard it via        
phone,and it sounded excellent...       
take your chance,and send it !!!        
next part...                            
yep..time for the votesheetspreaders:   
01.(02) dr.kaos/reflex        14 sheets 
02.(02) jazzcat/rebels        13        
03.(06) starlight/extacy      11        
04.(10) red rock/excess        8        
  .(--) coda/reflex/amplifier  8        
wow..you are the top 5,and will get     
something ..a small present..hehehe!    
it is no mistake to see the top 2       
dudes as 2nd in last issue,they had     
the same amount of sheets ,so they      
both were no.2..                        
here the next spreaders...              
06.(--) mr.brain/accuracy      7        
  .(--) bumboo/jam             7        
08.(--) darkman/extacy         6        
  .(--) fade/lithium           6        
10.(--) bacillus/citadel       3        
  .(01) falcon/accuracy        3        
  .(--) mmi/arcoss             3        
  .(--) leonardo/antia         3        
  .(--) condor/reflex          3        
15.(--) joker/feniks           2        
  .(--) mj/maniax              2        
  .(--) pussymaster/trance     2        
  .(--) snooze/heartbeat       2        
well...pussym. was in trinomic when     
he spread the sheets,so i have          
mentioned him nevertheless!             
and finally there were 11 more guys     
who spread one sheet each!              
but i don't list them,hehehe!           
memberstatus:excess :date:11/8/93       
sentinel             crack,lead         
sgt.pepper           swap.ead           
red rock             swap,crack,modem   
luka                 megaswap,code,gfx  
cst                  crack,code         
mr.rage              code,swap          
kid                  swap               
spermbird            swap               
cat                  swap,gfx           
pneumatic            code               
ethereal             code               
alienprophet         gfx                
pulse                code               
blue angel           paper-gfx          
sailor               swap               
venice               swap               
memberstatus:groove d-signs:date:august 
nantco bakker -lead,code,music,small gfx
jan albatrus  -auditional gfx,music,gfx 
rolf colmer   -code,small gfx           
emiel v.heuvelen-gfx                    
thierry de vries-gfx                    
blackknight  :code                      
dr,will      :sysop bbs satellite,swap  
              some gfx                  
gremlin      :lead,swap,gfx,amiga swap  
leon         :swap                      
maestro      :co-sysop-bbs fantasia     
snake        :same as maestro!          
steigar      :code,gfx,swap             
the loafer   :code                      
tmb          :tribune editor,swap       
the mistress :tribune editor,some swap  
uzzy         :code,postmortem editor,   
              swap,small pc-swap        
whw design   :gfx                       
now something for the leades chapter    
(there is none this time,but i wanna    
type all contribution,and a mixed       
chapter is the best place for that,eh? )
bbs:satellite and fantasia              
co-leader :fli                          
mainswapper:-- (ed.: eh??)              
main cracker: nix!                      
main coder :nothing!                    
boards:nada,ne rien!                    
joker    :lead,code,swap,mag "no limits"
fazee    :gfx,code,swap                 
cooper   :msx                           
mico     :msx                           
roder    :gfx                           
xeron    :code,swap                     
hunter   :gfx.swap                      
archer   :gfx                           
mr.doo.  :crack,swap (fast)             
and now a dutch joke ,sent in by        
2 belgen fietsen over de straat,        
plotseling zegt de een:"hey,je spatbord 
rammelt!"" wat ?" "je spatbord rammelt" 
"wat zeg je nou?" "je spatbord rammelt!"
 "ik versta je niet,want m'n spatbord   
rammelt!!!!!!" whahahahahahhaaaahahaha!!
!!!!!! yours,bart                       
well...by the way,i don't type          
any memberstatus that is older than     
1 month...(that means ,odler than       
now something strange:                  
memberstatus:moe's tavern:date:august   
             ------------ (ed.:???)     
dancin'homer (ed.:??):code,swap,lead    
herr tie (ed.:??what the fuck?) music   
sadofeig (ed.:hmpf!) : code,gfx !       
so'n ding mit reichtum:gfx,music        
vio wyoming:code gfx                    
(ed.:??????hat ? )                      
well...what the mother fuck is that ?   
look at the 4th guy...should that be    
a handle or what...it looks like a      
new fakelable....but by who ?           
anyway..if you guys wanna have          
success in the 64 -scene (not the       
group success) then you must change     
yer handles,or everybody will laugh     
about you ( as i do it ) !              
mr.t,mav,master s.,apis!                
(ed.: i am very impressed about the     
cool handle "mr.t" hmm..anyway,         
i don't know the guy..but it's not      
very special,is it ?)                   
co-leader :tc                           
(ed,:is that all,or what ?)             
did you know that syndrom/tia/crest     
won a little competition on the german  
tv-channel "mdr" ? well..what has he    
won ? free-entrance in a cinema...!     
memberstatus:alpha flight:date:13/9/93  
natas,mark,arne,ancient mariner         
and finally..                           
and some more...sorry 4 that...         
but you can say,the whole rebels-oz     
section ,except jazzcat ,formed         
shazem !                                
trance-the way a-head!                  
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