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             last words                 
today i came from the work,the weather  
was nice and i enjoy the day. and than  
i saw a men who was sitting on the tram 
stop he was totally drunken and ask me  
for some money in this moment i know    
that i had many luck in my life.all     
over the world comes pain over the      
humans but here in germany many guys    
thinks that the end of the world was    
 here because his girlfrend left him but
what do you wanna say to  a  children in
croatia who lost his parents!!! ASK YOUR
SELF one of my friends told me that he  
isn't happy with his life because he had
no good job and he had no alternation in
his life, i ask him what he wanna said  
to someone who lost his job and has a   
wife and childrens?? i think that many  
guys dont know how good they live.      
or do you think that the foreigner here 
in germany are happy about the last     
occurrences in solingen and moeln he?   
it's stupid to say i'm proud to be ger-n
man or i'm proud to be french and so on 
we live all on this planet so we are all
citizens of the earth and i can say that
for me dont exist foreigners, for me    
exist only 2 sorts of humans. i like him
/her or i dont like him/her, simply or? 
another topic:                          
this time about the scene! i wanna start
4 years ago when i made a one year break
in the scene   .  in this year i go more
and more out, meet my friends have many 
fun with girls and so i'm happy but why 
in god name i came back to the scene  i 
dont know maybe coz its a nice hoobie or
i'm not finish my mission or so. what i 
wanna say is that to many guys take this
scene to serious. i think that real life
is important not what you do on the     
compie its only a hobbie nothing more   
well tonight i was at jamiroquai place  
we tried to make some calls(modem) but  
..... you know what i mean ok i give    
now the keys to crop alias jamiroquai   
+++ no carrier                          
hi there...                             
ramirez gave me the honour to introduce 
my person first time in an ahead issue..
. yep my pseudo name is jamiroquai and  
i'm one of da ruling trance brush ......
artist! Athis friday night we gave us da
support to make a typical trance metting
 oral sex with girls! drugs and alcohol!
 ramirez sit beside me and he is quite  
happy to hear my ruling doors cd!!!     
i dear i'm quite drunken and since 3    
hours my girlfriend cames back from her 
work and then i gone f... her!........  
ok i gave da keys to ramirez and i 'll  
meet our family w.c to push out my dick!
yep ramirez is typing again ok my dear  
friends this was all for this issue i   
hope that you all will get the issue 5  
in the next 5 weeks so stay horny and   
see ya....                              
       the trance staff in 1993         
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