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welcome to the interview chapter of     
ahead this time we had made an interview
with yup offence!                       
?=give us some datas about yourself?    
y= i'm 21 years old, 1,97 tall, have    
   brownhairs and i'm mad. i like heavy 
   metal.i life in the near of stuttgart
   and i'm study computer business.     
?=and now give us some datas about your 
  career on this machine?               
y= well i enter the scene in 1988 my    
   first group was wild boys crew after 
   this i join static,after static i was
   in sharks for a little time than i   
   warriors of time and now i'm in      
 ?=do you like anal sex?                
 y=i never tried it but i think that i  
 will like it.                          
 ?=what are your plans in the future on 
   the 64 and in your life.             
 y=i dont know what i will do on the 64 
   but i plan a coop-demo togehter with 
   crest,but i cant say anything about  
   this coz i'm coding some games on    
   the amiga the future knows...        
 ?=what kinds of games do you code on   
   the amiga?                           
 y= well i'm coding the game aves who   
    will be action adventure feat. some 
    karate sequences.                   
 ?=tell us you favourites in            
    crackergroups: ikari                
    demogroups   ;blackmail,flash inc   
    coder         :ses/finish gold      
    gfx'er        :pal,redstar,red wiz  
    musican       :rob hubbard,gjer t.  
    demo          :the tma d.demo       
    movie         :terminator 2,and     
                   all the films of     
                   whoppie goldberg     
   musicgroup     :manowar,iron m.      
                   metallica aerosmith  
   food           :pizza,schnitzel      
                   and rippchen with    
                   kleinem wuerstchen   
   clouds         :jeans,t-shirt        
   shoes          :sneakers             
   sex-positon    :dog position(aha ed.)
?=do you think that the scene is a      
  starvomg scene or do you think that   
  a new generation of users is coming?  
 y:well i cant judge about this coz     
   the last time that i see something   
   new was at the aars party 2 years    
?=do you know bulldog/spirit?(looks     
     like an animal but is a human)     
y:should i???(good answer ed.)          
?=what can we exept from offence in     
y=i think that we release something in  
  1999, we are to lazy at the moment and
  have other things to do.              
?=have you any idols on this machine?   
y= i think ses/finish gold and          
   warriors of time my first demo i     
   get it from wot and this was for     
   me the mainreason to start with      
   coding demos.                        
?=where can cool dudes meet you?        
y=maybe this year on the aars party.    
?=what was for you the most difficult   
  routine to code?                      
y=1.the first scroller that i made      
  2. in origin nut the 3 side scroller  
?=what was the your biggest suprise in  
  your life?                            
y=this question was for me a big suprise
  and the success of our demo origin    
?= when you must go to a lonley island  
   and you can get only 3 things with   
   you which things you will takes with 
y=goldie hawk,beer,and my cd-player.    
?=do you wanna greet someone...         
y= all the guys who know me, and all the
   guys who i know...                   
?  last words...                        
y= a friend of mine is coding at the    
   moment a game for the 64 and think it
   will be a dammed cool game so stay   
   calm and see you on the aars party!  
?=thank you for this interview...       
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