Ahead 4 Farewell Underdog

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this chapter is a dedication to our     
friend underdog who left the 64 scene,  
may ther rest in peace.                 
well the first time when i met underdog 
i think oh noo another oeko!you must    
know that underdog came from a city     
called lauterbach, in this city lives   
only farmers (ed. in german bauer).     
but after our first meeting i know that 
this guy was a  coolie  i spoke with    
him about all the diffrent topics not   
only about the scene the most of the    
time we spoke about girls,drugs,        
favourite sex-position and and...       
i made with him,bizarre,mr.mister the   
(horror) trip to the light party in     
sweden. we smell the lovely odorous     
substance from mr.mister(10 hours).     
and we were totally stoned and drunken  
at the first evening on the light party 
i will miss the guy in this scene but i 
think that i will see him from time to  
        have a nice time says           
 all the trance members who know you    
            farewell uderdog            
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