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and welcome to crap talk this time we   
starts with a little poem from dch  in  
          das gewisse etwas!            
er und sie spuerten das gewisse etwas.  
ihr fragt was fuer ein gewisse etwas?   
hmmm, das gewisse etwas das man spuert  
wenn man sich verliebt,man spuert es im 
herzen, das gewisse etwas was einen in  
so vielen einsamen stunden fehlte.das   
gewisse etwas was man in dieser grauen &
kalten welt manchmal braucht.das gewisse
was uns hoffen laesst das die menschen  
aus ihren fehlern lernen und mit der    
natur in harmonie leben statt die natur 
zu zerstoeren.                          
nun fragt ihr euch was die moral der ge-
schichte ist.                           
tja, das gewisse etwas eben...          
          doc holliday/trance           
   top five singles of the month        
  1  i'm nothing- bulldog/spirit        
  2. super trooper- x-raffi/x-rated     
  3. what's up - swansong/demonix       
  4. two princes- lexi&count zero       
  5. two beer or not.../oliver klee     
 c: well the number one this month is   
    bulldog, who sang a song about      
    his life! on the second position    
    is x-raffi,he sang about his dream  
    on the 3rd place is swansong of     
    demonix with his most used words    
    what's up(ed. new kidz rulez hehe)  
    well thats all, now comes the did   
    you knows                           
 -did you know that the new spin doctors
  cd is dammed cool.                    
 -did you know that DEMONIX is one  of  
  the OLDEST us-groups after the        
 -did you know that goblin/LIGHT was the
 son of jerry/TRIAD......               
 -did you kno that the magazine SHOCK is
  maybe dead the mageditor(skater) is   
  to lazy to make another issue of shock
  so i think that last issue of shock   
  will be the last...                   
 -did you know that OFFENCE&CREST will  
  make a coop-demo in the near future   
  for further informations read the     
  interview with yup/OFFENCE.           
 -did you know that EVS/200C sold call- 
 -did you know that you can copy with   
  your amiga or pc SNES-GAMES(starwing  
  too but only with a copy-machine who  
  had the super fx chip)                
 -did you know that RSI stands for      
  RedSkins Inside(hehe ed.)             
 -did you know that EPIC is a cracker   
 -did you know that bulldog/SPIRIT      
  thinks about to change his name into  
  BULLSHIT and he will join the group   
  SPRITZIG.... (auge um auge zahn um..) 
 -did you know that the best girlfriend 
  is a virgin,(underdog know what i mean
 -did you know that mr.mister move his  
  arse to the army(ohh what a pain for  
  the german army furzzzz)              
 -did you know that cola has nothing to 
  do with niko (someone in trance knows 
  what i mean)                          
            TRUE STORY                  
a not so young businessman was on the   
flight from london to new yourk. at the 
best of times, he was not a very good   
traveller, and this journey was a bad   
one. the wind was strong and the plane  
went up and down for hours. after a time
the businessmen felt so ill that he had 
to get up from his seat, and stagger    
down to the toilet at the back of the   
while he was being sick into the toilet 
his false teeth fell out of his mounth  
and into the metal bowl of the aircraft 
toilet. for a moment he did not notice, 
and he pressed the button of the toilet,
to flush it.                            
at it flushed he saw his false teeth.   
the water carried them away, out of     
sight behind the metal trap in the      
toilet. the passenger was desperate to  
get his teeth back. he plunged his arm  
into the bowl and pushed his hand be-   
hind the metal trap, tying to reach the 
false teeth. he wasn't able to reach    
them. the trouble started when he tried 
to take his arm out of the toilet again.
the metal trap held his arm fast - the  
design of the trap stopped the backward 
movement of things into the bowl.       
in despair, the passenger pressed the   
button for the steward, and soon a ste- 
ward and a stewardess were at the door. 
they opened the door, and found a man   
with his arm up to shoulder in the      
they tried their best to pull the man's 
arm out the toilet, but they too were   
unable to do so. so the plane went on   
its way, and landed at jf kennedy air-  
port in new york, with a passanger knee-
ling at the back of the aircraft with   
his arm in a toilet. an hour or two     
after the arrival of the plane, eng-    
ineers were able to cut his arm out last
after this short trip to the land of    
news we are back with the did you know  
did you know that sometimes ago there   
were TWO ARROGANCE in the scene. TORSTEN
and THOMAS TORSTEN drops the scene 2    
years ago.. and i think its a question  
of time when THOMAS/ARROGANCE will drop 
the scene.                              
did you know that some demogroups are   
working on a anti-demo agains racial    
did you know that BULLFROG shit i mean  
BULLDOG was a good friend of MORAC.     
did you know that a:lfj:fdkj:fkj:jf:djkj
:fkjkf:skj:lsfk:D i have a little system
crash  shitDajs.......m.f.              
did you know that mci is a telphone     
company in the states(??)               
did you know that hmm shit i have       
forgoten this did you know.             
did you know that what time is it???    
did you know that CADGERS are dead.     
did you know that indian tonic water    
helps you agains malaria.(chinin)       
did you know that the enclosed disk-    
ettes will be free from defects in      
material and manufacturing workmanship. 
to claim a remendy which is exlusively  
limited to diskette replacement, contact
your place of purchase........          
did you know that many magazine cant    
write success,they write succes ---     
with one s at the end.hope that all the 
mageditors who write success wrong write
it now correct.                         
did you know that analsex is the finest 
sexpositon,when you feel the shit in    
her ashole and she began to cry more    
more yeahh thats life...                
did you know that evs/20CC speaks german
very well (ed. kaesebroetchen mit schi- 
did you know that hunter never was in   
legend.. coz in legend nobody know hunte
r, its a fake i think that hunter is an 
invention of some guys who thinks thats 
its funny to slag around.               
did you know that our euro-hq ice-      
cream castle is a nice board so make    
the right choice.                       
did you know that doc holliday change   
his handle in ramirez(yo)               
here comes the magreview this thime     
nitro from excess:                      
editorial:credits,the names of the      
mageditors, all the guys who filled     
a votesheet and so on blablabla         
news: well, luka told us that chrysagon 
was again in talent. fact is that       
chrysagon was never before in talent    
(enigma,xray...) but the rest were ok.  
charts: like in all the other mags      
megacharts:  cool idea                  
interview 1: interviews with some guys  
interview 2: keiner hier keiner da      
interview  : alle sind in kanada        
foreign words: ragman,leech,vitamine x  
take a trip to the world of alcoholics  
(my home is my castle/bottle) cool idea 
maybe we will make in the next issue of 
ahead a trip to the world of codoms..   
gamereviews: greetings go to gamers     
gamereviews: yo men                     
magreviews the name says all, chapter   
done by cat/excess.                     
about btx: sgt. pepper made a hardeware 
review this time a btx decoder          
who cares?                              
trip to bremen: cat told as a story     
of his trip,together wit light, to      
our megaswapper bizarre.                
about scene:nice chapter the same like  
            last words in ahead         
addys 1 : a little suprise              
addys 2 : another suprise               
addys 3 : bingo                         
memberstatus: here you found.....       
             (claudia schiffers tele    
coders word: how to code a vectors(hehe)
mixed: some reactions, and some bbs-    
last words: the editors say goodbye     
c: ok the graphix of alien prophet was  
   every chapter has his own sound but  
   the guys excess must work more on    
   the qualtity of text!                
  i gave them 5,3 points of 10          
did ya know that frank of lore of arts  
became a telephon call from a typical   
lamer called pigeon (ex x-rated.........
alpha flight 1970.) to join da loa tribe
 as a good coder better than crossbow!..
did ya know that count zero/rsi can only
 fuck mutants coz he self a mutant boy! 
did ya know that i (jamiroquai) sit here
with ramirez at our little meeting at   
my homy and that i'm da only one who    
can drunk da hard alcohol drugs!! and   
that ramirez sid beside me and read a   
asm and here radio! all with no alc...! 
did ya know that i'll f... my girlfriend
if she comes home!                      
did ya know that i had no moral to do   
more did ya knows for this issue and    
that we wanna call up da home of our    
mighty bizzare!!!!!!                    
           load next chapter!           
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