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hi....as announced last time..this      
issue will contain a reactions          
improve gfx and don't always use the    
same!the rest is quite cool!            
ed.:well..gfx is improved..and of coz   
we are not gonna use the same logos,etc.
if ya had written what to do to make    
the "rest" really cool instead of       
quite cool,we 'd be happy...anyway.     
we hope you like this better than       
issue 2....                             
jazzcat/rebels oz:                      
very nice mag.nice range of music and   
text.the outif was much better than     
the first one.the charts are the best   
thing i've ever seen since "dutch       
breeze"! the charts will give every-    
body a chance to compete more and become
more active (hopefully!) anyway,keep    
ip the cool works and tell benno        
to get off his arse (he! he!)           
ed.:yeah,david...thanx 4 that reaction. 
cool that you liked the charts..the     
points ya mentioned were also my        
thoughts,when i decided to make big     
charts...of coz i will keep them up..   
yer wish is my demand: so i say now:    
benno,get off you arse...hahahaha!      
don't take it personally ,frank...      
dear mag editor.now you're expecting    
one of the usual reactions like         
"cool mag ,go on" or "wanna see more    
graphics",but i must disappoint you.    
when i got you your mag,i sat down      
and read the whole issue chapter for    
chapter and page for page !             
now i wanna give you my real opinion    
about your 2nd issue: the intro was     
really cool with the big logo and       
flying balls.only the scrolltext was    
boring (ed.:hi kai!) ,but it was        
only an intro,so never mind.the menu    
had 2 simple (sorry,i couldn't do it    
better ) painted logos.please take      
better ones done by benno,coz i like    
his pics!the chapter choose was very    
funny! bad,that only 2 guys wrote all   
the text,coz trance is such a big group 
with lots of guys.i liked the scroll    
control with the joysticks in the       
chapters.don't improve it (ed.:why not?)
the amount of chapters was ok.i liked   
"differebt things" with the test of     
2 unlimited 's new album.the mega cool  
and long charts,and the addy chapter    
with lotsa addies.the music parts were  
good abd you must spend a lot of time   
to create so many real music charts!    
go on,coz i liked this chapter!         
the interview was very short,and there  
were a lot of free lines in it.don't    
waste so much memory!                   
best of all chapters were "in the       
future" and "talk,talk" with all their  
"did you knows" .i was very happy when  
i read that rainbow arts will come back.
go on with informative chapters.when    
i read the "last words" i was nearly    
crying,coz of the text with its         
deep thoughts on the future,the life    
after the scene (but i don't believe    
on a life after the scene ),and of the  
thoughts that another cool issue of     
a-head was over...please keep this mag  
alive,and try to produce one issue per  
month! that would be my greatest wish   
to trance.long live your mag!!          
ed.:yeah...a really long reaction!      
many thanx,andy...cool that you         
have read every chapter,and not just    
charts and news,as sum guys do.....     
we certainly won't take any kind of     
things by benno,coz he isn't in trance. 
we won't stop producing any of the      
chapters as long as they are liked      
by sum guys...well...the real music     
charts aren't so much work...as only    
the airplay charts are self-made..      
the other ones are the official charts  
of the country..so i just have to       
type 'em here...we also wish to release 
it every month (the a-head)...but it    
really depends on the amount of usable  
stuff we got..that means .there won't   
be anykind of fast issues or so,just    
because exactly 4 weeks passed by..     
as soon as we have enough stuff,there   
will be a new a-head..but we hope that  
that will be every month.....got it?    
yeah!our mag will live as long as doc h.
and me are in the scene....             
i think it's good when only few guys    
do a mag...coz else 1 guy doesn't know  
a shit about what the other 23 editors  
think..and that sux!                    
by the way:..nice outfit                
dry text..sorry...but goin' better      
keep on it !(cool votesheet)            
ed.;well..a rather strange reaction     
in my eyes...would have been cool if    
ya said what exactly was dry ..coz      
i have no idea..anyway..the sheet is    
cool indeed...hahaha...                 
love your mag and the outfit,what would 
be even better to see is at least more  
charts like some of the other mags..    
nice gfx,i enjoy the mag,as it kicks    
as well,keep up the good work,boys..    
ed.:oops..first thanx 4 the positive    
reaction,but what the motherfuck do     
ya mean with "make charts like some     
mags" ?? tell me one mag that has       
more charts or let's say bigger charts  
than a-head ?? er... well..or is it that
yer reaction was on a-head issue 1 ??   
if that is true,and ya liked it as      
much as ya say here,then ya must have   
loved issue 2 at least as much as yer   
girlfriend's wet pussy..hahahahaha!     
anyway...so i am looking forward to     
get yer reaction about this issue 3...  
see ya,richard...                       
hi jose!                                
a-head is getting better,especially     
because of the very unusual,but good    
idea of making top 60-190 charts-       
you surely have many chances to reach   
the top 20 (or top 10 )soon.the last    
design was a bit boring,but ok...       
but do you think you get 150 sheets in  
3-4 weeks ?it would be good...bye!      
what about a fast load ???              
ed.:yeah,first of all:conny gruesst     
zurueck!haha!nadine hast du ja jetzt    
auch mal gehoert..eh..let's stop that.. 
well..it is a pity in my eyes,that      
our charts are unusual,as i wish to     
see such big charts in all mags...      
anyway..we'll surely keep it on...      
hmm..so ya think we can reach top 10..  
i personally think we can make it to    
top 5 or even top 3 if sum certain      
mags would die...well..in summer        
i see no chance of getting enough sheets
in that short period of 3-4 weeks..     
but from september on,i reall am sure   
to get so many sheets so fast,as then   
we should have got enough reliable      
spreaders,and so on...                  
a fast load ? yeah..should be installed 
this time..and the design will          
also develope each issue....            
bah...meine akkus sind wieder leer...   
und andere batteries hab ich nich,also  
heisst es 12 stunden kein walkman..     
but that doesn't interest anyone..so    
now we have the reaction of             
hi bizarre! (ed.: hi!)                  
a-head is a great mag,which surely      
deserves some high votes.lots of cool   
chapters and it is nice that there is   
different music in each chapter.it's    
a pleasure to read it,and you'll send   
the next issue,won't you ? (hehe..)     
ed.: yep,anki...such nice words by      
a girl are always nice..hehe..yeah      
cool that ya realized doc holliday's    
work of choosing the right zax for      
every chapter....yeah! aeh...sure       
right now ya should have got this mag   
as special send as always....i hope     
that ya read the reactions,coz else     
my words here to you were written       
in vain...but i 'll surely have told    
ya in the discnote not to forget        
to read the reactions,eh?               
politi sux...                           
first of all:the new outfit looks good. 
everything what a decent mag should have
is there.luckily it's not spoiled       
by any useless "extra's" (if ya know    
what i mean) (ed.:surely i do..)        
music and gfx are ok..                  
editorial:it contains just what every   
usual editorial consists of.some        
credits,explanations and excuses for    
delay. but it's good that you don't     
talk about the same boring crap like    
"we love you all dear readers" etc..    
different things:i don't give a         
comment on the 2 unlimited (ed.:rulez!) 
review as house is not my fav.music!    
you better write down complete reactions
(like this one)                         
the funniest votesheet was cool.i was   
thinking about doing the same as well.  
some votesheets really are a big joke!  
news:it was okay/funny comments.        
by the way:do ya understand how         
curly sue is able to join trc ?         
(ed.: not at all!) maybe b'coz she      
is a girl ? (ed.: what else?????)       
it was very good of you to point out    
once again that people like aslive,baze 
rcs are not active anymore.i got sick   
of those votes aswell and they won't be 
counted anymore.                        
charts:unbelievable cool!everyone gets  
a chance to see himself in the charts!  
good comments about unactive people!    
i hope they are removed for issue 3 !   
(ed.:they are..!)                       
addies: great,haha                      
music:you really are a charts freak.    
this chapter didn't interested me,      
(ed.:nice grammar mistake..) b'coz      
of my "different" music taste.          
interview:not so good,short questions   
and answers!                            
in the future:interesting facts about   
sooncoming games!                       
talk,talk: crap,sometimes funny-        
improve your english (doc holliday ?)   
about girls:nice text,but it seems      
to me that it's ripped from some        
kinda article in a (news) paper/        
magazine.the reason for me to say       
this is that the english in this chap-  
ter is better than the other chapters   
written by him (suspicious) !           
last word:good end words!funny...       
conclusion:the first chapters are       
really good,but the craptalk from       
doc holliday should improve.this issue  
was much better than the first one,     
so be sure to get my votes!!            
ed.:hui...what a loooong reaction...    
many thanx!! great that ya liked        
this issue..well..about girls wasn't    
ripped at all..doc h. had the idea      
himself,but his brother helped him      
avoiding mistakes,etc...hehe!           
would be cool if ya also wrote a        
reaction about this issue...see ya!     
yo..your charts are a totally fake!     
i called tds ,and he told me that       
he has never made any musics,so why     
could he enter the musician chart ?     
the rest of the mag was really good..   
hope to get the new issue:              
ed.:well..it's not my fault,it is       
the voter's fault that the guy could    
enter the charts...i really can't know  
every guy ,and i don't know who         
ever has done a zak or pic,etc...       
anyway..here ya have the new issue..    
that's all..                            
if yer reaction isn't here,then         
it will appear in issue 4!              
that's it...                            
finito de la musica...                  
trance - the way a-head !               
music by ???                            
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