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yep..thanx 4 loading the 2nd music  -   
chapter !!                              
here ya'll find lots of charts and      
new releases...                         
let's start with sum new releases:      
snow has a new one out...after the      
pretty unsuccessful "girl,i've been     
hurt" it is now                         
"lonely monday morning" ..it's funny... 
jtq have a new one...but i forgot the   
don't forget that i was on holiday      
from june 22 nd to july 17 th...        
so i just forgot some things...hehe     
kim appleby is back...she had 3 hits    
in 1990/91 "don't worry,g.l.a.d , and   
mama "                                  
now it is "light of the world" and      
will become a hit!                      
sybil follows "when i'm good and ready" 
with a new tune,that is pretty shit..   
peter setera also has something new     
called "even a fool can see"            
now time for the first charts that      
were supplied by one of you...          
thanx to   dannie/success               
for the top 30 songs of austria:        
week 28 / 1993  ,austria top 30         
01.(16) mr.vain                         
02.(03) can't help falling in love      
03.(01) what is love                    
04.(02) oh carolina                     
05.(05) tribal dance                    
06.(04) love sees no color              
07.(06) wheel of fortune                
08.(07) informer                        
09.(08) loveline/unique 2               
10.(11) somebody dance with me/dj bobo  
11.(09) ca plane pour moi/leila k,      
12.(10) rootsie+boopsie/papa winnie     
        (ed.:ehhhhhh ????????????)      
13.(12) all that she wants              
14.(17) do ya see the light             
15.(14) if you want my love/mo          
16.(26) give it up                      
17.(13) no limit                        
18.(15) boom boom/beat 4 feet           
19.(20) cat's in the cradle             
20.(29) cose della vita/eros r.         
21.(--) that's the way love goes        
22.(24) there's something going on/co.ro
23.(21) somebody to love                
24.(19) sing hallelujah/dr.alban        
25.(25) all i want/captain hollywood    
26.(28) things can only get better/d-re.
27.(23) when i'm good and ready         
28.(27) baby come back/london boys      
29.(--) almost unreal                   
30.(--) i don't wanna fight             
yeah..mr.vain rulez..hehe               
some more nnew single-releases:         
joey lawrence has a new one..after      
"nothing my love can't fix" there is now
"stay forever"                          
and also madonna has a new single..     
it's called "rain" ..hmm..i hate it!    
jon secada plays sum funny games with   
us....in the usa,his new single is      
"i'm free" and already top 40!          
in u.k he released "do ya really want   
me" also top 40!                        
and in holland and germany ,he          
released "one of a kind"                
really interesting....                  
usura released "sweat" the follow up to 
the great "open your mind ,but          
"sweat " is not great at all...         
jordy from france released (or lets     
say his parents did) his 3rd song..     
after "dur dur d'etre bebe" and         
"alison" now something in french that   
i couldn't really understand,so i       
better don't try to write it down,hehe! 
next up i give ya the top 10 singles    
of australia!!!                         
thanx to jazzcat/rebels-ox and shockwave
of system/lithium for supplying them!   
01.(01) informer                        
02.(02) that's the way love goes        
03.(03) two princes                     
04.(04) stone cold/jimmy barnes         
05.(08) the right kind of love/j.jordan 
06.(07) tribal dance                    
07.(10) deep/east 17                    
08.(05) easy/faith no more              
09.(--) the hitman/a.b.logic            
10.(09) she kissed me/terrence trent..  
yep..2 unlimited rulez everywhere except
in the united states...bah..how lame    
they are..(usa of coz) !                
the hitman is about 1 year old now      
and wasn't a big hit in europe..but     
it even entered the lame us-charts and  
now,no idea why,it is in the australian 
sum more new single-releases:           
charles d. lewis is back..he had a hit  
in 1990 called "soca dance" and now     
it is "another friday night "           
mica paris releases her 3rd song of her 
latest album called "one in a million"  
swv (i'm so into you and weak) release  
their 3rd single from their debut-album 
called "right here" while "weak" still  
is no.1 in usa !                        
yeah...and now a very big thank must    
go to red rock/excess,who used to       
write down all top 10's by several      
euro-countires supplied by mtv-text   ! 
really cool....well..now i got teletext 
as well..and so i can give ya the       
very latest charts of many countries!   
first the                               
  top 10 of sweden                      
1.falling in love with you              
2.two princes                           
3.somebody dance with me/dj bobo        
4.here we go/stakkabo                   
6.love sees no color                    
7.tribal dance                          
8.almost unreal                         
9.cat's in the cradle                   
10.can you forgive her/pet shop boys    
only stakkabo is unknown to me!         
can anyone send me thattune on tape ?   
top 20 of hungary (by stephen/epic!)    
 2.all that she wants                   
 3.that's the way love goes             
 4.what is love                         
 5.falling in love with you             
 6.knocking da boots / h-town           
 7.tribal dance                         
 8.sweat/inner circle                   
 9.weak / swv                           
10.wheel of fortune                     
11.i don't wanna fight/tina turner      
12.love is /vanessa williams (ed.rulez) 
13.oh carolina                          
14.jump around/house of pain            
15.looking through patient eyes/pm dawn 
16.sing hallelujah                      
17.in these arms/bon jovi               
18.nothing but a "g" thang/dr.dre       
19.love sees no color/u96               
20.everybody hurts/rem                  
the charts of germany :                 
(by media control)                      
01.(01) mr.vain                         
02.(02) falling in love with you        
03.(06) 2 princes                       
04.(03) tribal dance                    
05.(04) what is love                    
06.(05) wheel of fortune                
07.(07) love sees no color              
08.(10) somebody dance with me          
09.(08) informer                        
10.(09) that's the way love goes        
11.(12) sing hallelujah                 
12.(11) oh carolina                     
13.(13) cat's in the cradle             
14.(14) do you see the light ?          
15.(17) give ip up/cut'n'move           
16.(16) ca plane pour moi/leila k.      
17.(15) all that she wants              
18.(18) can you forgive her             
19.(20) far far away/slade              
20.(23) almost unreal                   
21.(19) no limit/2 unlimited (who else) 
22.(24) all i want/c.hollywood          
23.(25) there's something goin on/co.ro 
24.(21) bed of roses/bon jovi           
25.(--) in these arms/bon jovi          
26.(40) summer,summer/loft              
27.(24) take a free fall/dance 2 trance 
28.(++) will you be there/m.jackson     
29.(47) 3 little pigs/green jelly       
36.(37) can we get enough/bg prince/rap 
48.(--) big gun / ac dc                 
57.(--) delicate/terrence+des're        
59.(--) have i told you../rod stewart   
98.(--) so young/suede                  
how the fuck could "3 little pigs"      
go so high..? the video is funny..but   
the song....hmmmmm.......               
sum more relases....                    
deep purple are back again..there is    
a new single and also a new album on the
shanice releases "it's for you"         
high five release "unconditional love"  
thanx to "3 sat text" i can give ya     
the top 10 of switzerland:              
01.(03) mr.vain                         
02.(01) what is love                    
03.(02) falling in love                 
04.(04) tribal dance                    
05.(05) cat's in the cradle             
06.(12) all that she wants              
07.(06) wheel of fortune                
08.(07) oh carolina                     
09.(08) love sees no color              
10.(18) sing hallelujah                 
strange to see all that she wants       
climbing so high now..anyway....        
who cares....                           
yeah....and now i give ya the latest    
top 40 of england...compiled by         
gallup for bbc radio one and bfbs...    
01.(01) pray/take that                  
02.(05) what's up/4 non blondes         
03.(02) dreams/gabrielle                
04.(04) tease me /chaka demus           
05.(03) what is love                    
06.(06) one night in heaven/m-people    
07.(--) almost unreal/roxette           
08.(07) i'll survive/gloria gaynor      
09.(09) will you be there/m.jackson     
10.(08) falling in love with you        
11.(15) this is it /dannii minogue      
12.(12) if i can't have you/kim wilde   
13.(10) have i told you ../rod stewart  
14.(--) you're the one that i want/     
        craig mc lachlan+debbie gibson  
15.(14) can't get enough of your love/td
16.(11) 2 princes/spin doctors          
17.(25) break from the old routine/oui 3
18.(13) all that she wants              
19.(16) sunflower/paul weller           
20.(29) the key/urban cookie collective 
21.(17) in all right places/lisa st.    
22.(22) stay/kenny thomas               
23.(--) down that road/shara nelson     
24.(38) dream of me/omd                 
25.(26( i want you/utah saints          
26.(18) nothing my love can't fix/j.l   
27.(--) nightswimming/rem               
28.(20) i wanna love you/jade           
29.(--) glastonbury song/waterboys      
30.(33) do you really want me/j.secada  
31.(32) the ultimate high/time freq.    
32.(21) hang your head/deacon blue      
33.(--) the drumstick/n-joi             
34.(36) riddim/us 3 + tukka yoot        
35.(19) belaruse/levellers              
36.(--) take a free fall/dance 2 trance 
37.(28) chemical world/blur             
38.(23) sweat/inner circle              
39.(--) third rail/squeeze              
40.(37) runaway trian/soul asylum       
yeah! nice charts...cool to see dance   
2 trance entering...                    
next the belgian top 10 (by mtv text)   
1. tu tatuta tuta ta/pin-occhio         
2. ain't nothing to it/def dames dope   
3. heel alleen/paul severs              
4. cose della vita/eros ram.            
5. can't help falling...                
6. zommernacht/loepold 3                
7. living on my own/freddy mercury      
8. je weet moor nooit/sha no            
9. darla dirladade / g o culture        
10.what is love/haddaway                
really cool lyrics by the no.1 song     
,eh? haha! tu tatuta tuta ta!           
can anyone send me that song on tape?   
thanx! it sounds sool...and their       
debut called "pinnochio" is cool        
as well...it was by the way top 10      
in italy ,france and belgium..and       
is now rising in holland...             
here the top 10 of holland by the way   
1. falling in love                      
2. mr.vain                              
3. wheel of fortune                     
4. what is love                         
5. 2 princes                            
6. everybody hurts/rem                  
7. blijf bij mij /paul de leeuw + ruth  
8. liefdesliedjes/de jazzpolitie        
9. do you see the light                 
10.power of american natives            
and now the thank list of all guys that 
helped me getting sum charts:           
(no order)                              
jazzcat/rebels-oz,red rock /excess,     
mmi/arcoss,merlin/epic,corrosive /epic  
nuckhead/elc/airwolf-team , satan/tat   
and stephen/epic !                      
well...if i haven't published the charts
ya sent,don't worry..the reason was     
for sure that they were too old now..   
but anyway..please keep on sending me   
the charts of your country...especially 
top 40 lists or so..as top 10 ,that     
mtv text shows,isn't so much...         
anyone is free 2 send something in,     
it doesn't matter if we swap or who     
you are...i just wanna get in touch     
with guys who are interested in the     
real music scene,etc..so for any        
contribution for the musicchapter ,     
and/or for anything else about a-head   
and also a cool swap..write to          
a reply is guaranteed,no matter what    
you send in..                           
if ya wanna call:+xx/xxx/xxxxxx,xxxx    
another thing i really would like to get
is a 60 or 90 min. recording of yer     
favourite radio-station: just put       
a tape into yer recorder,and record for 
me a chartshow or another hit-playing   
hour or so of yer local radiostation!   
ya'll get yer tape back..with either    
one of the albums i reviewed,sum mixed  
techno tunes,or a recording of my       
(tell me what ya want)                  
if ya send 2,3..etc tapes,ya get        
2,3,etc..tapes back of course!          
that's it for this issue's musicnews!   
see ya somewhere else!                  
trance-the way a-head                   
music by ???                            
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