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yoo,music fans...                       
bizarre here again presenting the       
musiccorner in a-head  !!               
this time i will start with the result  
of the scene's favourite music charts,  
compiled by yer votes on the new        
a-head votesheet of coz!!               
no ranx of last time,as it is the       
first time that this appears in a-head! 
01.2 unlimited                          
03.public enemy                         
07.depeche mode                         
08.u 96                                 
10.ace of base                          
12.dance 2 trance                       
13.naughty by nature                    
16.the klf                              
17.dinosaur jlr.                        
18.sonic youth                          
21.pet shop boys                        
26.dead kennedies                       
29.leila k.                             
33.the cure                             
35.alice in chains                      
37.faith no more                        
38.running wild                         
40.mike oldfield                        
41.sterep mc's                          
44.red hot chili peppers                
49.jean michel jarre                    
51.ub 40                                
56.the shits (ed.ehhh??)                
58.big black                            
60.3rd bass                             
61.ac dc                                
63.mad sin                              
64.cypros hill                          
67.new model army                       
68.boyz ii men                          
69.napalm death                         
73.suicidal tend                        
74.dire straits                         
75.simple minds                         
yep...2 unlimited also rulez in my      
opinion...hehe..well..i expect the      
new a-head sheet to be spread better    
now...so the charts look better and     
will be more objective...               
now the top 40 songs of the past 52     
weeks voted by you:                     
01.no limit/2 unlimited                 
02.all that she wants/ace of base       
03.tribal dance/2 unlimited             
04.power of american natives/d 2 trance 
06.hip hop hooray/naughty by bature     
07.out of space/prodigy                 
08.what is love/haddaway                
09.wheel of fortune/ace of base         
10.love sees no color/u 96              
11.open sesame/leila k.                 
12.oh carolina/shaggy                   
13.mr.vain/culture beat                 
14.i'll always love you/whitney h.      
15.don't you want me/felix              
16.open your mind/usura                 
17.if i ever fall in love/shai          
18.whereever i may roam/metallica       
19.magic friend/2 unlimited             
20.aime moi encore/???                  
21.would i lie to you/charles and eddie 
22.sweet harmony/beloved                
23.nothing but a "g" thang/dr.dre       
24.walking in my shoes/depeche mode     
25.wind it up/prodigy                   
26.that's the way love goes/janet j.    
27.phorever people/shamen               
28.it was a good day/ice-cube           
29.give it up/the good men              
30.youth against facism/??????          
31.b'coz the night.co.ro feat.tarlisa   
32.i'm easy/faith no more               
33.young at heart/bluebells             
34.hello/shakespear's sister            
35.somebody dance with me/dj bobo       
36.step it up/stereo mc's               
37.are you gonna go my way/lenny kr.    
38.when i'm good and ready/sybil        
39.alles naar de klüüte/euromasters     
interesting:no song by michael jackson  
in yer top-list...nothing more to       
now your top 40 songs of alltime:       
01.no limit/2 unlimited                 
02.power of american natives /d 2 trance
03.tribal dance/2 unlimited             
04.all that she wants/ace of base       
05.out of space/prodigy                 
06.enjoy the silence/depeche mode       
07.last train to trancentral/the klf    
08.what is love/haddaway                
09.open sesame/leila k.                 
10.don't go /yazoo                      
11.magic friend/2 unlimited             
13.rhythm is a dancer/snap              
14.love sees no color/u 96              
15.wind it up/prodigy                   
16.das boot/u 96                        
17.i wanna be a kennedy/u 96            
18.never enough/the cure                
19.hundred miles and running /???       
21.the power of lard/lard               
22.highway to hell/ac dc                
23.acid rain/???                        
24.whiter shade pal/????                
25.wheel of fortune/ace of base         
26.more than i can bear/matt bianco     
27.theme from s-express/s-express       
28.high/the cure                        
29.i'll always love you/ whitney h.     
30.straight from da sewer/???           
31.workaholic/2 unlimited               
33.master and levant/?????              
34.smells like teen spirit/nirvana      
35.stairway 2 heaven/???                
36.never let her down /????             
37.i feel you/depeche mode              
38.good life/inner city                 
39.pump up the jam/technotronic         
40.under the bridge/red hot chili pep.  
really cool that ya also love no limit  
as much as i do..well the top looks     
a bit the same as the "past 52 weeks"   
chart...so i think,some guys don't      
really know what i mean with those      
2 different music categories!           
well ,best songs of past 52 weeks       
means that there ya can vote for        
any current song ya like or vote        
for songs ya loved 10 months ago and    
still like ..etc...                     
the alltime chart means the same,but(!) 
you can vote for any song that ever has 
been  released as single....            
(or maxi-cd...) ..that of coz also      
includes the current chart-hits,but     
also a song from 1967 is ya want...     
and ya needn't vote 4 charthits...      
vote 4 what you like...it doesn't       
matter what kind of music it is...      
the same goes for the best groups..     
by the way :that also includes best     
male/female singers of coz..vote        
for anything ya like!                   
the next chart that i'm gonna type      
is my airplaychart....ya could also     
find them in a-head #1 and #2..         
for those who haven't got these 2       
issues,i'll explain these charts again. 
24 hours a day my radio is on...and     
next to it is a nice notebook,where     
i always mark the songs that have been  
played on the different radiostations   
that i can listen to ...                
and once a week,i compile the top 75    
most played songs..                     
as i listen to lots of chartsshows,     
the normal charts have big effect on    
the airplaycharts...                    
xx weeks (w) means the amount of weeks  
that song has been on my chart..        
     week 29/1993,july 22nd             
01.(06) will you be there/m.jack  3 w   
02.(02) can't felp falling/ub 40 11 w   
03.(04) that's the way love../jj 12 w   
04.(07) all that she wants       27 w   
05.(10) what is love/haddaway    22 w   
06.(08) have i told you .../rod   7 w   
07.(01) i'll survive '93/gloria g 4 w   
08.(--) pray/take that            1 w   
09.(05) dreams/gabrielle          5 w   
10.(12) can't get enough../taylor 5 w   
11.(09) tribal dance/2 unltd     11 w   
12.(03) 1 night in heaven/m-peop. 4 w   
13.(11) informer/snow            20 w   
14.(15) 2 princes /spim doctors  13 w   
15.(14) if i can't have u/k.wilde 2 w   
16.(13) can ya 4give her/p.s.boys 8 w   
17.(16) sweat/inner circle       12 w   
18.(--) summer,summer/loft        1 w   
19.(19) i don't wanna fight/tina  9 w   
20.(40) i wanna love you/jade     3 w   
take that sux,but the fucking uk-       
stations play that song like crazy!loft 
and summer summer can become one of     
the summer-hits...inner circle still    
is a hit in u.k ,that's why that        
1 year old song is again in the air-    
21.(24) in all the right../lisa s. 7 w  
22.(26) what's up?/4 non blondes   5 w  
23.(20) 5 live/g.michael + queen  13 w  
24.(22) sweet harmony/beloved     25 w  
25.(28) mr.vain/culture beat      10 w  
26.(21) no limit/2 unlimited      25 w  
27.(27) don't walk away/jade      18 w  
28.(23) do you see the light/snap  8 w  
29.(18) ultimate high/time frwq.   4 w  
30.(33) delicate/terrence t.d'arby 6 w  
31.(25) almost unreal / roxette    6 w  
32.(30) would i lie to you/c+e    39 w  
33.(29) sing hallelujah/dr.alban  22 w  
34.(32) cat's in the cradle/ukj   20 w  
35.(37) baker street/under cover  48 w  
36.(38) wheel of fortune/ace of b 13 w  
37.(17) west end girls/east 17     4 w  
38.(35) when i'm good and ready   18 w  
39.(39) tease me/chaka demus       6 w  
40.(41) oh carolina /shaggy       21 w  
and now the most interesting places     
between 41 and 75:                      
41.(48) give it up/cut'n'move      7 w  
44.(--) somebody dance with me/djb 1 w  
45.(46) just another day/jon sec. 55 w  
46.(34) runaway train/soul asylum  2 w  
53.(--) declaration/surprise       1 w  
64.(52) the key/urban cookie coll. 2 w  
66.(++) far far away/slade         2 w  
67.(--) everybody dance/evolution  1 w  
just another day is the oldest song     
in this chart...                        
well..again my hit-predictions became   
true...i said "somebody dance with me"  
by dj bobo and "give it up" by          
cut'n'move would become hits in germany 
now,dj bobo is at 8 and cut'n'move at   
15....when i wrote that last time,      
they have been nowhere...               
look for the whole german charts        
in part 2...                            
well..of coz i want again give ya       
my tips for the top...well...           
that song by loft called "summer summer"
already is in the german charts at 26 , 
but i really think that can be          
top 10 maybe even top 5 when i          
edit this chapter for the next a-head ! 
then there is a cooool dance song       
around again....it's called             
"we're going on down" by deadly sims    
or something like that....it is         
nowhere right now..but it should be     
top 40/maybe top 20 or more in          
late august! another cool song is       
"show me" by kim sanders...should       
be in the charts soon...but i am not    
100 % sure...( i was 100 % sure when    
i wrote about usura "open your mind",   
and "all that she wants" by ace of base 
in january,and "somebody dance with me" 
by dj bobo in may..and also with        
"summer,summer" by loft and "we're going
on down" by deadly sims...this time     
in july...                              
maybe even "feel the rhythm " by        
jinny can make it...but that is         
more a wish than a prediction...        
well..that's it for part one...in       
part 2 ya can find many new record      
releases..and many national charts      
that have been supplied by some of you! 
yes...i always need cool guys that      
help me with this chapter...please      
try 2 get the national singles-chart    
of your country and send it to me..     
it can be the beginning of a cool       
swaptime or friendship if ya want..     
trance-the way a-head!                  
music by ???                            
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