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welcome to a new chapter in our lovely  
mag!!! well with the next issue i will  
start a new point system where we all   
can see which group is the mailtrading  
number 1!i think that the mailtrading   
scene is not the same as the board-scene
on the board scene only 1st releases    
count,on the mail-scene the mass of     
stuff a group releases month for month  
counts,so i invent a totally new point  
system who will give us the possibility 
to see which group releases the most    
cracks in one month, well but i need the
help of all cracking groups!i will count
trance releases ,too,as we wanna have a 
really objective chart,eh ? maybe in the
first mail-charts,it's possible that    
trance is on number 1,coz i don't have  
enough cracks by other groups,but i am  
sure that all the crackers will send me 
the cracks of his group!!               
now about the point system:             
previews                      1,5 points
low budget(game on,magic disc,) 5   "   
medium budget(g.disk,codemasters)10 "   
full price games(ocean,thalmus..) 20"   
re-releases: for every re-release i will
erase 15 points, so be carefull before  
you release a game from 88 or an older  
one !                                   
well not every crack will count:        
the crack mustn't be older than 1 month 
after the 1st release  !                
example: the first release is done on   
         1 june now i get the           
         version of this game from      
         another group on the 2 july so 
         the crack wont count for ahead 
to be sure that your cracks will count, 
send it to me!!                         
          -load next chapter-           
music by link/vibrants                  
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