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yo dickheads! welcome to the interview  
of the month.this time with arrogance of
  ?=who is the leader of success?       
  a= success is, always has been and    
     always will be my group. doesn't   
     matter if i'm active or not coz    
     success is my own creation since   
  ?=what do you think about rsi?        
  a=well, the most of their members     
    are pretty good friends of mine.    
  ?=give us some datas about your       
    career on this machine?             
  a=i have been in many major groups,   
    since 1988, as there are :          
    sharks, x-ray- legend  pandora and  
    s u c c e s s  and a few more i     
    cant remember anymore.              
 ?=what are your future plans in real   
   life and on this machine?            
 a=my real life plans are private.      
   concerning thd c-64 time will show.  
   there is no doubt that whe c-64 is   
   a starving machine.                  
 ?= now tell us your favourites in      
   crackergroup: illusion               
   demogroup   : censor, crest          
   fixergroup  : empire,armageddon      
   fakelabel   : garbage                
   cracker     : the burglar            
   gfx'er      : ogalh, dragon          
   composer    : steel                  
   board       : divine ultimatum       
   beerlabel   : warsteiner,beckü       
   game        : sensible soccer        
 ! game-system : snes, amiga            
   food        : pizza,hawaii toast     
   drink       : korea (coke, wine)     
   shoes       : cult docs              
   music       : hardcore techno        
 ?= what!do you think about the scene   
    at the moment?                      
 a= the scene sucks major cock.         
 ?= and vhat do you think about hobbes? 
 a=something to eat or what?            
 ?=which group is for you the newcomer  
   of the last 6 month?                 
 a= i dont give a damn.                 
 ?= what do you think about this inter- 
 a=well, i'm pretty tired and i just    
   want to sleep.nothing else!          
 ?=do you have an idol on this machine? 
 a=not anymore.                         
 ?=do you have enemies in the scene?    
 a=ohh yes i do have enemies.           
 ?=can you give us a short list of your 
 a=yes i could but i simply dont want   
   do, as this doesn't belong here.     
 ?=dominators are dead,enigma are nearly
   dead do you think that a new         
   generation of c-64 user is coming    
   now or do you think that the end     
   is coming near?                      
 a=all i know is that the good old      
   elites will always be the only elite 
 ?=do you wanna greet someone?          
 a= yep, hello to: all in success,      
    hero, solar, majesty, chameeon,     
   chrysagon, gazer, rugrat, all rsi    
   members, and all the fucking rest.   
 ?=last words?                          
 a= enjoy the drinks you get for free,  
    and suckers to da wall!!!           
 ? = thank you and bye see ya in hell   
     sucker!!! doc holliday is beaming  
     up to heaven!!                     
 load the next chapter                  
music by jch/vibrants                   

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