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yep..there we go.......bizarre of trance
here to introduce the new issue of      
a-head ,issue 3, to you!                
well..again sum lamers spread a rumour  
that a-head wouldn't be a trance mag    
anymore...as you can see,it  i s        
a trance mag!                           
well..i didn't make it to release       
issue 3 four weeks after issue 2 ,but   
that has its reasons:                   
first of all,i only had 81 votesheets   
at that time...and i told ya to         
release it as soon as i got 150 sheets! 
and that won't be changed of coz...     
furthermore i was on holiday            
from june 23rd to july 16 th  !         
well.i even took my compi with me   ,   
and made sum sendings and prepared      
this issue a bit,but of coz there       
are better things to do in yer holi-    
days then sitting at yer compi,eh  ?    
and furthermore lots of guys are        
on holidays as well,..so they probably  
wouldn't even get this issue if it      
had been released 4 weeks after the     
issue 2 !                               
so ,as we still have summer,the         
4th issue will come someday in september
for sure...and from then on ,it should  
be on yer screens every month...        
should i tell ya something about        
my holidays? well,it doesn't belong     
to a mag's editorial,but most guys      
don't read that anyway..                
(maybe they wouldn't even notice if     
here was no text at all.,coz they       
just read the charts and the news)      
and maybe 50 % of the rest doesn't      
read this chapter as first one of       
a-head...they probably already have     
read the charts before...so maybe i'll  
put the editorial in the chartschapter  
next time,to get sure that these are    
really my first words to you ????       
about the holidays i can tell ya that   
it was a rather fake,coz the wrong      
one of the 2 boss' daughters was there..
the 11 year one...the 17 year one wasn't
i advice ya not only to read the charts 
and news ....                           
e.g there is an interview with          
of coz another musiccorner,with         
lots of singles charts and new releases!
a record review ya can find among       
other things in my mixed chapter...     
read about a new chart-idea:            
the mailcharts                          
a reactionschapter!                     
and of coz the biiiig charts and hot    
news (mostly...)                        
and all other things i forget to        
mention here...read 'em all..and        
also write a reaction next time...      
what do ya think about the new logo?    
is it an improved one compared with     
the one being used in issue 2,or what?  
ooops...lots of work for the a-head     
is finished now..as i can tell ya,      
this editorial is the last chapter      
that i have got to write...all the      
rest is saved ...puuuh....              
now the working for issue 4 already     
for anything concerning a-head write to 
doc holliday/trance                     
or of coz ya can also write to me:      
no handles ,please in both cases!       
call me anytime +xx/(0) xxx/xxxxxx!     
jose is my name and if ya don't know    
how to pronounce it ,ask 4 bizarre...   
ok...load something else now and have   
fun reading the a-head issue #3         
deutscher meister-wird nie der fc       
trance - the way a-head !               
music by iron cat of trc                
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