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         !! NEWS AND ROUMORS !!         
yo readers here now the news and roumors
 from the last two month!!! again many  
  guyz has changed their groups or new  
groups was builded up other died but now
 no longer craptalk so i start with the 
oldest up to the latest that arrived me!
- 711 changed their name in ARCON their 
  non in coop with LEGACY.              
- ABYSS CONNECTION are now only produ-  
  cing games!!                          
- some members of AC built up 'CURVE'   
  they kicked: trs,tma,mr.curly,hooper, 
- CURVE members are: per,copkiller,pio- 
  neer,posdnygs,leewag and bonjovi.     
- a mi di girl/ac joined SUNRISE.       
- CURVE will soon release a papermag    
  called 'bizz' send your photos now!!! 
- DEEJAY was a subgroup of ABYSS C.     
- STATIC left maniax and joined GOTHIC- 
- BULLDOG/trax and RANTANPLAN/trax join-
  ed SPIRIT. so trax died!!!            
- MORAC/trax joined VAGABONDS.          
- MISTRAL/trax joined IN ACCESS.        
- METAL JOAN have changed handle to MJ  
  and have left flame for joining MANIAX
  as a swapper and grafixer!!           
- OCA is a new finnish coder, and he is 
  joining ASTRAL.                       
- ETERNAL is dead.                      
- CALYPSO/eternal joined CRYSTAL.       
- L'TRIMM/ left vagabonds and joined the
  guys in X-RATED.                      
- the BABOONS will soon release a demo  
  called 'no trend - the real demo'!!!  
- LOWER LEVEL have a new coder called:  
- the new demo from LOWER LEVEL will    
  released soon.                        
- FREEZE/ex-the force joined FACES as a 
- WARHEAD/ex-stella joined joined FACES 
  as a cracker and swapper.             
- did you know that FACES has 20 members
  here comes the actual memberstatus:   
  1.bomb - megaswapper, vhs-swapper     
  2.buddha - the utility section (means:
    a coder and gfx-er = 2 dudes)!!!    
  3.cop - gfx-er,swapper,cover-designer!
  4.clairvoyant - swapper,gfx-er,orga-  
  5.dr.hector - coder,swapper,editor.   
  6.dr.watt - coder                     
  7.freeze - musician                   
  8.fantasy design - gfx-ers (2 dudes). 
  9.greg - grafixer, musician, swapper. 
 10.henry - swapper.                    
 11.jamie - swapper.                    
 12.louie - musician.                   
 13.syllinor - coder,swapper,cracker.   
 14.jayce - coder,swapper.              
 15.shakin' - coder,gfx-er.             
 16.trish - coder.                      
 17.valentine - coder,musician          
 18.warhead - cracker,swapper.          
- the name CELLUX and STREAMLINE died.  
  they built up a section called BUDDHA.
  it's the utillity section of faces.   
- a new group is born called: 'ARCADE'  
  members are:jihad,crisp,a-man and some
- BRAINBOMBS are again in the scene!!!  
  and joined OXYRON!!!                  
- a new group called IMAGE is born. it  
  consists of: crossfire, mason, rip,   
  clive, anakonda, dr will, merlin,     
  static (all ex-acrise), dishy, zak    
  (both ex-conic) and buzzard (ex-rebels
  their budget label is called by the   
  name of tbt (the bingo team).         
- HITMEN had the first-release of 'freak
  factory 2' but AVATAR refused to fix  
  it for some reason.                   
- ILLUSION is back in full effect.      
- INCEST left hitmen in order to join   
- STYLE joined COMIC PIRATES!!!         
  he is still in loa.                   
- HOOPER/hitmen was again caught by the 
  cops he made a break of two month now.
- a new group named SHINE is born shine 
  is built by some ndc and acrise/      
  holland members.                      
- micron left LEGACY to join shine.     
- LOBSTER+ACORN left topaz to join shine
- DAVE/ex-shape joined CLIMAX.          
- DISHY/image (ex-acrise) have been takn
  by the danish post, so to ALL the guyz
  who have send to him the last month,  
  and haven't got a reply yet, please   
  send to him again!!!                  
- hq from LOA changed. leader is now    
  BITNAPPER. frank is second leader!!   
- CANABIS quit chaos front and joined   
- CLIMAX got an illegal section and will
  soon kick ass with the new trashnews  
  and the first cracks!!!               
- CLIMAX still search for some cool     
  crackers and coders!!!                
- roumors say KLF AND EMF/nirvana are   
  the same persons.                     
- SLASH/trinomic left the c64 scene. he 
  joined the (l)amiga forces.           
- MR.SMART/ex-bonzai returnt after his  
  break, he joined BRUTAL as megaswapper
  also FRESH PRINCE/ex-light returnt to 
  the scene and are now in trail with   
- PACIFIC/arcon joined F4CG!            
- BIT/ex-trsi joined WOW as a megaswap- 
  per, modemtrader and coder.           
- WOW is trading with an us group called
  REVENGE, they are canadian.           
- WOW is in coop with RUSH DIVISION.    
- the coop between WOW and INTRUDERS is 
- AXE, SCIPIO and DOPE are kicked out of
- ROLE is dead, most of the belgium mem-
  bers joined WOW.                      
- NANTCO left NDC and joined WOW as a   
  musician and a swapper.               
- BOMB/faces was never in a group called
- DUMPER joined EXCESS as coder and     
- TERMINATOR/ex-excess is kicked.       
- DELTA left SUCCESS and joined LEGEND. 
- XENEX/flame joined MANIAX.            
- LOBSTER joined SHINE.                 
- HOTLINE is rebuild by silver-surfer   
  and gazza (ex-trc).                   
- DEATHSECTOR is dead.                  
- ARCON-nl joined varsity, FANATIC (ex- 
  vogue/arcon) joined SUNRISE.          
- REBELS kicked CAESAR.                 
- TANKARD/ex-ndc bought his way into    
- DAZ/panic was kicked out, since he    
  fooled around with the Lamiga.        
- RUNK/wrath designs solded his cdtv and
  then he bought an Lamiga. his little  
  brother got his c64 now.              
- soon coming... wrath designs newest   
  demo, called: 'WEEKEND'...            
- SHOCK/extend joined LETHARGY as a mu- 
  sician and a swapper.                 
- EXILE has two new member:             
  josh    - coder,gfx     /EX-PRISONERS.
  trooper - swapper,music /EX-SSD.      
- ANGEL,ANKH was kicked out of EXILE.   
- HAMMER/graffity goes to the ibm.      
- their is a new hungarian musicgroup   
  called: ADSR!!! members are:          
  cane   / spirit                       
  eaglet / graffity                     
- CUBE/lawyers joined lethargy.         
- TKC is dead all members joined CREAM. 
- MYSTERY/ex-tkc joined presence.       
- STELLA is not dead.                   
- EGON/triumwyrat joined exile as a gra-
  fician and coder.                     
- CHANCER/babygang will soon get a modem
- TRIUMWYRAT will release their new demo
  'sonic' soon!                         
- hitman, luke, chevignon, split, dad   
  and la raza are kicked out of SUNRISE.
- SILVER is going to leave baboons. if  
  ya interested in taking a gfx-man and 
  swapper, then contact him!!!          
- STARKILLER ex-hitmen joined baboons.  
- STRIKER/ex-balance joined nirvana.    
and now be not so lazy!!!! send us more 
 news and roumors. the most guys forget 
 to write news under their addy on the  
                  SCRAPPER signed off!!!
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