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yooohaaa!! this is MR.MOUSE handling and
torturing the keys of that old 'n rusty 
c64! what have i got for you this issue?
a lot!!! a whole lot!! yeah, really!    
let's give you an impression:           
          music reviewed from:          
           YOUNG ORGASM/fluid           
            THE SYNDROM/tia             
      RAGMAN & LEECH/comic pirates      
how's that for a change eh?             
before i start a message to YAZOO:      
what is your problem son? we don't do   
you any harm! why should you be arrogant
and rather see our mag dead? why don't  
you mind YOUR business and let us mind  
our business, ok! we like doing this!   
well, here it goes:                     
handle: CYBERDYNE                       
name  : ralf e.                         
group : trinomic                        
age   : ?                               
sex   : male                            
this dude send me some techno-ish wares 
on a tape and a c64 tune. that tune is  
added to addybook.                      
first let me talk about the tape he send
it contained 8 songs done by him and i  
believe done on amiga.                  
4 slowish songs: "silence", "fantasia", 
"lightshadow" and "just for justice".   
4 speedy techno/house songs:"spacerace" 
"d.o.p.e.", "trance" and "bpm".         
so what about them?                     
"lightshadow" and "just fo justice" are 
in my opinion the best of the slowish   
songs. why, you'll ask.                 
well, the melodies are nice to listen to
while they are accompanied by good bass-
lines and good drums.                   
it's of course impossible for me to show
you the music as it's on tape or amiga-ä
disk! but i shall continue.             
the techno songs are great! as mr.ammo  
said worth listening to! in my opinion  
they are very well structured and       
contain nice sounds. the moment i       
write this i listen to "d.o.p.e.": it's 
got a nice swing to it!                 
"trance" is a cool song , with some nice
digitised female pornographic speech    
probably ripped right out of a top shelf
but the best one to dance on is         
good basslines, good beat, good effects 
and well structured.                    
that is what you'll could get if you    
contact cyberdyne or me!                
some grades:                            
cyberdyne tape   percent                
--------------   -------                
rythmetic feel :   80                   
melody         :   70                   
dancability    :   70                   
intellect      :   70                   
NOW on with the C64 zax by him.         
you cannot compare this too the music   
mentioned above, so i will not either.  
i can only say, that it is nicely done. 
it has got an okay solo plus an okay    
basspattern which doesn't change.       
the variety in the song is being done   
by the solo.                            
check it out!                           
it is good for intro's but perhaps for  
a demo part too!                        
the review ends here.                   
cyberdyne c64     percent               
-------------     -------               
introability    :   70                  
melody          :   70 ((               
rhythmetic feel :   60                  
longplay        :   60                  
        address of this fellow:         
comment: ask for his music!             
next review:                            
handle : YOUNG ORGASM                   
name   : pal hoymork                    
group  : fluid                          
age    : ?                              
sex    : male                           
this guy's from norway and uses the     
future composer version 4.1.            
because he uses that editor you will    
recognize it inmediately: the sounds    
are alike.                              
now let's talk about his music, the one 
that is added to addybook.              
it has got a nice intro, but when the   
drums start, the beat is still not      
there: the drums are to weak. after the 
intro there is a nice basspattern and   
there we have it: a beat! but now there 
is a solo that could have been done     
much better. the background is good, but
the solo is mediocre. the drums do not  
change, it is one pattern.              
there could have been more effects in   
the zax i suppose. but it is a good zax 
for playing in the background of a game.
nice intro zax as well.                 
so in all the solo can be improved, the 
rhythmetic structure and the effects.   
but i know it is possible.              
some grades:                            
young orgasm      percent               
------------      -------               
introability    :   60                  
rhythmetic feel :   50                  
melody          :   40                  
longplay        :   60                  
         address of this dude:          
           YOUNG ORGASM/FLUID           
comment: check the song out for yourself
         and read this review again.    
         by the way young orgasm, i hope
         the address is good enough,    
         because we don't have the      
         correct font to print it right!
next review:                            
handle : THE SYNDROM                    
name   : beats the hell outta me        
group  : the imperium arts              
age    : ?                              
sex    : male                           
sooo, this is the third review this     
month and we're still going great!      
of niet, holland freaks!                
dacht 't wel!                           
hhhmm, if you've read addybook regularly
you probably must have heard some tunes 
done by the syndrom.                    
what does that mean? well, that means   
that blaze-headquarters thinks he is    
good. i shall prove them right or wrong.
the songs he sent me come from his first
collection. he made a second one, but i 
didn't get it from him yet.             
the song i ad to this issue is the one  
i'm going to talk about.                
i think that the syndrom knows what he  
is doing. he produces quality solo's    
plus lots of variety in his songs.      
as you can hear for yourself, the song  
is varied with a nice rhythmetic change.
what about the basssound-colour? well,  
it is nice and it fits to the song, but 
i heard in other songs not much variety 
in basssounds. this might be due to the 
fact that i've only got his first       
collection and his second might be some-
thing completely different, but let's   
say we talk about his first collection  
here. i do admit that it isn't all that 
bad(do you fuckin' know what IS bad?    
that this stupid 128 fuckin'            
powercrashed when i had just finished   
this review and started the next one!!! 
that IS and i repeat IS baaaddd!!!!     
and you know what? IT WAS MY OWN FAULT!!
but hey, you probably don't care!)      
but it does show that the basssounds are
alike. and not only the basssound, the  
chordsounds too. i think that is the    
main thing that is too bad about this   
music. and what about the solo?         
the solo is very melodic and you'll     
remember it when you listen to it       
regularly, just like jeroen tel, hubbard
and galway.                             
the rhythm is well done and there is a  
nice change.                            
so blaze h.q. were right. he is good.   
some grades:                            
the syndrom       percent               
-----------       -------               
introability    :   75                  
rhythmetic feel :   70                  
melody          :   78                  
longplay        :   70                  
          address of this guy           
            THE SYNDROM/TIA             
           the imperium arts            
comment: if you have any musicless      
         products this is one of the    
         people you could ask.          
next review:                            
handle : RAGMAN & LEECH                 
name   : right, i don't know            
group  : comic pirates                  
age    : ?                              
sex    : male                           
these guys have been at the composing   
for, as they claim, 2 months.           
they think they are not bad. well,      
i'll see about that. anyway, they're    
nice chaps. let us talk about the song  
added to this disky!                    
i think that the song is very           
atmospheric and it is nice to listen to.
there is not a great solo nor overall   
variety in the chords, but it's         
atmosphere does it. perfect for a puzzle
game, a magchapter or long scrolltext.  
they sent me a whole lotta zax to check 
out and i noticed immediately that the  
basslines are alike! they go:           
c (2x), gis, ais. and only the rhythm   
changes. yes, they sometimes put in an  
extra g, but that's it!                 
so there is not much variety in chords, 
not only in the song itself, but in the 
whole collection of songs.              
yes, nice techno mix, but nothing       
really different.                       
so the atmosphere is their strong side  
and the rest will improve in due time!  
i'll quit this review and give them     
some grades:                            
ragman & leech    percent               
--------------    -------               
introability    :   65                  
rhythmetic feel :   60                  
melody          :   65                  
longplay        :   75                  
        address of these fellas         
           RAGMAN & LEECH/CP            
comment: if they really have just begun 
         they are not bad at all.       
         (they say teamwork rules!)     
weelll, that's it for the reviews this  
month. just had a conversation with     
TRASH/SUNRISE, he had some problems he  
couldn't fix. hope i can be of some     
assistance. greetings, dear friend.     
and greetings to all my contax.         
see ya all next month in the improved   
addybook number 10!!!                   
send your music in!!!! send your music!!
addybook 10 is going to be a hit and it 
is up to you musicians to make it so!   
(well, at least OUR chapter!!!)         
okay. leaving this shit thing(c128) to  
mr.ammo. the chapter has only just begun
so read on!!!                           
       send tapes/disks with your       
        music(underground!!!) in:       
            michael zuurman             
              ludensweg 41              
                9675 am                 
            the netherlands             
ps: when do i get some undergroundbands?
hellow, MR.AMMO here, what do i have    
this time for you well, i have...       
               - news 'n' rumours       
               - review: MR.BIG         
               - concert dates for:     
                  * genesis             
                  * prince              
                  * diana ross          
okay, let me start...                   
            NEWS 'N' RUMOURS            
- rock's latest celebritty couple KURT  
  COBAIM of nirvana and COURTNEY LOVE of
  hale - are expecting their first child
  in august. the couple gor married     
  secretly last february.               
- is MORRISEY suffering from a bit of   
  envy? his first single of 1992 is     
  entitled "we hate it when our friends 
  become successful".                   
- not only the show must go on but it   
  looks as though it will!              
  following the tremendously successful 
  tribute to freddie mercurie concert.  
  the remaining members of QUEEN are to 
  reign again - only under a new name.  
  guitarist brian may, drummer roger    
  tailor and bassist john deacon said   
  they will continue working together.  
- bearded blues behemothes ZZ TOP are   
  reportedly asking warner bros. for a  
  55 million dollar, five-album deal to 
  renew their contract with the label.  
- after 16 years with sire records,     
  rock's resedent beach bums and        
  frenetic surfers of the fretboard the 
  RAMONES are to sign with radioactive  
  records owned, funnily enough, by     
  their manager.                        
- those germanic industrial pioneers    
  an album of early tracks recorded     
  between 1980 and 1983 entitled,warmly,
  strategie against architecture.       
- an australian man who trampled his    
  mother to death when she complained he
  was his BOB DYLAN records too loud,   
  was let out of the prison where he is 
  being held for one night so he could  
  see his idol in concert.              
- SAM KINISON, the controversial        
  american comedian and buddy of BON    
  JOVI and BILLY IDOL, was killed in a  
  car crash in needles, california last 
  his comedy lp's featured most notably 
  a version of the troggs' wild thing,  
  which was acompanied by a video       
  starring billy idol and jessica hahn. 
- CARTER USM'S new lp, 1992 - the love  
  album is out now!                     
- OMAR'S new single, your loss, my gain 
  is released by talkin' loud. (out now)
- XENTRIX'S new single is the order of  
- NAUGHTY BY NATURE are re-releasing the
  very rude us-chart hit opp.           
- GTO, holland's top dance act, have a  
  new single, elevation, out now.       
- THE B52'S have parted company with    
  founding member, singer-guitarist     
  CINDY WILSON, for reasons as yet un-  
  remaining members KATE PEIRSON, FRED  
  recorded an lp without her. it's      
  called good stuff and will be out in  
- SISTERS OF MERCY leader andrew        
  eldritch was held up by armed police  
  on the way back from a night-club in  
  rio de jaineiro in the end of last    
  eldritch says the cops left him alone 
  after he shouted at them in ITALIAN.  
  or maybe he just did an impromptu of  
  rendition of number five hit temple of
- lars ulrich of METALLICA was left less
  than happy, when at a recent gig in   
  new york, the hydraulic lift carrying 
  his drum kit broke down and he had to 
  perform half the concert below the    
- JOAN ARMATRADING released a new single
  'wrapped around her' on may 11.       
- TWO TRIBES new single is back to love.
- KYM SIMS puts out a new single,       
  a little bit more.                    
- L7'S new single is 'everglade'        
- JANE SIBERRY, the canadian chanteuse, 
  has a new lp, 'summer in the yackon'  
- THE SOUP DRAGON'S new lp is hotwired. 
- BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE habe a compilation 
  video entitled bad i+ii released by   
  the actor son of martin sheen.        
  appropriatly, abdul's latest single is
  called 'will you marry me?'           
- THE KLF have started work on a new lp 
  with uk trash metal band EXTREME NOISE
  TERROR. the album (working title: the 
  black room) is due out late in the    
  summer or early in the autumn.        
- dutch duo TEN SHARP have revealed the 
  secret behind their name - it's becoz 
  they are so punctual. keyboard player 
  niels hermes says, "we're proud of our
  time - keeping".                      
  and they probably think hotel room tv-
  sets are for watching too!            
- it took FLOWERED UP just ten minutes  
  to write "weekender".                 
- EMF have celebrated worldwide sales   
  worth 20 million pounds and their     
  current hit "unexplained", by buying a
  harley davidson motorbike each.       
- U2 are reported to be planning open-  
  air shows in europe in summer 1993.   
- rumours say that the KLF are going to 
  break up where supported by           
  comfirmation that the duo are on their
  way to mexico "to research a non-music
  project" and by a source close to the 
  band who said:                        
  "bill's saying he wants to go to the  
  country and build stiles. i think     
  there may be women problems in klf,   
- the " red hot and dance " aids benefit
  lp due out in june will include three 
  new GEORGE MICHAEL tracks "do you     
  really want to know", "happy" and     
  "too fumky".                          
- WAS NOT WAS released a new single,    
  "listen like thieves", on may 11.     
  the band's first release since 1990   
  was originally composed and recorded  
  by INXS.                              
- BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN is reported to be   
  planning a world tour this summer,    
  starting in europe.                   
- speed metal group MEGADETH have       
  revealed that the band has been under-
  going group therapy for the past three
- LIVING COLOUR recently announced the  
  departure of bass player              
  muzz skillings; the split was         
  described in a press release as a     
  "mutual parting of the ways due to    
  musical differences". in a phone-     
  conversation shortly after the        
  announcement, muzz didn't want to     
  elaborate on a situation, but added   
  that "everything's cool" and said he's
  already recording material for a new  
  project. at press time LIVING COLOUR  
  was closing in on a replacement, but  
  management spokesman jim grant refused
  to name any names. the new bassist    
  will join the band onstage at the     
  hollywood rock festival in brazil in  
  late january. stay tuned for more of  
- frederick's hollywood lingerie museum 
  is offering a 1.000 dollar reward, no 
  questions asked, for the return of    
  MADONNA'S bustier, worn on the singers
  open your heart video, and stolen     
  during the recen la riots.            
- don barnes, the original singe and    
  guitarist with 38 SPECIAL, has        
  rejoined the southern boogie band     
  after a five-year break.              
- MAXI PRIEST will be touring europe in 
  june and july. we try to keep you     
  informed on this.                     
- FAITH NO MORE'S new lp, angel dust,   
  will be released on june 1.           
- JULIA FORDAM released a new single, i 
  thought it was you on may 11.         
- THE WOLFGANG PRESS released a double- 
  a-sided single on may 18, featuring   
  a girl like yo and angel.             
- LONDON BEAT'S new single, yo bring the
  sun is out on june 1.                 
- DEL AMITRI'S new lp, change everything
  is due out on june 1.                 
- the STRAY CATS, one-time famous rocka-
  billys released their first new single
  in a long, long time on may 18. it's  
  called elvis on velvet and was        
   produced by dave edmunds.            
- DEEE-LITE also ended a lengthy silence
  on may 18, when they released a new   
  single called: thank you everyday. it 
  will be followed by an lp later this  
- DIANA ROSS has announced dates for a  
  summer european tour that will take   
  her to ireland, the uk, holland,      
  france, switzerland, germany, belgium,
  austria, italy and greece.            
ok, you guys these were all i could     
collect this month. the credit goes     
mainly to super-chanel and those silly  
radio-stations like station 3 here in   
holland. for the next month i try to    
substract also some news from an        
american radio-station. i'm not sure if 
i can manage this 'cause i don't have a 
schedule for this station and they      
mostly broadcast live-sports like base- 
ball and american football in the       
evenings. so i can't promise you        
anything to you.                        
ok, now load please the interview chap- 
ter to read the rest of this chapter!!!!
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