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      !! INTERVIEW & MUSICSCENE !!      
 hello guyz welcome in another chapter  
 here in addybook!!! out of my room the 
  sun is shining and i must write this  
shit text here but i think you want now 
read the interview!! after the interview
you can read the rest of the MUSICSCENE 
chapter coz mr.mouse and mr.mouse wrote 
a little bit to much and i must split it
this time we interviewed YAZOO/OXYRON!!!
  ? this sign stands for (me) SCRAPPER  
    ! and this sign stands for YAZOO    
? so let us start the question torture!!
  hello yazoo, please give our readers  
  some facts and info about yourself and
  your family!                          
! well, my real name is michael, since  
  15 days i'm 19 years old,192,5 cm tall
  and very heavy (but not that fat, any-
  way i won't tell you my weight).      
  there are only 27 schooldays left,    
  there after i'll start working in a   
  shop. i don't have any brother or sis-
? when did you enter the c64 scene which
  groups have you been in and which gr- 
  oup are you in now???                 
! i entered the real scene in summer '89
  i've beem in some unknown and some    
  known groups like eject, matrix (old  
? what's your job in your current group?
! my job in oxyron is leader, mag editor
  gfx (lame) and a little bit swap.     
? what are your future plans on the c64 
  and in real life???                   
! my future plans on the computer is to 
  get many friends and to get a bit fa- 
  mous with my team.                    
? which group you would join if your    
  group die? and why?                   
! i think i couldn't join another group.
  i would built up an own group again.  
? what's/who's your favourite like...?  
! demo-group    - beyond force          
  cracker-group - i don't like any very 
  coder         - glasnost              
  musician      - jeroen tel            
  swapper       - i can't judge this.   
  mag (disk)    - script                
  mag (paper)   - milestone             
  band          - fields of the nephilim
  movie         - die hard 1+2          
  girl          - alice schwazer and    
                  egos girlfriend.      
  food          - potato-chips from aldi
                  and old socks.        
  drink         - egos boozestoff.      
? what you like/dislike in the c64 scene
! i like the friendship in the scene,   
  and i dislike that the scene gets     
? are you in other scenes too?          
! i'm in no other scene, but i have an  
  amiga anyway.                         
? do you like demos???                  
! yes, ofcoz i like demos as we are a   
  democrew ourselfes. i can't give you  
  any name of my favourite demo coz that
  changes from time to time.            
? what kind of hardware do you use?     
! i have a c 128-d and a 1081 amiga mon-
? who are your best friends in the c64  
! do i have any friends? hehe... i don't
? i guess you don't spent all spare-time
  in front of your c64, so please tell  
  us what you do besides the c64.       
! i drive around with my car, watch some
  videos, read books and so on.         
? have you ever been in trouble with the
! no.                                   
? do you know any perverts?             
! yes, ego with his girlfriend.         
? what do you think about the new kids  
  on the block?                         
! who? gulp!!!                          
? do you have a girlfriend?             
! no, but she looks pretty cool, hehe!  
? do you have good habits? please give  
  us three of them.                     
! to kick egos ass, being a slow swapper
  and laming around.                    
? like good habits you must also have   
  some bad habits.                      
! the same as above.                    
? if you would win one MILLION english  
  pounds, what would you do with it?    
! i would change them into DM and waste 
  it in some way (having a copy slave,  
  buying a cool car...)                 
? are there any guys in the scene who   
  you definitely wouldn't invite to your
! i can't remember anyone.              
? by the way when were you born?        
! 06/05/1973                            
? if you'd like to give our readers some
  final words then plese do...          
! if you think we deserve it, give us a 
  little vote, if not them not.         
? i thank you for this interview and    
  leave you some space to do some greets
! i greet: creeper/flash inc., mr.sam/  
  beyond force, star/antic, elegance/   
  enigma, tbb/chromance, deathsralker/  
  brutal and more!                      
 here now comes the rest of the MUSIC-  
 SCENE chapter so play with ya stick!!! 
ok, on with this chapter...             
hhhmmm! the review, first i have to say 
that i was too lame to review the album 
from mr.big myself spo i just copied it 
from the BASS PLAYER number 4, volume 2,
july/august 1991. i hope you don't mind!
the album was already released in the   
beginning of 1991 (feb/may).            
i have to tell you that this magazine is
a magazine for bass players so the      
review will be (most) about mr.big's    
bass player billy sheehan.              
well, let me start...                   
MR.BIG - LEAN INTO IT (atlantic)        
in interviews, billy sheehan always     
points out that first and foremost he's 
a BASS player, not a soloist. his work  
on the latest mr.big disc confirms that;
more than ever, billy's commitment to   
supporting the song comes through.      
LEAN INTO IT is slicker and more        
commercial than the band's debut, 1989's
MR.BIG, but the new album also sports   
cleaner production and a more           
interesting mix of styles. one thing    
that hasn't changed is sheehan's famous 
sound, a rich timbre with a smooth edge 
of distortion - and it commands LEAN    
INTO IT from the first measure. crank up
the opener, "daddy, brother, lover,     
little boy", a rocket ride propelled by 
billy's eighth-note pedaling and furious
fills. the tune features a crazy        
cordless-drill duet - a high light of   
mr.big's recent live shows - performed b
y billy and guitarist paul gilbert.     
in  the  catchy  "green - tinted sixties
mind", sheehan anchors the verses with  
simple but effective chords, then       
switches to a driving single-note line  
for the chorus."just take my heart" is a
radio-ready power ballad opened by      
billy's soulfull, high-register bends;  
he takes brief, low-key leads after the 
choruses, decorating the piece with     
melodic descending apreggios.           
another tune with hit potential is      
"alive and kickin'", in which billy     
pedals the root again, punctuating his  
line with occasional tasty fills.       
sheehan's tone is clearest in the song's
quiet interlude, in which he spins a    
subdued solo, heavy on the chorus and   
full of cross-string leaps, sustained   
notes, and long rests; when the vocals  
return he's pedaling again.             
LEAN INTO IT may be a dissapointment to 
those looking for extended talas-like   
bass solos, but check it out if ou want 
to hear billy sheehan do what he does   
best: PLAY BASS.                        
well, this was the review of mr.big's   
second album/disc. the review was       
originaly meant for bass-players to read
but i gave you this one too. if you     
listen to the album then please check   
this review again and then you          
understand why people like the bass so  
some facts about billy sheehan:         
over the past 20 years billy has shared 
the stage with everything from dog acts 
to david lee roth. he also writes for   
the bass player and to show you that he 
is a funny guy i'll print a letter which
was sent in to him and the answer billy 
gave on it.                             
- i've heard you have a knack for       
  finding the g-spot. whenever i'm      
  playing my bass and a girl walks into 
  the room, i try playing every g-spot  
  on the neck but nothing happens.      
  please help - i'm confused!           
                        m.h. fenton     
                        el cajon, ca    
billy's answer:                         
aha, fenton! i knew you'd track me down 
and try to response on this highly      
sensitive and controversial issue.      
maybe i do have a "knack", but if you   
don't put your bass down for a while,   
you'll never find it.(hint: it's not on 
the neck, nut it's close to the g-string
)keep practising.                       
that was billy's answer...              
i'll give you a hint too, say these four
lines are the strings of a bass-guitar: 
     ----------------- e-string         
     ----------------- a-string         
     ----------------- d-string         
     ----------------- g-string         
as you see the g-string is the lowest.  
this string is closest to your p***s!   
so i guesse you now know what he means  
by the g-spot.                          
okay enough craptalk about billy sheehan
and his band mr.big                     
let me tell you what i'm going to give  
you now.                                
these are some concert-dates for:       
           *  GENESIS                   
           *  PRINCE                    
           *  DIANA ROSS                
anyway, here they come them concert-    
dates below this sentence...            
date    city           place            
01/07   paris          hippodrom        
03/07   gelsenkirchen  parkstadion      
04/07   hockenheim     ring             
05/07   munich         olympiastadium   
07/07   gothenburg     ullevi stadium   
08/07   copenhagen     gentofte stadium 
10/07   hannover   niedersachsen stadiol
12/07   berlin         mayfield         
16/07   vienna         praterstadion    
26/07   basel          st. jakob stadium
28/07   rotterdam      feyenoord stadion
02/08   knebworth park                  
date    city           place            
05/06   munich         olympia halle    
08/06   oldenburg      weser-ems        
09/06   hamburg        sporthalle       
10/06   hamburg        sporthalle       
13/06   dublin         rds              
15/06   london         earls court      
16/06   london         earls court      
17/06   londen         earls court      
19/06   london         earls court      
20/06   london         earls court      
21/06   london         earls court      
22/06   london         earls court      
23/06   london         earls court      
24/06   london         earls court      
26/06   manchester     maine road       
28/06   glasgow        celtic fa        
30/06   paris          bercy            
01/07   paris          bercy            
02/07   maastricht     mecca            
04/07   rotterdam      ahoy             
05/07   rotterdam      ahoy             
06/07   rotterdam      ahoy             
07/07   rotterdam      ahoy             
08/07   rotterdam      ahoy             
10/07   gent           flanders expo    
11/07   gent           flanders expo    
12/07   dortmund       westfallenhalle  
16/07   mannheim       eisstadion       
18/07   laussanne      patinoize        
21/07   nimes                           
               DIANA ROSS               
date    city           place            
02/06   belfast        kings hall       
03/06   dublin         the point        
05/06   birmingham     nec              
06/06   birmingham     nec              
07/06   london         wembley arena    
08/06   london         wembley arena    
10/06   glasgow        secc             
12/06   rotterdam      ahoy             
13/06   paris         palais des longres
14/06   lausanne       halle 7          
16/06   frankfurt      jahrkunderthalle 
18/06   munchen        philharmonic hall
19/06   koln           philharmonic hall
20/06   ghent          flanders expo    
21/06   hamburg        cch              
23/06   vienna         stadthalle       
25/06   milan          forum            
26/06   monte carlo    sporting club    
27/06   monte carlo    sporting club    
28/06   monte carlo    sporting club    
30/06   athens     herod atticus theatre
01/07   athens     herod atticus theatre
date :  4 and 5 july (the same dates as 
                      the silicon party)
city :  torhout/werchter (this is in    
contributing bands:                     
pearl jam, red hot chili peppers,       
brian adams, lou reed, extreme, i don't 
know the exact list, perhaps next month!
i'm running low on memory so here you   
have my address, it's for swapping, vhs 
and for a cool friend in the scene...   
see you all in the next issue of this   
fab magazine produced by blaze!         
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