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     YOUR CHAT in addybook issue 15     
this time i got two letters one by LEECH
of comic pirates and the other from     
ANTIFAN of equinoxe. hang joy left to   
read their messages.                    
this is a massage from LEECH of comic   
pirates to all my contacts. read it care
well, as the post in oelde noticed that 
all my contacts are cheating, they just 
keep your sendings and i don't get them,
so we'll lost contact soon. and this is 
why i want you to stop cheating. but you
just can try to cheat better, so that   
nobody will notice something. so please 
cheat perfectly or stop cheating for a  
i', very sorry for this circumstance,   
but blame the post and not me!!!        
well, i still will cheat some of my     
stamps, because it seems that the post  
in oelde is to stupit to notice that.   
all these rules only count for my for-  
eign contax, not germans!               
so please stop cheating and we'll have  
a nice swapptime without any problems!!!
that's it! hope to hear from all of you 
bye and stop cheating....               
                                joy left
             SEARCHING FOR:             
we in EQUINOXE are searching for talen- 
ted coder. so if you feel right, write  
to one of the leaders of our group,     
e.g. to me:   antifan/equinoxe          
please don't hesitate, simply try it!   
it also would be nice, if you send lit- 
tle examples... bye!                    
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