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(this article is written by depeh/antic 
and can be freely spread and used by any
magazine in the c64 scene.)             
hello scenefolks! i want you all to read
this article and wake up and smell the  
this scene is right now being DESTROYED 
by all theese fucking magazines around. 
why does every fucking group got to have
a magazine?i don't think its so very    
fun to get a sending with 2 or 3 fucking
magazines and nothing else on... i don't
think it is so very stimulating to read 
the same charts,same news,same reactions
in every single mag.i think that you mag
editors should learn how to code or draw
graphics or make music and you should   
start to make DEMOS instead.            
we all don't want a scene with only     
magazines,do we??noo ofcoz not...       
mark my words when i'm saying that this 
scene is turning into a MAGASCENE!      
why can't two or three magazines go     
together to one bigger,more fair,better 
magazine or best of all why not just    
have on disk-magazine where for example 
the 10-20th best magz have joined forces
and created a SUPERMAGAZINE this would  
do a magazine more objective,more fair  
in charts,more text in each issue.      
THINK about this idea.and hopefully some
of you will go together to create a     
sadly enough.i personaly think that you 
out there are far to EGOISTIC to this...
but i can prommise you that we would get
a much better scene with more demos     
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