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<pre>the time has come to close this part of
                our live               
    we will stop doing "addybook"     
we will explain why, so read this text
      careful to understand us..     
                                joy left
            our reasons are:           
1) we think we have to much mags here 
  and one more or less. who care about?
2) we (the mag editor) this means PEACE
  and MACHINE/oxyron are very lazy at 
  the last time. the only guy who was 
  still active at the last 3 issues was
  SCRAPPER/oxyron, but as machine and i
  stop. it was to much work for him. 
  but he really tried his best. but now
  he is out of power! so he stop, too.
  but only with addybook ofcause!     
  scrapper will go over to bizkid's mag
  called: SKYHIGH he will do the charts
  and maybe the interviews! so be sure
  that skyhigh will be the future mag!
3) another reason is that we all have 
  not enough sparetime. why? well see 
  it later in this last issue! we all 
  wanna write our personal statements..
4) we also go over to some other scene's
  like pc and amiga! cause this are the
  future systems in our eyes.         
    this are the main reasons !!!!   
now some personal statements from the 
      first statement by: MACHINE     
  hello all out there. yes the time is 
there it's sad but true. i hope you all
  don't miss addybook and us to much. 
now i will explain you my reason to stop
with addybook. let's go back to the big
year 1991 were i start with my computer
activities. 1991-1992 was my personal 
best active years, were i had many good
  pals and friendly contax in the c64 
scene. 1993 i got lazy nearly dead on 
the scene, but still i was swap active
with some pals of mine. in the middle 
of the year 1993 i lost the fun totally
and stop my activities for 99%! i just 
was active with editing in addybook one
or two chapters. in the end of 1993 i 
got back some power and start again, but
the reason was realy sad,coz the most of
my old contax had left the scene or get
lazy too. and a second thing was really
sad, i got only DISCMAGS no tools or   
things like demos, only mags or fucken 
lame c64 crax! hey guys try to stop do 
discmags try to code some demos or tools
and who called here in the scene himself
a cracker is only lame, coz you all can
install trainers only, coz 'game on...'
games don't have a protection! you sux!!
okey and some words to my contax. i stop
on C64 and i never will start again on 
this system. maybe i will start after 
my army service on PC, coz this is in 
my eyes the future system. i hope to see
some guys in some month or years on this
system, too. okey thats all folks, now 
some personal greets to my last and   
            friendly contax:           
  bomb/ex-faces, avalanche/atlantis, 
bizarre/???, party pal: bulldog/spirit!
you can meet me on every big party in 
denmark or sweden i will try to be there
every time. and a big thank to all guys
in the scene for the big support every 
time! and i thank all guys in oxyron for
the crazy time in oxyron. hello tts, rrr
graham, bizkid (ohh my long hairs!), pri
slide, starfox, asmodis, peace, scrapper
axis and akc! this is the end from me!!!
    good bye see ya all later on PC!   
                joy left               
          second statement by         
            PEACE of oxyron           
  well how to start? or better were!   
  okay i started also in 1991 together 
with scrapper and machine my computer 
      we had a lot of fun there!     
as we started addybook(which was an idea
from BOMB) we never thought about being
  with our mag in the charts. it was a 
  feeling to see the own name in the 
charts. but now it's time to change some
thing in my live. ofcause i also will 
stop my activities, but only the mag! 
cause there are too much mags here! and
we do the first step to a better scene
by kicking ADDYBOOK away! one mag more
      or less who care about???       
that's why i stoped with this! and i   
hope you will understand me, and maybe 
do the same step. it's the best for this
scene. we all should better do anything
    like coding demos or make some   
  collections or something like that 
i found also a new way of being active
as you all know i am a composer and i 
  must say it's much more cooler to do 
  some usefull things like: coding,   
        composing or painting         
i better concentrade myself on composing
some musics for the world. instead of 
typing some text for addybook! you all
can be sure to hear a lot of tune's from
me in the future, as i am really active
at the moment. i am also searching for
a music lable to join, so if you want me
just catch me! you can contact me only
for this. cause i stoped my swaptime !!!
if you are interested in exclusive tunes
  than contact scrapper/oxyron. and he 
will send you some musics. but please 
don't write to me. i am really to lazy 4
  swapping! this is all i have to say! 
  at last i will send some friendly   
              greets to :             
        the whole oxyron crew,       
  special to PRI ( thank you for some 
    little helps! hope to see you )   
    luka/excess, jeff/camelot, bomb,   
devil/noice (hope to see you anywhere)
  syndrom/tia/crest and the rest who 
  knows me! i hope to have a nice time 
now my addy for searching a musiclable
            xxxxxx xxxxxx             
              xxxxxxx xx             
            xxxx xxxxxxxx           
      hope to get an answer soon!     
ps: don't miss ADDYBOOK too much okay?
      and thanks for reading it!     
          third statemant by         
          SCRAPPER of oxyron         
as you maybe read before i must edit the
last issues nearly alone, i lost the fun
to do addybook. so i thought some month
ago should i stop? but what should i do
then? my question was soon answered, coz
as i called biz-kid two weeks before   
"the party'93" starts he asked me if i 
would do help him by his mag, and i said
why not.                               
now i hope you all outhere will help to
support SKYHIGH as you did it with addy-
at last i must thank all the dudes that
support us the last 2.5 years with tons
of votesheets and other usefull stuff.

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