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    YOUR CHAT in addybook issue #14     
this time i got 3 letters to publish in 
this chapter the first one was written  
by banzai (bomb/ex-faces).the 2nd one is
a message for all contax of guzzler/scs.
the 3rd letter is written by two dudes  
of trinomic, but read for yourself.     
   chapter tune done by PEACE/oxyron.   
let's start with the first letter from  
         banzai (bomb/ex-faces)         
my reasons to come back into the old 64 
scene. the story began some month ago, i
was sitting on my amiga 500 to watching 
some demos (kefrens, silents rulez).    
i think back to the c64 and remember the
old friendship with many pals in diffe- 
rent countries. i missed the funny days 
of meetings (hi machine, peace, scrapper
turbo b...) and compy parties!! on amiga
i got only lokal contax, i have also the
latest wares and so on... but thats not 
the same like c64. ok. the c64 is an old
machine,but the scene is the best of all
and i can only say to you that we all   
must keep the scene alive. on amiga i   
have seen a disk with alot of old c64   
musics (rob hubbard) i thought to my    
self to start now on the c64 with new   
name and group (wanted). my new handle  
is now banzai and i like to start as    
mega? swapper. i hope really that many  
of my old contax are active on the scene
because i want to recontact the most,   
best, friendly contax of me! if you like
to contact me, or you are an old contact
please send me a disk (ADDY AT THE END  
OF THIS TEXT!!!). another thing is the  
music swapping, i'm a big fan of death  
metal and i have also a big collection. 
favourite groups are: gorefest, cannibal
corpse, luffocation, deicide... if you  
like to swap with me music then send me 
a tape 100% back!- also demo-tapes!     
          addy on next page!!!          
     for mailtrading, 100% back!!!      
         for death metal tapes!         
         group to join wanted.          
note to all the contacts of guzzler/scs!
the post-copz took more then 50 sends   
from contacts who where still cheating  
their stamps!!                          
i asked my contacts manny times in the  
last few months to stop cheating......  
well and now becoz you dummies didn't   
listen...i lost those 50 disks from     
you..and i don't know from who they all those stupid motherfuckerz
who sended with cheated stamps...       
send again with normal stamps or you    
lost a contact!!                        
i can't help it...coz again...i don't   
know from who those 50 disks are!!      
coz i will never get them!!             
and don't send again with cheated shit  
coz then the copzz will take them again 
and again and again....                 
they will catch every cheated pack      
and i'll only get the not cheated packs 
so my friends...just send again when    
cheated the last time!                  
also the ones who just contacted me     
(with cheated stamps)                   
thats all..                             
          AND NO MORE CHEATIN'          

outstanding reaction:                   
well. it's galen on the keys only to    
tell my opinion about some things which 
happened since i stopped:               
i heared that x-tro joined talent after 
he got kicked out, was it a joke? no,   
it's true and i began to laugh...       
a guy like x-tro who didn't spread the  
last 4 issues of genetic dreams as he   
still was in trinomic. such a lame guy  
joined a so-called elite-group? oh man, 
the c64 scene is going down if lame per-
sons like x-tro are able to join such   
old legends! all the time he was in tri-
all the time he was in trinomic i       
thought that he was a friend, but he was
not. he only worked for himself. well,  
seems that talent is going lame. shame  
on you. talent another elite group is   
dying... may they rest in peace.        
ok, pussymaster is again on the keys... 
quite hard words from galen. but he's   
right! i don't know exactly the reasons 
why x-tro could join talent, but i guess
one thing sure: talent (the hq) doesn't 
know much about him. and that's bad for 
them (believe my words!). by the way, i 
think he only could join, because x-tro 
knows majesty/talent (he's living nearby
) and he said to the leaders in talent  
something like "cool dude" or any other 
similar thing.                          
here are some things you should know    
about him: don't exspect help from him  
if you've magazine. once upon a time i  
called him and he said "inquiry is a    
nice magazine. i will write an article  
for them". i said to him: "hey, we've   
got a magazine either. write an article 
for our magazine, please". nothing hap- 
pened and i guess the inquiry stuff did 
not get anything from him aswell.       
dont expect too much swapping-activities
from him. he claims to be a friendship  
swapper and that's means for him that he
has to write som (longer) letters and   
that he don't have to send out any tri- 
nomic-stuff in the last five month. some
of his contacts ask me why they didn't  
get anything from him. ok, ok, there's  
for sure much more and hotter talent    
stuff, but i guess he won't change his  
behaviour because of this fact.         
if you have anything to call out into   
the scene then send me your letter or   
better use a text-editor and send it to:
             ADDYBOOK STAFF             
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