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    REACTIONS in addybook issue #13     
it's again time to publish the reactions
yes i (MACHINE) got some reactions but  
not enuff! hey guys try to support us   
coz this mag is not for us, the mag is  
done for all the readers around the     
crazy world!! so try to write, thanx... 

i like your mag, as it's simply my favo.
contact-mag as it has always addies (eh,
  really!) only try to release it more  
often so the addies will be new... bye! 
              dear ANTIFAN              
  it's nice to hear that we are one of  
your favourite mags! on the beginning of
  addybook (2 years ago) it was only a  
addy mag! we try to release the mag more
 often, but its a hard work to release  
a good mag with interesting text,interv.
  .... we have time and fun to work on  
this mag! 0/8/15 mags can you see enuff!

  hi scrapper!! i enjoy da mag a lot.   
 please keep on producing it for a long 
 time, will you? greets to the rest of  
              dear CHAOTIC              
 it's not scrapper who will answer, but 
 i hope it's not so important! no panic 
 guy we keep on producing addybook and  
         ofcoz for a long time!         
 hi scrapper! addybook is a really cool 
   mag. i saw an old issue, which was   
  released under the blaze-label and i  
  think that the bad things (too less   
chapters, no reviews, etc.) were changed
 i think you could improve the ammount  
of chapters a bit. for example you could
 write something about further projects 
   scenegroups, but all the chapters    
 you have are really interesting! your  
party-report from the tcc-party was cool
and longer than the other ones! just go 
         on releasing your mag!         
             dear RORSCHACH             
ohhhh you want more chapters. sorry but 
  i must say we don't want print more   
chapters coz we think we have the really
important things in our mag for a scener
like you. but we thing about it. yes we 
must thank our good pal 'pri/oxyron' to 
    spend his time to wrote a really    
       interesting party-report!        
da fucken best mag on da scene! ya need 
to improve the design tough! draw the   
text left to right not otherway around! 
change the basic-font on the top! the   
best most easy to read mag! keep it up! 
 thank you for the reaction! we try, we 
 do ..... no more to say anyway thanx!! 
          IBANEZ/migs/no name           
addybook is real cool mag, with nice out
 fit and some cool text+gfx! keep it!!  
that's all guys. yes it's true these are
 all reaction coz i think the most are  
 only to lazy to write some reactions!  
now a question to all reader of this mag
-do you read in every mag all the       
-chapters or look you only in the charts
-and in the addiechapters?my own opinion
-is that 80% of all scener look only in 
-these 2 chapters or i'm wrong? who is  
-interested to read the many text in the
-editorial? a scener (maybe i) say: hey 
-press space what's interesting in the  
-fucken intro of a mag? hey pal go to   
-the charts coz i want know on which    
-place my group is! okey go over to the 
-addies! hey cool some new ones... after
-this he look maybe to the interview    
-chapter or news chapter but not 100%!  
-this my opinion! coz some guys ask me  
-some question what's up with this      
-and this? but we had wrote all these   
-things in the last issue and they don't
-know it coz they quite the mag after   
-maybe 5 minutes?! okey that's all from 
please guys write me your opinion! i'm  
 right? or totally wrong with my words? 
send me about this alot reactions and we
  born a new ??????? send reactions!!   
send all to:      reaction staff        
 or call: +49(0)xxxx/xxxxx ask for mike!
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