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    INTERVIEW in addybook issue #14     
welcome to another interest chapter.    
this time we present you an interview,  
done by rrr/oxyron with UNIFIER/spirit. 
chapter music composed by PEACE/oxyron. 
? hi ulf. our readers would like to get 
  some information about you. please    
  introduce yourself.                   
! are you sure that they would like     
  that? ok, then. my name is ulf h|rn-  
  hamar. i just got 22 years old, and at
  the moment i live in an own apartment 
  in a student corridor (sharing a kit- 
  chen with 7 other students) in a      
! beautiful swedish town called v|xj},  
  where i study programming and english 
  at the university. i really like the  
  kind of life you live while studying  
  here, but sometimes it makes you very 
  stressed when you have to do lots of  
  studying for several courses at ones. 
  i'm 1.78cm tall, and my weight is 69  
  kg. i've got brown hair and brown     
  green eyes. except for the student    
! life, my biggest interests are compu- 
  ter and computer programming, music,  
  books, movies and making radio pro-   
  grams (i'll try to become one of the  
  dj's for the university's local radio 
  transmissions, when my studies start  
  again in august).                     
  when i produce something for the c64  
  scene, i use the handle unifier.      
? how does your "computer career" look  
! i bought my computer in december 1985,
  and my first diskdrive sometime in    
  1986. late in 1986, i chose the handle
  tfb (the future brain), and me and    
  some of my friendsfrom my hometown    
  built up a group called 1096 crackware
  late in 1987, i bought my first modem 
! and started calling some local boards,
  and in 1988, i coded my own bbs-prog. 
  and put up a board called "old street 
  bbs" with it. through my board, i got 
  to know lots of other people, who were
  trying to find some group to join. in 
  1988, i changed handle to beastian,   
  and first joined tpf (it's the same   
  group that exists today. zeldin and   
  those people built up that group, and 
! then they just never left it!!) for   
  some month, and then me and a friend  
  built up a new group called sfa, and  
  in late 1988, both sfa members joined 
  sector 90.                            
  in 1989, sector 90 canged name to     
  hostages, and shortly after that,     
  nearly all hostages members built up  
  a new group called eltronic. in the   
  middle of 1989, eltronic first changed
! name to shine (and released a kind of 
  nice demo, called "a lot of coke", at 
  the horizon-equinoxe party) and then  
  died. i joined zone45 for a short     
  while, and then weird science, where  
  i changed my handle to unifier.       
  later in 1989, i joined censor design,
  where i stayed until i got kicked in  
  august 1990. i got kicked, because    
  didn't get along with dr. cool and    
! other low iq skinheads who was members
  of the group back then. when i got    
  kicked, i called some flash members   
  that i knew, and i joined flash inc.  
  three days later. in april '93, i left
  flash inc. and joined spirit.         
? where does your handle come from?     
! as you can see in the answer before,  
! i had used the handle beastian for a  
  long time, and i was really tired of  
  it. to find a new handle, i looked    
  trough an english dictionary. i think 
  that unifier is a nice handle, but i  
  have discovered that people who are   
  bad at english have got a big problem 
  spelling it. (they usually write it   
  down as "unifer", or something stupid 
  like that.)                           
? give us some further information about
  your job in spirit, the current member
  status and the further projects.      
! well, i'm a coder and a swapper (plus 
  an unactive musician, i usually finish
  one tune every year or something like 
  spirit members are:                   
  ans, art, astaroth, bulldog, cane,    
! keymaster, pompom, rage, rantanplan,  
  rave, rcc, runaway train, starkiller, 
  unifier, whopper.                     
  in the future, spirit will puplish new
  demo, some more issues of our disc    
  magazine "impulse", and some more crax
  some spirit members are also working  
  on game projects.                     
? why did you leave flash inc and join  
! i had two major reasons:              
  1) some members of flash inc are get- 
  ting unactive. i don't think the group
  is going to die, but the way i see it,
  they are sure getting lazier and la-  
  zier, and that just made me feel that 
! i wanted to join some other group in- 
  2) when i left them, i had been a     
  flash inc member for over a two and a 
  half years, and i felt a bit limiting 
  to be working with the same people all
  the time.                             
  when i had decided to leave flash inc,
! joining spirit was an easy decision   
  for me, 'cause i've swapped with ans  
  of spirit for a long time, and i'ved  
  always loved the spirit productions.  
  i never asked any other group, i just 
  decided that i wanted to leave flash  
  inc, wrote a letter to ans asking him 
  if i could join spirit, and then i    
  waited some weeks.                    
? when you were a flash inc member, you 
  were also a member of the game produ- 
  cing group octabits games. please wri-
  te down a memberstatus and the group  
  projects. have you coded a game yet?  
! octabits members are: redstar of ???, 
  zodiac+morpheus+moon of flash inc.    
  zodiac, redstar and moon haved finish-
  ed two games. the first one is called 
! "psychic kaos", and it has been sold  
  to cp verlag, it was puplished some   
  month ago.                            
  no i haven't done any commercial game 
  yet (but i've done two demoparts with 
  built-in games). my personal point of 
  view is that it's too late to make    
  commercial games now, 'cause the soft-
  ware companies doesn't take the c64   
  seriously anymore.                    
? what do you think about cracking, and 
  what are you doing with the illegal   
  wares that arrive to your postbox?    
! i think that nearly all games that    
  software companies release these days 
  are worthless, and i get a game that  
  i think is worthless, it does ofcourse
  get scratched pretty fast. in my opin-
  ion, it should be illegal to try and  
! sell people bugged shit games like    
  "mc donald land".                     
  but ofcourse i admire the work of some
  quality crackers. (i'm not very inter-
  rested in speed cracking, thought.)   
  many of the quality crackers know alot
  more about packers and loaders than   
  the coders in the demo scene.         
? do you own any other computer system? 
? what do you think about other computer
! yes, i own an amiga 500, too. i'm not 
  active on that computer yet. but i'm  
  trying to start some amiga swapping.  
  i really like the amiga, but haven't  
  got the time to learn anything about  
  amiga coding.                         
  in school, we also have to use pc     
! computers a lot, so i know lots of    
  things about pc programming in high-  
  level languages (pascal, c, ada). i   
  even used this knowledge to make a    
  smal commercial pc utility for a swe- 
  dish companyin 1991. however, i have  
  not got any pc, and i'm not going to  
  buy one, 'cause i don't think those   
  computers have got any kind of hacker 
  feeling at all. (basically, i think   
! that a pc is a computer for 50-year   
  old owner of pavement companies, who  
  buys lots of cd's with bryan adams and
  michael bolton!)                      
? what are your favourite...            
! demo -dutch breeze, place in the space
       -let's disco, spiritual dreams.  
  coder-mms, k.m., tron, kjer, rcc.     
! artist     -hein design, ans, ogami.  
  musician   -jeroen tel, rob hubbard,  
             -martin galway.            
  game       -last ninja 1-3, monty on  
             -the run, creatures 1+2.   
  tool       -unipacker v2, hackpack 3. 
  swapper    -bulldog of spirit+incubus 
             -of triad.                 
  computer   -nord-100.                 
  book author-margaret atwood, louise   
! book author-lawrence, frederik pohl,  
             -ursula k. le guin etc. etc
  tv-serie   -northern-exposure, twin   
             -peaks (most of series that
             -are shown on swedish tv   
             -else i've seensome episo- 
             -des of "beverly-hills",   
             -but i really can't take   
             -that shit seriously.)     
  movie      -tchao pantin.             
! music      -r.e.m. (especially their  
             -old records), the boo-    
             -radleys, the velvet under-
             -ground, marc almond, clan-
             -nad, the blow pops, julee 
             -cruise, dinosaur jr, etc. 
? what do you think about the mass of   
  groups beeing rebuilt lately?         
! people associate groupnames with the  
  members and the feeling their releases
  have or used to have, and therefor i  
  think no-one should be allowed to use 
  an old group name if the old feeling  
  is gone from the releases. it's of-   
  course a different thing if a group   
  STAYS ALIVE for many years, and grad- 
  ually changes it's members over the   
  years, like for example triad has done
? did you ever have remarkable quarrels 
  in your 64 carreer?                   
! well, nothing personal. i've been in  
  some groups who were involved in wars 
  (censor vs fairlight, flash inc vs    
  panoramic and light etc.), and i've   
  written a war note or two for my      
  groups, but fortunaly nothing very    
  brutal happened.                      
? thanx for the interview. if you have  
  any message for the scene, please     
  share it with us.                     
! i want to urge everyone who's got any 
  kind of interest for the c64 demoscene
  to go out and buy a 256k ram expansion
  unit (=extra memory) for theur compu- 
  ter, and then mension the fact they've
  bought one, in notes they write to    
! their contacts . lots of cool new demo
  effects are possible to make with the 
  use of an reu, and many of the coders 
  in scandinavia already own one, so the
  only reason that no special reu demos 
  are made is that not enough people in 
  the scene own one. those reu's are    
  very cheap to buy, so i don't see any 
  reason why all of you shouldn't rush  
  out and get one!!                     
! at last, i want to thank rrr of oxyron
  for making this interview possible,   
  and the addybook editors for publish- 
  ing it. bye...                        
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