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FLASHBACK in addybook issue #14

now it's time for some so called 'news'
coz many dudes changed their groups or
new groups were built up. i can't give
any garanty wether the 'new or rumour'
is true or not.

- rorschach joined P7P as a swapper and
a mag editor.

- streetball and twice joined p7p as
graficians and swappers.

- thb joined p7p as an introcoder and a

- tonic and volunteer might join p7p
- soon as swappers.

- fallen angel will join p7p soon as a
coder and swapper.

- p7p is looking for crackers wanna join
write to one of the leaders (addy in
the addy-corner).

- master s and mav joined EQUINOXE.
- dr.will of entropy and house joined
LEGEND as 3rd (!) crew.

- LETHARGY is looking for coders, com-
posers, swappers and crackers to join.

- borek/ex-gedeon joined lethargy as
composer and swapper.

- witch joined lethargy as composer.
- cryptodancer & redax joined CHROMANCE.

- dab joined MAGNUM.

- flint/clique joined EXTACY as 2nd crew

- pandaco/maitec joined CROSSLINE.

- acidchild/x-indigents joined TABOO.

- INDIGENTS are dead!

- call 'wares a la carte'/EPIC at number
+32 3 4640033 24/24 h, 1200 or 2400
bauds, sysop: cruel/epic. co-sysops:
atmos/ils and crossfire/epic...
running on ucbbs 1.3 cracked by zal-
dron/tsm will probably switch to a re-
cent cbase soon...

- corrosive, witty, roadkill and silver
have been kicked out of WOW...

- matt, kingpin, azzaro, bocca, chacke,
drakkar, thcm, vince and alive are
moved to the inactive status and will
no longer be listet as wow members.

- cliff/cult joined us as a 2nd group;
he's a coder.
- morbit/bodycount joined WOW as a 2nd
group; he's a musician/coder.

- ibanes joined NO NAME as a second crew

- fli stopped swapping and gave his con-
tax to ibanez.

- mac/jam renamed into TABASCO.

- the mag "outdoor" is dead, because
A-SOFT also died.

- new design/EX-A-SOFT and some ex-crypt
members have founded a new group

- dr.zoom/BCD joined rebels as his 2nd

- coda/AMPLIFIER joined the eastgang.
- the australian groups HYPE and BODY-
COUNT are dead.

- frank/LOA games 'b-ball' 1+2 were sold
to an german software company. but
after some problems in the company the
company died. he also looked for an-
other company to sold the 2 games.

- kid left TRINOMIC and joined excess.
- tbh of msr has joined LITHIUM as a 2nd

- strobe and witty have decided to stay
in lithium.

- rocky kid of msr has left to join

- PARALAX on c64 is dead.
- abuse has left BRONX and reas has left
DUNEX. together they have build a new
group. it's called JACUZZI.

- BRONX isn't dead.

- earthquake and mephisto (both ex-idg)
built up a new gfx-label called:
their first product will be out soon.
- bitnapper/COMIC PIRATES left the c64
scene for pc.

- a new group has been formed in new-
zealand called 'DRAGON'.

- airwolf/GENESIS PROJECT was caught for

- hacker's unit won't be released again.


- for anything concerning addybook - 
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