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    YOUR CHAT in addybook issue #13     
at first i must thank the dudes for sen-
ding me some text to publish in this    
chapter, but nevertheless i hope to get 
next time some more letters for this    
chapter. the credit for the music must  
go to JEFF of camelot.                  
the first letter comes from REAS/dunex. 
yo contacts and friends!                
this is reas/dunex writing after my     
little break i lost some contacts but on
that time i had the handle (due-75/conic
) now i'm back with a new handle and    
group so i hope the following guys will 
contact me again: zebba/akroyd, revenge/
extacy, bungalow/???, jojeli/unity,     
jason/epic, lucky/rush and klf/genetix. 
some of you i have only swapped one or  
two times, but i hope you still remember
me. rune lorentsen, xxxxxxxxxxxxx x,    
xxxx xxxxxxx, denmark.                  
this was the first letter for this chap-
ter. the next one is written by DAN of  
ozone. joy left to flip page.           
has anybody ever made a digi-routine    
which can be played by the normal irq-  
routine (one jsr per frame)? of course  
it has to be playable in normal programs
so it shouldn't take more than $30 ras- 
terlines. if you've seen such a routine 
(including song/music/spoken words)     
send it to: dan/ozone, daniel maier,    
and now the next article:               
read here swedes. if you are interested 
in buying the absolut latest amiga games
 for a cheap prize. then call this num- 
ber for info and to get a list.         
tel.: xxxx/xxxxx (hakan). call soon!!   
the last letter is from REK of death    
press joy left to read what he wants.   
we looking for new members as:          
coder, swapper, musician, gfx-man...    
so send your works to the following addy
              rek of death              
this was the last article for this chap-
ter this month. i hope you send me for  
the next issue some interrest chats to  
the following addresse:                 
              ADDYBOOK HQ               
                xxxxxxx            -scr-
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