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    REACTIONS in addybook issue #13     
hello guys! yupsa it's machine with the 
reaction chapter! okay i will start with
    the answers, so let's start!...     
   chapter music done by:JEFF/camelot   
reaction on addybook #12/febrary: no    
intro ... lame! change that slow chapter
and page scroller! it's really annoying 
if you are e.g. at the end of a chapter 
and want to see something in a chapter  
and want to see something in the middle.
however, i like your mag for ......     
the adresses! bye, dan/ozone            
                dear DAN                
thanx for your interresting reaction!   
no intro last time, thats right coz the 
memory on the disc was totally full no  
chance for an intro!! we try to do to   
change effects next time faster. it's   
really hard to get in the middle (back, 
foward...) we try to change it if we get
a new outfit! thanx anyway.....         
enjoy your mag. have only seen the 1    
issue. how often do you release it?     
             dear UTONOGOOD             
thanx for reaction! we release the mag  
the 13th time!! it's about 1.5 years old
perfect mag and very nice gfx, cool code
and zax. but one little problem. slow   
loading make fast load and addybook will
                be best!                
              dear C.R.H.               
thanx for your reaction! in this issue  
is a fastloader included, enjoy it!!!   
yoo editors, no changes now the mag is  
an oxyron mag? well doesn't matter i    
really like this cool outfit. i will    
keep voting for ya, keep it going like  
             dear GETTOBOY              
yo thanx for reaction! hmmmm it needs   
many time to change the outfit, but why 
we should change the outfit? i think you
can life with it! that's all!           
            GIGABYTE/no name            
yo addybook-staff! a cool mag has got   
cooler! your new outfit really is great,
nothing to say about it. but please     
alphabetize the regards after groups and
please make charts, where every who gets
a vote is sure to get in the charts!    
keep up the stunning work and you will  
receive lots of votes in the future!    
             dear GIGABYTE              
thanx for your reaction! we try to use  
some ideas from you, but who cares! we  
won't do charts where every group with  
1 point will show up! mega charts are   
to many work and i think the most guys  
don't like to read so many groupnames!  
okay that's all from me!....            
   now a reaction from a UNKNOWN guy!   
well, i'm sorry but if you wont a honest
reaction from me i must tell you that i 
think your 'mag' is absolutly LAME and  
i wonder why it's so high in the charts.
i don't tell you my name here, as you   
would print it in the next issue, but   
you probaly know it... don't take this  
too hard! improve your mag or let it be!
            dear mr.UNKNOWN             
thanx for your reaction! i think i know 
you, coz only one guy write those hard  
and cool reactions! okay enjoy this     
issue of your ANTIfavourite mag called  
ADDYBOOK!! see ya on next votesheet...! 
keep thiz great mag up! only you could  
release it a bit more often, the rest is
cool in my opinion! you deserve it to be
in the charts... cat/excess             
                dear CAT                
thanx for reaction! in the next time you
will see addybook more often like in the
good old time! and thanx that you think 
that we deserve it to be in the charts! 
           ZZAP/gothic design           
cool mag, cool outfit, cool editors,    
cool votesheetspreaders(!) give PRI some
more 'telling story' chapters if anyone 
of the billion oxyron mags should be    
dropped, this should be the last!       
               dear ZZAP                
thanx for reaction! i hope you had read 
the new story from pri, hope you enjoy  
it! yo this mag will stay like a big    
stone in the see! coz sceneobserver died
and tts do some chapters in addybook! i 
hope it will be the last living mag!?...
why vote for 'musicgroups and swapper'  
when you dont count'em?!                
              dear ENDURO               
thanx for... hmmm we don't had count the
swapper last time coz of timepressure!  
don't vote musicgroups we don't count'em
well, i liked addybook more before you  
change the outfit anyway it's really one
of the ruling mags.                     
              dear JANETTI              
thanx for... uhuhhuhaaa the old outfit  
was really shit......                   
yo!! wow, great mag, maybe some more    
chapters but the music, the grafix and  
the text is cool. continue this way     
            dear KING-COBRA             
thanx for... more chapters!!? are you   
CRAZY? it's enuff work with this many   
chapters! we continue....               
cool mag! but improve the grafix. overal
really NOT bad!                         
              dear D-SIGMA              
thanx for...  okay send some gfx....    
  okay folks that's all! i hope to get  
       next time more reactions!!       
             ADDYBOOK STAFF             
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