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this is tts of oxyron this time writing 
an article for the addy book, caused by 
the following reason. i have to stop    
with my own mag, the scene observer for 
a while, coz i am really out of time.   
i am working about 60 hours per week and
i am, as you all know, one of the active
coders in oxyron, so i had to decide    
what i wanna give up for a while until  
i have more time.                       
so my decision was clear. i decided to  
go on coding coz it means much more fun 
for my mental health to code some things
as only editing a mag.                  
so scene observer issue 008 will        
probably be released in september 1993  
but perhaps i t will die forever.       
well, that is in short the story of me  
beeing a coeditor of the addy book.     
i am doing all kind of demo reviews in  
here so if you want to have your latest 
demo reviewed just send to the known    
addy book adresses or to my adress:     
             tts of oxyron              
            xxxxxxx xxxxxxx            
             new plz: 24960             
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