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    game review in addybook issue 13    
  hi and welcome to another chapter in  
addybook. well, this time i can present 
 you a review from a german game called 
 'KUNST AUS CHINA' done by the guys in  
            ninjutsu design.            
       members are: j.b. templin,       
 t.error (ED.: hi t.error here is PEACE 
just a big hello to you!) and j.weigel. 
okay let me start now with the review as
 you realy wait for! but i have to tell 
you a last word! if you are a game coder
or a member of any game company you can 
send us your newest original and we will
 test it for you! so watch out for our  
addybook hq addy and send your game fast
 as possible. i realy hope to get some  
          games soon. thanks.           
now press your joy left to read the test
well 'kunst aus china' is an german game
which is a kind of action adventure like
      the good old'maniac mansion'      
  i think everybody know what i mean!   
maybe it's a pitty that it is an german 
 game, but maybe there is somewhere an  
         english version of it          
all option in this game are on the upper
  screen, there you can choose between  
14 verbs like: go, fight, take
 after press fire at one of these verbs 
you can see a object window! now you can
for exaples: take disc or something like
 this. now the man walks to the object  
 and takes it, if it's possible! maybe  
 the man walks a bit slow, and you have 
  to wait a while before he takes the   
  objects! i think it should be a bit   
 faster! another thing is that you have 
 to wait a long time if you speak with  
someone! but you also can press space to
       make it faster, nice idea!       
  you also can control your joy speed,  
 which is another nice idea! it takes a 
 time to be an good user of this game,  
but if you play it for a long time, you 
         can play it very fast!         
 this is all about the options! so i go 
         on with the graphics!          
 i think the graphics are not bad, but  
  also not cool for 1992 (the game was  
finished in 1992, but it came out 1993) 
   but everything is recognizable and   
 that's importent for a game like this! 
 the game includes i think it was about 
20 different rooms, and the loding time 
 is very small at all, so you don't can 
  do any coffee breaks while loading!   
you also have to turn the disc very few 
and this is another cool thing! this is 
 nearly all to say about the game! the  
  only thing is maybe, that the sounds  
from the walking and so on are a little 
bit to low! there are not realy musics, 
there is just one at the intro! but it's
 a very old one from T.ERROR (i think)  
 done in romuzak! realy not the quality 
           like he can do now           
   this is all to say about the game!   
 all in all it's a very nice game which 
 is worth playing it! so don't miss it  
in your disc box, if you are a game fan!
music.....:  35,0%                      
grafix....:  65,0%                      
ideas.....:  80,0%                      
play fun..:  70,0%                      
all in all:  62,5%                      
 this is all for this issue press fire  
        and read another chapter        
PEACE of oxyron gives his pen to another
          editor from addybook          
      see you all in another issue      
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