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    FLASHBACK in addybook issue #13     
you now  ask, why i call this  chapter  
flashback. this is really simple to ex- 
plain. at first some news i print here  
are some month old, so i had the idea   
to make this chapter a bit flexible and 
print all what happened the last few    
month. background tune by DRAX/crest.   
- a new group is born in holland called 
  VIRGO. they searching for more mem-   
  bers. addy stands in 'addies 3'.      
- benno/trance joined TOPAZ BEERLINE at 
  the tcc '93 as coder and swapper.     
- the swedish group BOOZE DESIGN did    
  the 2nd place at the tcc '93 demo-    
  compo after that they joined LIGHT.   
- light of amnesia was in extacy for    
  two/three weeks.                      
- cat/excess wants all mags, so he is   
  able to review them in nitro.         
- the crackergroup GENETIX is dead be-  
  cause DMC went to amiga.              
- walker/active joined GENESIS PROJECT. 
- riddler/acrise joined the dudes in    
- code 18 left LOWER LEVEL in order to  
  join the guys in LEGACY.              
- all shit about mj. and maniax written 
  by wow members is false!! and there   
  will not be a war.                    
- elwood, mr fantasie, and joe all ex-  
  motion coders joined maniax.          
- drax/VIBRANTS/CREST now composed on   
  pc too, but still will compose on c-64
- the grafix-duo '2pal' (d-sigma+style) 
  joined ELECTRIC BOYZ as sub gfx crew. 
- odie left DEATH and joined THE CULT.  
- incubus/TRIAD was caught by the post  
  coz he used to less postage. so he    
  will now decrease his contacts from   
  150 to 59 dudes.                      
- rumours said metro/ex-hype and slice  
  ex/tsr joined TRIAD.                  
- stephen/ex-triumwyrat joined AFL 1970.
- nukid/hoaxers is back on scene.       
- rek of death changed his handle to    
- mystic, galaxy, longdrink and anesthe-
  sia are kicked out of excess.         
- moonstruck joined the aussie group    
  LITHIUM as swapper.                   
- chotaire joined PANDORA.              
- agemixer has joined ASTRAL as a compo-
- tbb and page are still on scene and   
  still HOAXERS members.                
- romulus/creatures was caught by the   
  post for stampcheating.               
- WRATH DESIGN is rebuilt by some former
- pacific (icetray) is finily groupless 
  he tried to join sunrise but got re-  
  fused after jfk called nsd up. he also
  wanted to start a new group with nit1 
  ex-f4cg, but nit1 told him to fuck up.
- edge of midnight is success+demonix hq
- defjay/pandora joined success. except 
  alot of firsttes from dannie (crack & 
  supply) and dejay (supply & modem).   
- smc of PRETZEL LOGIC joined the music 
  lable tia but is still a member of    
  pretzel l.                            
- scarface left ILLUSION in order to    
  join ARMAGGEDON he's also in coders!  
- the success board 'chrystalball' is   
  down because it got disconnected.     
- mr.mouse/xentax left again the scene. 
- tsr+plx have gone their seperate ways 
  and will become a friendship coop in- 
- walt/ex-starion joined VISUAL REALITY.
- the syndrom of tia joined CREST but   
  is still a member of tia.             
- creeper left FLASH INC. and joined    
  the dudes in ANTIC.                   
- unifier left FLASH INC. joined SPIRIT 
  as coder.                             
- pommac joined HOAXERS as swapper.     
- einstein/wow alias deathray, also     
  joined cult, death and b-code...      
- silver/ex-hitmen joined WOW as a swap-
- tristar, 888 and eistein are now      
  b-code members.                       
- knox/VISUAL REALITY left the scene.   
- tjagvard was removed from the VISUAL  
  REALITY memberlist due to unactivity. 
- rumours said CREST will die after re- 
  leasing their next demo.              
- biz kid and rrr both oxyron joined    
  the grafic lable MYSTIC ARTS.         
- masterjay/venturer joined ELYSIUM.    
- artsi/trance have joined in NOICE and 
  utopia he's still in trance.          
- AMNESIA and ENTROPY are at war. as 1st
  result dr.will and viking left amnesia
  amnesia did not kick them out.        
  because of this amnesia has been      
  kicked off holland's biggest bbs, sat-
  elitte, out of lazyness. viking joined
  entropy, light left amnesia.          
this were all news for this issue. if   
you send next time some news please try 
to write the date of the day you filled 
the sheet on the votesheet. then i have 
a better control how old the 'new' is.  
             ADDYBOOK STAFF             
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