Addybook 13 Editorial

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    editorial of ADDYBOOK issue #13     
yes it's true! we are back, after a very
long time of lazyness. missed us ?? bahh
well,i know it's hard to life without us
but we can't spend all our sparetime for
 this mag! we also have good friends in 
 this world!! another things are girls, 
  parties and drugs (hehehe). this all  
need a lot of time! that's why we are so
          MEGA DELAYED! sorry           
but we did it again, and we are proud to
-show you this time addybook issue#13.. 
 i think that we are in oxyron now, is  
  nothing new for you! addybook is an   
 official oxyron mag, but ofcause with  
       the good old editors`like:       
 scrapper, machine and peace(that's me) 
 and this three crazy dudes are now in  
oxyron! another guy from the old blazers
   called BIZKID joined oxyron too!!!   
this issue includes a nice party report 
  from the TCC'93 in sweden written by  
the demo reviews are done by TTS/oxyron 
 he will stop his mag 'scene observer'  
 for a while just to do everytime some  
         reviews for addybook!          
and all in all it's a very hard work for
    him to do his mag totaly alone!     
oh yes, you maybe wonder why there isn't
   a intro in this issue! but this is   
  something i have to explain to you!!  
well, what is a intro? or what isn't it?
what? yes ofcause it's just to show you 
  what you will see after pressing the  
space bar! oh yes oh yes the space bar!!
i think everybody want to read the mag  
and not some lame scrolltexts of an lame
intro! that's why everybody press space 
if he see  a  intro! space space space!!
baff baff baff! you see a intro is realy
 superfluous when everybody press space 
  so fast! so we killed our intro this  
 time! maybe in issue 14 will be a new  
intro ofcause done by me (PEACE/oxyron) 
 we'll see! i think this issue is again 
 very big so you have to read a lot of  
 interesting stuff! don't miss to read  
my review from the game 'KUNST AUS CHINA
 yes i know it's a older one but we've  
 got the original to test it and so we  
        did it! please read it!         
now i have a topic for you, which should
    stimulate your brain! it's about    
FRIENDSHIP VOTING! you know what i mean?
 well, i think it's a shame to vote for 
 a friend of mine if he isn't worth it! 
  this means i vote for you and so you  
 have to vote for me! but this is just  
lame and in this way you never will get 
  fair charts! but everybody do this!   
   and nobody can stop it! all in all   
       i think it isn't the right       
 satisfaction if i know that i am just  
 on place 4 because of your friendship  
  votings, and not because of my nice   
works i've done! with (I) i mean you all
please STOP friendship voting! we want  
fair charts! if you really want to vote 
 for one of your good friends, you can  
vote for him in friendliest scene guys! 
 or something like this! ofcause if he  
 is a good coder, musician ec. you can  
   vote for him! but please stop this   
        friendship shit! thanks         
  this is all about it, and i hope all  
   of you will think about my words!    
 now i have a little question to you !! 
  what do you think about the swapper   
  charts? are they superfluous or not?  
are you realy interested to read swapper
in the charts? don't take my words to   
serious, it's just a question to all of 
  you! so write some reaction about it  
  to me! my addy is at the end of this  
i think you are realy near by the end!!!
 so i will say good bye and close this  
          chapter of my life!           
        my addy is in one of the        
       addy chapters so watch out       
     see you all in another issue!!     
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