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this is tts of oxyron writing the demo  
reviews for the addy book.              
after the light and horizon party i of  
coz took the first places of the tcc    
party for the reviews.                  
the following demos will be reviewed    
in here:                                
        flatline done by cadgers        
         lunacy 7 done by antic         
  totally stoned done by booze design   
   wonderland x done by censor design   
      inse vimse get done by noice      
lets start with flatline...             
- very cool designed intro with cool    
  sideborder logo swinger               
- an afli shadow dycp with 16 colors    
- a 24 chars high tech tech splitter    
  with 3 colored logos                  
- extra half bright double sine tech    
  tech upscroller over some hires gfx   
- a metamorphosis scroller with a 2x2   
- 980 y-sin plots on a 16x16 charfield  
  in one frame. a new record!           
- full screen sideborder fldi scroll    
- afli logo tech tech with an amplitude 
  of 12 chars in x-direction with a     
  sprite overlayed                      
- 80 bobs dxycp in the sideborder       
  new record!                           
- each charline swinging sideborder     
this demo contained some improved       
effects and some new inventions.        
it was high standard coding in          
combination to cool design and nice     
musics. i think you should all get this 
demo in your collection.                
   my personal ratings for this demo    
           coding  76 of 100            
           gfx     61 of 100            
           sound   64 of 100            
           design  67 of 100            
           total   67 of 100            
lets get over to the next demo which is 
           lunacy 7 by antic            
- some lines in the intro which should  
  be something like a street, but lotsa 
  bugs in the calculation               
- 5 fli picture gfx part with an ugly   
- some line vectors, nice outfading of  
  this part (1 frame, blob and away)    
- some interference circles calculated  
  in about 4 frames with wrong rgb cols 
- some animated bitmap vectors with 6   
  colors, too less phases at the objects
  sometimes some nice flashing between  
  black and the vector                  
- small starwars scroller calculated in 
  3 to 4 frames, but each line can be   
  x-flexed in a different way           
this demo look nice when you watch it   
the first time, but if you look a second
time, you will realise that the coding  
is not on a very high standard.         
    my personal ratings for lunacy 7    
            coding 49 of 100            
            gfx    60 of 100            
            sound  51 of 100            
            design 56 of 100            
            total  54 of 100            
      now follows totally stoned 2      
- nice animated sprites explosions in   
  the intro                             
- full screen realtime filler with      
  double sine (hi hcl, looks like       
  sprites, ehh???)                      
- escos xy sync swinger, lotsa different
  gfx are swinging over all borders     
- a gfx part with a fli logo with over- 
  layed sprites and a half screen high  
  and 3 screen wide sync swinging logo  
- four small shadebobs on full screen   
  with 6 colors                         
- an afli logo with fli sprites in the  
- full screen realtime filled vectors   
  the obejct are metamorphing           
i think this is one of the best demo    
in this year 1993. lotsa cool routines  
and some new effects. this is a really  
high standard coded demo. don't miss    
it in your collection.                  
my personal ratings for this boozemania 
           coding  90 of 100            
           gfx     69 of 100            
           sound   72 of 100            
           design  83 of 100            
           total   81 of 100            
lets follows the winner of the compo at 
      tcc in sweden. wonderland x       
- intro with cool full screen vector    
- 8bit pcm sample with a second voice   
  and a koala color starwars scroll from
  the right to left                     
- fli sync y swinger with a sprite dysp 
  over it                               
- koala circle scroll, a cool           
  improvement to the ball in            
  wonderland ix                         
- 1536 plot scroll with cool waves      
- some gfx animations (dpaint?)         
  but all in the sideborder             
- 12 bit samples in really high quality 
- 8 pictures koala y syncer             
- a koala color z-axis rotator in size  
  of about 25x12 chars (1frame)         
 well, how to fill this empty space on  
 this screen. i can tell you that it is 
  really difficult to fill those seven  
 empty lines of black screen. help me,  
   i think that i got the conclusion,   
 i did it know to fill this lines with  
  my personal ratings for wonderland x  
           coding  91 of 100            
           gfx     86 of 100            
           sound   88 of 100            
           design  90 of 100            
           total   89 of 100            
this is one of the coolest demos ever   
on this fucking cool machine. mega hard 
coding, coolest design with superb      
sound makes it like winning 5 millions  
in a quiz. make sure to get this piece  
of art in your collection.              
 and last but not least: imse vimse get 
- general intro, logo and movie flasher 
- metamorphosis of 256 plots in 3 frames
- vector lines, cool objects and a fast 
  spliner, but not the fastest          
- rgb plasma, but very bad looking color
  and small!                            
- line vectors and filled vectors,      
  cool idea to make pseudo rubber line  
  vectors this way                      
- zoomer, 1 frame but no sideborder     
my personal ratings for imse gebimse get
         or something like that         
           coding  66 of 100            
           gfx     65 of 100            
           sound   69 of 100            
           design  74 of 100            
           total   69 of 100            
some nice ideas which can probably      
be improved in the future. get this demo
to complete your collection, but in     
my opinion it is nothing special.       
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