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    YOUR CHAT in addybook issue #12     
and another chapter in addybook. its the
first time we present you this chapter, 
coz two scene dudes send me a letter to 
tell you out there something what they  
think that is important to tell you, so 
i'll publish it here. if you have to    
tell the other scene members something  
then don't hesitate to write something  
on a letter and post it to our hq addy  
that you can find on the last page of   
this chapter and nearly in all the other
chapters. this time i publish here a    
letter from KIRK/oxyron and ADAM THE AXE
of usspe. so toogle stick left.         
 chapter zak composed by drax of crest  
from KIRK of oxyron.                    
hey to all waiting friends. where is    
kirk, why does he not send anything back
have he left the old 64?! no not yet.   
i'm sorry about that to all of you. but 
someday will come for all of you, also  
but just a matter of time. i have taken 
a braek from the computer scene since   
the brutal party, that party really kick
me down, how lame can it be, everything.
it was like the party turn me off. and i
wanted a break from the 64 now. and soon
i will maybe start again. the members of
my group haven't send anything to me for
a long time 3-4 month now. and i never  
get the stuff we make before 3-4 weeks  
after release date. but that was when   
yazoo was lazy. but i haven't got any-  
thing yet maybe they dont care. and i've
started to play "floor-ball" also called
in sweden, norway, finland "inde-bandy" 
(ED. hope i write it right, coz really  
hard to read.) i would like to write to 
some guyz who plays floorball-indebandy 
from denmark or from all other of the   
written country's, i play my self for   
"herning" and also for denmark we are   
going to play against "norway" 6-7 feb- 
ruary in denmark if you play floorball  
inde-bandy please contact me for sports 
talk and other things.                  
                    yours kirk of oxyron
and now comes a letter from ADAM THE AXE
of usspe.                               
hello members of fairlight and anyone i 
lost connection with over the years that
remember adam the axe. also, as an amer-
ican 64er, appreciate all europeans that
have kept the 64 alive. we depend on you
as you depended on us back in the 80's. 
really nice commie stuff coming from our
friends in europe. keep the faith and   
kick some ass...                        
                      adam the axe/usspe
if you think this is an interesting     
chapter then write something what you   
would say to all the guys outthere, but 
please no wars or anything else like    
this. post it to the following addresse:
             ↓ADDYBOOK HQ↓              
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