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    REACTIONS in addybook issue #12     
happy new year readers of addybook!!    
yes after some long weeks of vacation   
i'm (machine) back to give ya answers to
your reactions! i hope you are all ready
for my answers! okay sit ya back in your
          chair and enjoy it!           
  chapter zak composed by DEFBEAT/trc   
okay the first and very HARD (he,he!)   
reaction arrived us from jonsku/utopia! 
           JONSKU'S REACTION            
yer new outfit is for sure better than  
the old (lame) one, but still addybook  
has the biggest suck what a mag can have
yer texts and english suxxxx! (ED. like 
hell?) especially machine's... (ED. i   
know!!) no offence! whats the use of    
addybook? better to stop it!            
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
it's nice that you like the new outfit  
a bit! if you think addybook sux than it
is maybe in your eyes true, i realy     
don't know it, coz i like it! yes it's  
realy true my english sux, but i try to 
do my best, if you don't like my english
then load the next chapter!! you realy  
don't know the use of addybook? i try to
explain it here! you had filled out a   
votesheet or? if you fill out a vote-   
sheet you will find your addy in the    
addychapter! you maybe know the name of 
our mag? the name is ADDYbook especially
for addies like your addy! okey that's  
all from me! see ya on next votesheet!! 
now a reaction from zzap/wrath designs? 
            ZZAP'S REACTION             
cool that you can choose if ya want     
flashings or not, but try to fast the   
loader a bit!                           
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
first thanx for your reaction! we can't 
use a faster load system coz we use a   
LEVELCHRUNCHER load system for our many 
text! and we must realy use a level -   
chruncher coz we won't release addybook 
on two disc sides!! i hope you under-   
stand us!! see ya then!!                
the next reaction is from magic/trinomic
            MAGIC'S REACTION            
where the did ya get your information   
that i've been kicked out of trinomic?? 
coz it isn't true!!                     
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
i don't know who had send us these info-
rmation  but as you maybe know on vote- 
sheets you can find many news they are  
not true!! so don't be angry!! see ya   
now a reaction from ragman/comic pirates
           RAGMAN'S REACTION            
well, i was totally surprised because of
the superior outfit!! cool work! well, i
think it's hard to improve it more!     
(perhaps use my tunes, hehehe...)       
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
it's nice that you like the new outfit! 
yes you are right it's very hard to do  
the mag every time a bit better, coz    
every scener like this and like this...!
we try to bring something on the screen 
what every scene guy like, we hope it!  
about tunes, no problem send some and   
maybe we use some!! okay see ya then!   
and now a reaction from: mister giga of 
         MISTER GIGA'S REACTION         
it's very nice to see a-book with a new 
outfit! flashings is the best i've ever 
seen! intro is cool, but text changing  
takes too much time. have to found a    
raster bug on the right side of screen? 
fix it and you will rise for sure. music
chapters are useless! who is interested 
on such a shit! it's not nice that only 
very few things are interesting on that 
chapter, eat it!!                       
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
realy one of the best reaction's in this
issue!! you are one of the limited guys 
who like the text flashing on the screen
the most say: ohh my eyes i will be soon
blind!! the text change will maybe in   
some times a bit faster but i think you 
have to wait a long time! we had fixed  
the raster bug as you can see, thanx for
the information!! you can be happy coz  
as you maybe had read in the editorial  
we had lost two addybook editors (mr.   
ammo + mr.mouse) and so we lost also the
music chapter!!! okay anyway thanx for  
your reaction!!                         
now a reaction from coda/gothic design?!
            CODA'S REACTION             
cool mag! a really nice style (design)  
but there is not all good, ofcoz. i     
think there must be cover d. charts, too
the other thing is, i think the menu is 
a little bit to slow! (chapter choose)  
but all in all cool mag! keep the work! 
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
yo coda thanx for your reaction! you    
like to see cover d. charts! first we   
must made a new votesheet coz of the old
one you can't find cover d. as you maybe
know! i hope you have the time to wait  
so long!! yes it's realy a bit to slow  
but enjoy the mag and don't start read- 
ing like a 'express-reader' just enjoy!!
   a reaction from static/ex-wrath d.   
           STATIC'S REACTION            
your mag is real cool! very nice outfit!
keep cool!!                             
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
        thanx for your reaction!        
      now a reaction from scow/xtc      
            SCOW'S REACTION             
diz is a very good looking mag. keep it!
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
      yo thanx for your reaction!       
  now bizzare/trance with some words!   
           BIZZARE'S REACTION           
congratulations for 1 year addybook, a  
present take my votesheets i spread for 
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
you are the only guy who wish us with   
addybook a happy birthday! thanx anyway 
for the many votesheets i hope you like 
to spread them forever!! see ya jose!!  
     a reaction from hooper/hitmen!     
           HOOPER'S REACTION            
yo blaze (ED. now oxyron) dudes! i      
simply wanna say, that i like yours     
fucking cool styled mag! keep on this   
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
it's realy nice to hear that you like   
addybook!! hope you like this issue too!
see ya then!                            
now following a reaction from zaak/tmd! 
            ZAAK'S REACTION             
good mag with changes outfit please keep
on doing it! have some more chapters!   
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
in the future we don't change the outfit
maybe in the summer!? why the hell the  
most of you want more CHAPTERS?! if too 
we do more chapters than can you find   
many uninteresting chapters like: kit-  
chen recepts, how is the wether next    
month....! we print only the very IMPOR-
TANT things!! thanx for your react.     
     a reaction from viny/the force     
            VINY'S REACTION             
your mag is probebly one of the best in 
the c64 scene: it contains a lot of good
text and addies! the mag outfit design  
is well putted but i think it's time to 
change the grpx to a better but, i enjoy
reading addybook, although.             
           MACHINE'S ANSWER             
yo viny thanx alot for your reaction!   
it's nice to hear that in your opinion  
addybook is one of the best mags! you   
wanna see some other grpx?! then try to 
paint one of your best grafix and we use
it! but don't paint it to big!!! anyway 
thanx again!!!                          
 next reaction is from the corsair/xtc  
           CORSAIR'S REACTION           
really nice outfit! the gfx's are cool  
and musix are?! well, about coding...   
i can't say anything, bcoz i'm not a    
coder, but i can say that it's a very   
cool magazine!! keep on doing addybook  
bcoz it's my fav. mag! p.s. why is my   
addy always wrong!??  try to fix!       
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
thanx for your reaction! yes we keep    
on doing addybook no panic! but we need 
more and more time coz we will do our   
best with our mag! we don't want a fast 
food mag....!!! i realy don't know why  
your addy is always wrong?? we fix it!! 
the next one is from dominator/accuracy!
          DOMINATOR'S REACTION          
by the way a fucken unbilivible cool mag
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
i will hope, anyway thanx for little    
     a reaction from code 18/idg/ll     
            CODE'S REACTION             
cool mag, not more to add! outfit is    
              quiet okay!               
            MACHINE'S ANSWER            
    thanx for your reaction code 18!    
that's all today and so i can close this
chapter!! hmm i hope to get next time   
some interresting reaction and not only 
these ones: cool mag! keep on...!! i    
hope some of you have some inspiration  
for a good reaction next time!! okey all
see ya then on the next side!!          
 addybook addy:   ADDYBOOK HQ           
 for news, reactions or anything else!  
    or try to CALL: +xx(0)xxxx/xxxxx    
   to get in the ring with addybook!!   
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