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   INTERVIEW 4 in addybook issue #12    
hey you are very interested in reading  
interviews!! this time we would present 
you an interview with VINY of the force.
   interview done by scrapper/oxyron    
  chapter zak done by METAL/flash inc.  
ADDYBOOK: hello viny, please give our   
readers some facts and info about your- 
self and your family!                   
my real name is amitay nagar,i'm 17     
years old,my sex is male,i live in      
kiriyat bialik which is in israel and   
i'm studying in 'ort' bialik school.    
i have 20 years old brother in army,and 
also a 5 years old sister,and let us    
not forget my parents...                
ADDYBOOK: when did you enter the c64    
scene; which groups have you been in and
which group are you in now?             
i've entered the 64 scene in the        
beginning of 1991 when joining the      
force. but before entering the scene i  
ran a team with a friend of my called: this form we made some basic  
programs. after d.barenboim,my friend,  
received the art-studio painting tool,  
i started practicing on it. when my     
graphics were improved i wanted to enter
a scene,first,i've send some of
my works to daniel/the force and to two 
other groups named: PUMA and HOTSHOT.   
just after daniel viewed some of my     
first full screen pictures,he decided to
join me to THE FORCE. after half a year 
i've joined the force's sub-group called
ADDYBOOK: what's your job in your cur-  
rent group?                             
i am a GRAPHICIAN in the force.         
important to read: i am no longer a     
member of AIR-DESIGN as its members     
moved to flash inc. a half year ago.    
ADDYBOOK: what are your future plans on 
the c64 and in real life?               
my future plans for the 64:             
releasing more graphics and entering the
top 10 graphician chart rating,         
also to release a shocking megademo.    
in the real life i want to coninue in   
the graphical path,and in the army,as   
ADDYBOOK: which group would you join if 
your group die? and why?                
the logical answer will be like:        
'the force won't die,and i won't leave  
to another group',but IF it happens i   
will probably want to join the X-AMPLE'S
graphicians,as i want to work with the  
best in the market.                     
ADDYBOOK: what's/who's your favourite?  
my favourite are as following:          
-demo group: flash inc,panoramic d.     
-cracker group: legend                  
-coder: bob/censor design               
-musician: jch,danko                    
-swapper: woise/maniax,daniel/the force 
-disk magazine: addybook,script         
-music artist: eric-clapton             
-music band: genesis                    
-movie: 'ghost'                         
-food: everything (exept sooshi,etc...) 
-drink: coca-cola,sepsi                 
ADDYBOOK: what do you like/dislike in   
the c64 scene?                          
what i do DISLIKE is that people are    
leaving the 64 scene to another computer
scene,that there are still many group   
producing low-quality demos,that there  
are so many sub-groups for only one     
what i do LIKE in the scene is that many
people are still active in the scene and
they won't leave it because they simply 
love this scene.                        
ADDYBOOK: are you in other scenes too?  
in fact,no, i'm not in other scenes,but 
one of my best friends is in the music- 
ADDYBOOK: do you like demos?            
the answer is ofcourse,yes!             
what i love in demos is to view new     
routines,new ideas,graphics and also to 
hear the music-quality.                 
as for the best demo of all time i won't
say:'DUTCH BREEZE',because it contained 
JUST one of the best graphic-quality,   
and to my opinion,the best demo should  
contains amazing code and musics as     
sorry,i can't determent what is the best
demo of all time.                       
ADDYBOOK: who are your best friends in  
the scene?                              
my best scene friends are guy shavitt   
of scs, and daniel of scs of the force. 
i also enjoy the friendship between some
of my contacts.                         
ADDYBOOK: i guess you don't spent all ya
spare-time you have in front of your    
computer, so please tell us what you do 
besides the c64.                        
in my spare time i sometimes go to play 
basketball,watch television (mostly:    
'star trek-the next generation),paint on
a paper and visit my local friends.     
ADDYBOOK: have you ever been in trouble 
with the authorities?                   
they never caught me...                 
ADDYBOOK: do you know any perverts?     
nobody,exept all ibm sceners!           
ADDYBOOK: what do you think about the   
new kids on the block?                  
don't care less about them!             
ADDYBOOK: do you have a girlfriend?     
no, but i'm working on it! trust me!    
ADDYBOOK: do you have good/bad habbits? 
please give us three of them.           
to find good habbits about yourself is  
the most difficult task ever,but here   
you got some of my bad habbits:         
-i play the 64 untill my eyes hurts!    
-never prepering homework when i really 
 need to!                               
-i don't care less if my room is upside-
 down or looks like hell(as it is at the
-i'm getting angry because of tinny     
 things,and that's no good!             
ADDYBOOK: if you would win one million  
english pounds, what would you do with  
i would buy a media computer system,    
which is something close enough to a    
super computer.                         
another option is to build a chip which 
will extend the normal 64's memory,     
colors and music quality then send one  
chip to every 64 scener!                
ADDYBOOK: are there any guys in the c64 
scene who you definitely wouldn't invite
to your birthday-party?                 
i don't have any enemies, therefore i   
think i would invite them all!          
ADDYBOOK: by the way, when were you     
the right date is: 7/11/75 or           
                   75/11/7 (u.k)        
ADDYBOOK: if you'd like to give our     
readers some final words then please do.
sorry about the delay in VOLCANUS demo  
of the force, stay tuned!               
ADDYBOOK: i thank you for this interview
and leave you some space to do some     
greets goes to: daniel/scs/tf, guy      
shvitt/scs, scrapper/blaze, the         
hegg/cure, witty/wow, walker/light,     
bitnapper/cp, alex/tf and that's for    
now!!  bye bye all!!                    
if you have anything useful for us to   
publish then please send it. send your  
addy and some fresh news/roumors, memb- 
erstatus, bbs numbers... to:            
              ADDYBOOK HQ               
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