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   INTERVIEW 3 in addybook issue #12    
and another interview done for you, coz 
i think it is an interest one. this time
i'll present you here KING FISHER/triad.
i think many of you would know something
more about him so you must only kick ya 
joy leftside. interview done by scrapper
of oxyron, tune by STEEL/success/origo  
?: hello, let's start the question tor- 
   ture with the first question. please 
   give our readers some facts and info 
   about yourself and your family!      
!: my name is linus walleij and i study 
   electronics at the university of     
   växjö. i've got two younger sisters..
?: when did you enter the c64 scene;    
?: which groups have you been in and    
   which group are you in now?          
!: i entered the scene way back in 1986,
   and my first puplications were spread
   at alvester party 1987.(not very many
   guys have them tough.)               
   i've been in BYTERAPERS, MUTE 101,   
   ROYALITY, REBELS and now triad. (and 
   i'm gonna stay there forever)        
?: what's your job in your current group
!: i'm a coder, cracker and a bit of    
?: what are your future plans on the c64
   and in real life?                    
!: c64: keep up the work, i just love   
   this "scene".                        
!: life: there are no mistakes in life, 
   some people say and it's true some-  
   times, you can see it that way. same 
   as on c64, my computer is a part of  
   my life and i will never take any-   
   thing serious. life's a joke...      
?: which group would you join if your   
   group would die? and why?            
!: triad! die? don't be silly!          
?: what's/who's your favourite?         
!: i don't have favourites in the scene,
   so just forget this part.            
   MUSIC ARTISTS: pink floyd, roger     
   waters,alan parsons project,front-   
   line assembly,metallica,beatles,     
!: bob dylan,pantera,cat rapes dog and  
   most classical composers.            
   MOVIE: star wars trilogy, no doubt.  
   GIRL: every intelligent gal will do. 
   i don't look on the surface.         
   FOOD: pizza a'la armando with lots of
   fire paprica.                        
!: DRINK: coca cola. i never drink alc- 
   ohol, never have and never will. i'm 
   so pissed off by the fact that our   
   entire society is allready addicted  
   to it.                               
?: what do you like/dislike in the c64  
!: i like everything about it.          
!: especially the musicians. but it is  
   like in real life- it is always eas- 
   ier to critizise than to construct   
   keep that in mind everyone.          
?: are you in other scenes too? if so   
   then please tell us something about  
!: i've got an amiga 500, an atari 1040 
!: ste and a pc-xt. i'm also working    
   with tdm/triad on our own music pro- 
   ject. working title: "dealer quality 
   earware" (that's what we use the     
   atari for, midi you know). both amiga
   and atari scene dudes are ok, but pc 
   is a bit irritating - so many idiots 
   copygoofs! (but ofcourse lots of nice
   guyz too)                            
?: do you like demos?                   
!: i love demos. my favourites are sev- 
   eral, but rocky star/daxion still    
   stands out after all these years, i  
   really loved it... (own demos not in-
   cluded ofcourse!) alvester sirap by  
   kaktus & mahoney ain't bad either.   
?: what kind of hardware do you use?    
!: i use (for c64) 1 ordinary pal c64   
   1 ntsc c64, 1 sx-64, 2 1541, 1 1581, 
   1 action replay 6, 1 1764 reu,       
   1 c-1084 monitor, 1 1901-monitor,    
   1 datel sampler and 1 supra 2400 baud
?: who are your best friends in c64     
!: jaggadash/noice, grendel/byterapers, 
   colwyn/tf, jerry/triad, tdm/triad,   
   bismarck/triad, ano/padua, watchman/ 
   fairlight, and every other friend,   
   new or old. these are my oldest      
?: i guess you don't spend all spare-   
   time you have in front of your c64,  
   so please tell us what you do besides
?: the c64.                             
!: i work with computer repairs on both 
   64/amiga/pc and on my and tdm's music
   project. i'm also politically in ssu/
   ljungby, i also write fiction on my  
   beloved word processor (even a little
   poem every now and then).            
?: have you ever been in trouble with   
?: the authorities?                     
!: no! i stay out of it, no deep shit   
?: do you know any perverts?            
!: i don't understand the question. if  
   you ask people about sex, they will  
   in 9 cases out of 10 tell you com-   
!: plete lies. that's why i've got a    
   simple rule to avoid beeing exposed  
   to lies: don't ask!                  
?: what do you think about the new kids 
!: nkotb is a construction by a very in-
   telligent teenager psycologist. they 
   were targeted at girls starting to   
!: grow old and interested in boys, i   
   won't judge wheter this is morally   
   right or not, but it shows us how    
   easy it is to program... people.     
?: do you have a girl-friend?           
!: no, i'm looking for one. but she'll  
   be smart and stand with both feeds on
   the ground.                          
?: do you have good habits?             
!: 1. i do not smoke.                   
   2. i do not drink.                   
   3. i do not take any kinds of drugs. 
   4. i do not watch tv very much.      
   5. i am not a christian.             
   6. i am a socialist. (not communist!)
   7. i don't think that i'm better than
      anyone else because of this, and  
!: 7. i don't blame anybody.            
   8. i never judge anyone or anything  
      at first sight.                   
?: like good habits you must also have  
   some bad habits.                     
!: 1. i often stay up all night.        
   2. i drink too much coffe.           
   3. i'm not always as understanding as
!: 3. i wish i was.                     
?: if you would win 1 million english   
   pounds, what would you do with it?   
!: i would give 900.000 of them to      
   charity, and build a decent sound-   
   studio for the rest.                 
?: are there any guys in the c64 scene  
?: who you definitely wouldn't invite   
   to your birthday-party?              
!: no. all dudes are nice - from a cer- 
   tain point of view.                  
?: by the way, when were you born?      
!: 72.06.05  5th june 1972 (i'm twenty  
   years old)                           
?: if you'd like to give our readers    
   some final words then please do...   
!: el tiempo es un mar - pero termina al
   playa. quezas no me ves manana.      
   we are all a part of the inevitable! 
   omnia vincit amor.                   
     for anything EXCEPT swapping:      
           KING FISHER/triad            
  i answer ALL letters, but i may take  
    some time if i'm busy at school!    
?: i thank you for sending this inter-  
   view after the little trouble with   
   the sheet, and leave you some space  
   to do some greets...                 
!: all mentioned at best friends, plus: 
   bloodsuckers, fairlight, jan sochor, 
   tron, byterapers, danko, motley and  
   antichrist of gp, success, padua,    
!: clique, bulletproof and milestone    
   staff, chrysagon of enigma, grapple, 
   ingvar carlsson, everybody in noice, 
   creeper, spy, morpheus, zodiac and   
   unifier of flash inc., alfatech/triad
   west coast crackers, tat, legend, dom
   panoramic design, lower level, ruhr- 
   pott crakka, 1001 crew and everyone  
   i forgot...                          
!: ON AMIGA: equinox, firegroup, spread-
   point, silence, space balls,dual crew
   and our amiga section.               
   ON ATARI: onyx, tcb, sync, omega and 
   the rest.                            
   ...and to all of you: happy new FEAR 
this was it so i'll only say press fire 
or fill out one of our votesheets and   
try to write some news, REACTIONS ABOUT 
THIS ISSUE, partyreports or something   
for the chapter your chat. see you in   
another chapter or in next issue.       
scrapper fades away.....                
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