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   INTERVIEW 2 in addybook issue #12    
here i'll present you now an interview  
with TTS of oxyron. you now ask why i   
publish here an interview with a member 
of oxyron in a mag produced under the   
oxyron label. that's easy to explain. we
did this interview some month ago, ok?! 
and i wouldn't drop it. zak by LAXITY.  
?: hello tts, please give our readers   
   some facts and info about yourself   
   and your family!                     
!: my real name is michael piepgras, i  
   was born on 29.06.71 in hannover. i  
   finished school in summer 1991 and   
   now i want to study "informatik". i  
   have a brother and a sister. i like  
   it to hand around with friends in a  
!: local disco called "roxy".           
?: when did you enter the c64 scene;    
   which groups have you been in and    
   which group are you in now?          
!: i got my first computer in 1982. it  
   was a sinclair zx-81. some month     
   later i got my first c64. i coded    
   around in basic for about 6 years and
!: in october '88 i started coding in   
   assembler. i build up the group TIF  
   with akc and sid. some weex later    
   yazoo, starfox and tmv joined us. we 
   renamed into GLOOM. after we produced
   for about 15 demos with gloom we re- 
   named into oxyron in december 1991   
   and i think you know the rest.       
?: what's your job in your current group
!: in oxyron i'm mainly coder and the   
   editor of the scene-observer. i also 
   do logos and i'm swapping around with
   my 60 contacts.                      
?: what are your future plans on the c64
   and in real life?                    
!: on c64 i will try to get a bit more  
   famous with oxyron. and in my real   
!: life i want to study "informatik" and
   perhaps i'm going to build up a soft-
   ware company. but who knows.         
?: which group would you join if your   
   group would die? and why?            
!: i think if oxyron will die i will    
   build up a new group, but oxyron will
   stay in scene for a long time.       
?: what's/who's your favourite?         
!: DEMOGROUP: horizon, camelot          
   CRACKERGROUP: chromance, enigma      
   CODER: boogaloo, cruzer              
   MUSICIAN: the syndrom, scortia       
   SWAPPER: nuke, incubus, c18          
   MAGAZINE: impulse, addybook          
   MUSICARTIST: sisters of mercy,       
   deine lakeien,new model army,mission 
!: MOVIE: waynes world                  
   GIRLIE: my girlfriend                
   FOOD: pizza                          
   DRINK: coffee                        
?: what do you like/dislike in the c64  
!: i dislike all those fucking wars,    
   which some groups do. i think those  
!: fights are not neccesary. but ofcoz  
   i like those friendship with contacts
?: are you in other scenes too?         
!: i'm not active in other scenes, but  
   some month ago i started coding      
   around on the amiga a bit, but i did 
   not get enough fein frame it.        
?: do you like demos?                   
!: of coz i like demos, i should better 
   say i love demos. i always look for  
   new effects and i think the scene    
   lives from demos and the activity of 
   demogroups. without demos lots of    
   charts wouldn't have been possible,  
   but who knows.                       
?: what kind of hardware do you use?    
!: two 64's, fc3, floppy 1541, seico sp 
   2000, amiga 500 with 1mb, schneider  
   xt-1640, a coffee machine, music-tape
   player, chair, table...              
?: who are your best friends in the c64 
!: i think my contacts are my best      
   friends in the scene.                
?: i guess you don't spend all spare-   
   time you have in front of your c64,  
   so please tell us what you do besides
   the c64.                             
!: besides the c64 i like to listen to  
   independent music. i've hanging      
!: around with akc and yazoo. i also    
   like to hand in discos.              
?: have you ever been in trouble with   
   the authorities?                     
!: no, i never had any problems with    
?: do you know any perverts?            
!: what the hell is pervert?            
?: what do you think about the new kids 
!: i prefer heino!                      
?: do you have a girlfriend?            
!: at the moment i have a girlfriend,   
!: but i think personal datas of her do 
   not belong to a disk-mag.            
?: do you have good habits?             
!: yes, ofcoz. i drink about 3 liters of
   coffee a day.                        
?: like good habits you must also have  
   some bad habits, please tell us some.
!: yes, ofcoz. sometimes i drink more   
   than 3 liters of coffee a day.       
?: if you would win one million english 
   pounds, what would you do with it?   
!: i got to a bank and exchange it into 
   dm. then i would buy a big computer  
   and tons of coffee. i would take a   
   copy slave and i would swapp with all
!: scene guys.                          
?: are there any guys in the c64 scene  
   who you definitely wouldn't invite to
   your birthday-party?                 
!: i think the are not special once, but
   possibly the are some.               
?: by the way, when were you born?      
!: i was born on 29.06.1971             
?: if you'd like to give our readers    
   some final word then please do...    
!: dead and darkness will follow.       
   reincarnation, torture never ends.   
   oxyron rullar.                       
?: i thank you for this interview and   
   leave you some space to do some      
!: i greet all oxy-members; all guys who
   have been in tif, gloom, oxy; all my 
   contacts and all who know me.        
  oxyron - when nightmare become true   
and again i finished a chapter. hope to 
release this issue soon coz we are now  
in 3 weeks delay.                       
if you would published your addy here,  
then fill out one of our votesheets or  
send simply a letter to the following   
addy:         ADDYBOOK HQ               
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