Addybook 12 Interview 1

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   INTERVIEW 1 in addybook issue #12    
hello and welcome to another chapter in 
addybook. this time i (scrapper) will   
present you an interview with CREEPER of
flash inc. so lean back and enjoy the   
question torture i've did with him.     
 chapter zak composed by drax of crest  
?: hello creeper,please give our readers
   some facts and info about yourself   
   and your family!                     
!: my name is kim nordström and i am a  
   member of flash inc. and i'm also a  
   part member of both c64 & amiga DUAL-
   CREW. my life is quite normal. i goes
   the second year in high-school on    
!: swedens people know what kind of stu-
   dy that is. i have a 7 years old sis-
   ter who lives with her boyfriend.    
   (ED. i think his sister must be much 
   older or?)                           
   by the way i'm 17 years old..        
   i think that that is young if you    
   compare with all the other "famous"  
   graficians. i live in a small town   
   called "sundbyberg" hopefully many   
!: people know of this town.. jordan of 
   antic lives here too.. and i & my    
   friend tron of fairlight released a  
   small demo called "sumpan kixx" for a
   year ago..                           
?: when did you enter the c64 scene;    
   which groups have you been in and    
   which group are you in now?          
!: i got my c64 somewhere around 87-88  
   but i didn't enter the scene untill  
   the end of -89.                      
   then i joined DUAL-CREW.             
   in the beginning of -90 i joined     
   antic and helped them to be as they  
   are today..                          
   later on i joined DEATHSECTOR and    
   stayed for 6 month..                 
   then i visited FAIRLIGHT for a couple
!: of weeks untill september -91 then i 
   joined flash. right now i'm still in 
   flash & dual-crew but i also makes   
   alot of gfx for my great friends in  
   antic & fairlight..                  
?: what's your job in your current group
!: hopefully everybody knows what i do, 
   but anyhow. i'm mostly grafician but 
!: i used to SWAPP and MODEMTRADE. for  
   the moment i'm also coding & trading 
   some vhs with friends all over.      
?: what are your future plans on the c64
   and in real life?                    
!: future works? many people wants me to
   join the amiga scene, because i know 
   alot of dudes on the amiga.          
!: the problem is. i don't have an amiga
   i even got an offer to join silents  
   on amiga because they thought that i 
   would be great in the future..       
   and... i'll might join the super-nin-
   tendo-scene if you can call it that..
   since dual-crew is on this scene.    
?: which group would you join if your   
   group would die? and why?            
!: i really don't know. there is so many
   groups that want me to join them. and
   many of them are my friends. it would
   probably be ANTIC or FAIRLIGHT.      
   or maybe only be a member of dual-   
?: what's/who's your favourite...?      
!: demogroup - antic & fairlight        
!: CRACKERGROUP - i really don't care.  
   CODER - depeh & tron. tron is absolut
   the best coder right now.            
   MUSICIAN - jeroen tel & drax. j.t. is
   the best. drax is a friend of mine   
   and he is really great.              
   SWAPPER - i don't know maybe r.c.s.  
!: or incubus or what about baze?!      
   MAGAZINE - probably shock. because of
   the gfx and the music.               
   MUSIC-BAND - in real life? nirvana,  
   pearl jam, roxette, klf, queen.      
   MOVIE - absolut fav.-films.          
   alien 2, 3 and 1                     
!: predator 1, 2                        
   terminator 2, 1                      
   i love films.                        
   GIRLIE - well, personally i love many
   girls, but cindy crawford is the most
   beautiful one.                       
   FOOD - the food i love is impossible 
   to translate to english. but ofcourse
!: i love all junk-food.                
   DRINK - milk, beer and water. in that
?: what do you like/dislike in the c64  
!: i love the scene. the ONLY thing who 
   is wrong that everybody is unactive. 
?: are you in other scenes too?         
!: well i'm on the amiga scene too bad  
   i don't even have an amiga.          
   i paint on parties on amiga.         
?: do you like demos?                   
!: i love demos and hate cracks. wonder-
   land is one of my fav's. ofcourse it 
!: is impossible to dislike the demo    
   "dutch-breeze", but then we in flash 
   release our demo "prometeus unbound" 
   (ED. thanx for sending it.) that is  
   quit good. the legoland demos and the
   lunacy demos are also very good.     
?: what kind of hardware do you use?    
!: i've a couple of c64 and one c128.   
!: i use the old 1541. i've final cart- 
   ridge, power cartrige and action re- 
   play, ofcourse 2400 supra modem.     
   and paralell cable and 512 kb x-memo-
   ry and about 600 discs.              
?: who are your best friends in the c64 
!: i know almost all demogroups so it's 
!: quit hard to say to some special, but
   ofcourse all groups of sweden are my 
   best friends.                        
   groups like: flt, antic, censor, p.l.
   light, triad. the group in sweden i  
   don't know that good is horizon. i   
   only know mastermind abit.           
?: i guess you don't spend all spare-   
   time you have in front of your c64   
?: so please tell us what you do besides
   the c64.                             
!: in days i go to school, afterwards i 
   am always quit tired and only goes   
   out some times. my friends often come
   to me. on the weekends i look around 
   and tries to find any parties or else
   we (i & my friends) goes into stock- 
   holm and so on...                    
?: have you ever been in trouble with   
   the authorities?                     
!: nope, never... (only on my spare-time
   beside the computer.)                
?: do you know any perverts?            
!: yeah, dirtybush of dual crew. try to 
   meet him... he is something special. 
?: what do you think about the new kids 
   on the block?                        
!: i don't care... it's not my kind of  
?: do you have a girl-friend? if so then
   discribe her for us.                 
!: nope, for a couple of years i found  
!: the right one, but we broke up after 
   a year. after that there have been a 
   couple of girls in my life, but not  
   the one i'm working for. i quit often
   meet girls on parties ,but that only 
   stays for the night not more.        
   (it depends on how many beer i'd     
?: do you have good habbits? please give
?: us three of them.                    
!: well, my friends find me funny and   
   nice. so that what i am. i'm quit    
   good on painting on paper too.       
   people often talk to me about their  
   probs too.                           
?: like good habbits you must also have 
   some bad habbits.                    
!: i don't know. i probably have alot.  
   nothing i'm proud of.                
?: if you would win one million english 
   pounds, what would you do with it?   
!: use 'em to give me a good future life
?: are there any guys in the c64 scene  
   who you definitely wouldn't invite to
?: your birthday-party?                 
!: no! i don't have any enemies in that 
   way that would try to kick me down or
?: by the way when were you born? per-  
   haps some readers would like to send 
   you a card.                          
!: yeah! great ide' i love to get cards.
   send me a card to my next birthday   
   the 7th of september. the spy of fhi 
   is also born on the 17th of sep. and 
   so is his father. funny?! my birthday
?: if you'd like to give our readers    
   some final words then please do...   
!: ok, remember this. why quit the scene
   when you don't have to be more active
   than you feel for!. and if there is  
   something you want to have then send 
   it to my addy below but NOT FOR SWAP-
   PING. and don't forget to catch our  
   new demo. love it & vote for it.     
        kim "creeper" nordström         
               fredsg. 27               
           17233 sbg, sweden            
?: i thank you for this interview and   
   leave you some space to do some gre- 
!: i would like to great all my friends 
   - all in antic                       
   - spirou, savage, walker, scooby and 
     the rest of light                  
!: - bob, sensei, danko, dragon and the 
     rest of censor                     
   - all in flash incorporated          
   - all in fairlight, even aaron.      
   - slayer,zardax and the rest of origo
   - baze of illusion                   
   - rcs of brutal                      
   - boz and metal maniac and the rest  
     on amiga dual crew.                
   - slade, atte and electric of extend 
!: - cevin of extacy                    
   - all in oxyron                      
   - elegance of enigma and penthagon   
   - micke, johannes and fredrik of p.l.
   - dense of rsi/spirit                
   - silco of paradize                  
   - king fisher, tech, dutch, "gunnar",
     aktie and the rest of triad        
   - jayce of arcade                    
   - marcus of x-rated                  
!: - jtm of visual reality              
   - drax, maduplec and mac of crest    
   - luca in canada                     
   - sam and gremlin of beyond force    
   - d'arc of topaz                     
   - mastermind of horizon              
   - almost everybody in norway for be- 
     ing norweigians.                   
   - akay and the rest of sunrise       
   - motley of gp                       
!: - scope of vision                    
   - jam for being cool                 
   - sodapop & tronic for trying to be  
   - anal intruders                     
   - ans of spirit                      
   - and probably many, many more       
   - this be what i remember from my    
   thanx and goodbye.                   
yo dudes, this was the first interview. 
the next interview is done with tts/oxy.
you now ask me why i publish an inter-  
view with a member of oxyron in a mag   
that is produced under the oxyron label.
that is very simple to explain i've did 
it before we joined them, ok?!          
and now press the fire button or enjoy  
this wonderfull tune.                   
        text by scrapper/oxyron         
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