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        REACTIONS IN ADDYBOOK 11        
hi all there! yup here is da machine to 
give ya all again some answers to your  
reactions! we have got a lot of reaction
this time and so i will tell ya: let's  
start with the reaction and stop with da
crap talk!                    (joy left)
why don't you put interviews in your mag
and forget about all the charts? or just
do some different charts instead of the 
same: best group,best cracker etc...    
it's getting boring, i think! but that's
my opinion!anyway your addys are correct
a lot of time and that's cool and       
important!                    (joy left)
             DEAR GOREFEST              
yes it's right interviews are important 
in a mag, but only interviews and addys 
are stupid or?! the most guys say charts
are important coz these guys want see on
which place their group is! in the most 
mags you can see the charts are the same
like:best cracker ....! we don't want   
change it! anyway thanx for your react.!
is my handwriting so cruel? if yes i    
want write any reaction anymore. anyway 
dis mag rules! outfit cool, but the     
chapter change is to slow! the flashings
are ugly! else the outfit is cruel!     
                              (joy left)
              DEAR MISTRAL              
hey mistral what say your teacher to    
your handwriting? it's a horror for     
every mag editor to read your cruel hand
writing!! hey think you about what you  
write? first you write the outfit is    
cool and then you write some lines later
the outfit is cruel?! hmm no more to say
anyway thanx for your reaction!         
          VENICE/comic pirates          
your mag is really cool. but your addy- 
corner is the best.                     
              DEAR VENICE               
         thanx for da reaction!         
                              (joy left)
very cool mag. cool texts and chapters. 
keep on doing what you guys do best!    
              DEAR ACTIVE               
        thanx for your reaction!        
                              (joy left)
i can't find much wrong with your mag   
but one thing. i've filled loads of     
addybook votesheets and my addy still   
wasn't printed. fix this please!        
                              (joy left)
              DEAR RIMTRIX              
first thanx for the reaction! i think   
the problem with the addys is our fould 
it can be that we had lost some so don't
be angry please! we try to fix this!    
                              (joy left)
yeah! cool outfit man! one of the best  
mags in the scene. but i think it would 
be better with a screen where you read  
and another screen where you choose     
chapter. anyway addybook is a very cool 
mag. keep it up!                        
               DEAR NEXUS               
in the most mags is a screen where you  
can choose the chapter and where you can
read! but i can say we don't want do the
same as all the other mags! coz we are  
not a 08/15 mag!! o,k, anyway thanx for 
your reaction!!                         
                              (joy left)
yohoo addybook redaktion! waow! da new  
outfit realy kix ass! cool gfx, cool    
menu, cool code... it's realy cool! go  
on with it and be sure ya have my vote!!
see ya!                                 
           DEAR SPLATTERHEAD            
 thanx for your reaction splatterhead!  
yeah, this is going the right way guys! 
the new outfit was just great. it's     
enough text in your mag and the text is 
great! continue like this, and your mag 
will soon climb high up on the charts!  
bye bye!                                
                              (joy left)
               DEAR ZIMBO               
yo thanx for your words and also thanx  
           for da reaction!!            
                              (joy left)
addybook is one of the top mags all is  
nearly perfect!! belive nothing can be  
perfect on the c64!! but he is lovely   
               DEAR LUKA                
        thanx for your reaction!        
i more like this outfit of addybook. its
better than the old one. but i think    
that there are very few text lines. cool
that ya have some new chapters. keep on 
that way.                               
               DEAR DEMON               
i think there are enuff textlines but   
maybe if we do in some month a new out- 
fit you can found more textlines! anyway
thanx for the reaction!!                
                              (joy left)
addybook is realy kicking ass now. new  
outfit and cool gfx. i hope it will be  
better then best. with some more text   
and some more chapters it will be much  
                              (joy left)
              DEAR GORDON               
hmmm you want more text?! i think we    
have a lot of text or think i false?    
but i must say it every time again: we  
don't want more chapters!!!!!!!!! but   
anyway thanx for the reaction!!         
                              (joy left)
         STATIC/gothic designs          
why the fuck wasn't my addy in the last 
issue?! i had filled in at least 4 vote-
sheets and send to you, but my addy was 
not in anyway and not my reaction either
                              (joy left)
              DEAR STATIC               
realy hard words to us! yes it was our  
fould that some addys wasn't in, coz we 
had lost a lot votesheets! but if you   
read addybook #9 i think you can find   
there your reaction if not don't be     
angry coz i'm not sure yet! anyway thanx
for da reaction!!!                      
                              (joy left)
yo pals! a mega,giga, thanx for making  
so a cool mag, like: addybook! i realy  
like to read them! i'm interested to    
read (all) chapters from your mag! i    
also like the new outfit! but i dislike 
two chapters: music i+ii! i'm not intere
sted in reading this chapters! all in   
all: i realy love the addybook! i will  
ever print some intro gfx for your mag, 
if i have enough time! that's all!!     
               DEAR DEATH               
yo thanx for da realy long reaction! you
dislike to read the music chapter hmm   
you mustn't read this chapter if you    
dislike it! do it as i! i read only the 
chapters they i like! okey try to do    
soon as possible a logo if you like!    
anyway thanx for the reaction!          
                              (joy left)
wow, the new outfit rules! very nice    
ideas and nice article selection (atleas
original!). the text window could be    
bigger, but anyway not sooo bad. the    
charts seem ok, and congratulations in  
genened. p.s. it's not ass licking, just
                              (joy left)
              DEAR JANETTI              
yo thanx for da reaction! when we maybe 
change the outfit in some month so we   
will maybe change the text window a bit!
okey no more to say!                    
                              (joy left)
o.k. mag! hope new outfit is better than
da old one! keep up da nice work pleez! 
                DEAR CAT                
no problem we try to keep! thanx for the
                              (joy left)
addybook is a cool mag. i have read last
issue lately, it was very nice, cool    
music, chapter fine, it's great!        
             DEAR NAMELESS              
         thanx for da reaction!         
                              (joy left)
ohhh yes you arrived the end of this    
chapter coz no more votesheets with     
reactions on my table here! so i'm realy
happy coz i can close this chapter for  
issue 11!! okey see ya all later with   
some new and interesting reactions!     
see ya all in issue 12!!                
                         MACHINE is off!
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