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well, well! this is mr.mouse yet again  
on the keys. before i go on about       
any music i must point out that when I  
review any music from any musician i    
always give MY opinion about the zak.   
as music is always a matter of taste i  
shall never say that a music is nice for
everyone. i have always stated in       
previous addybook's that i give my own  
opinion about music. i hope that is     
clear. and no matter who made the music,
whether he is popular or non-famous,    
if the music is crap in my eyes i'll say
so. if it is good i shall also say so.  
i don't give a fuck for somebody's      
so-called "status". this computing is a 
hobby, not real life. when you start    
taking this c64-scene to serious and    
cannot have any fun no more, then i     
suggest you throw it in the dustbin.    
(the c64).                              
because it must be fun to do things. if 
you are famous in the scene, you are NOT
famous SOMEWHERE ELSE. don't become an  
arrogant fool. a bit self-confidence is 
allowed, but don't let it become out of 
okay... before i go on i must tell you  
that i won't review any musicians this  
month. why? here it comes:              
1.nobody has send me any music.         
  please, musicians! send!!! please.    
2.i have been fuckin' busy the last     
  few days. (not on c64).               
3.if i did have time i worried about    
  the shitthings happening on earth.    
but next month i will review again, as  
usual. and i can tell you that another  
member from the cool musicgroup T.I.A.  
will be in here. now that is nice eh!   
and if you people would please send me  
your own music, i will put you in here  
too! please! don't be afraid! do it!    
so i do not have much to tell you this  
month. just that it is a pity that the  
drummer from TOTO has died. he was:     
"the king of shuffle". his replacement  
is very good also (simon philipps), but 
he's not the same. too bad.             
now i'd like to make a statement about  
the votesystem. it is utter and total   
crap, bullshit and nonsense.            
as people only vote for "friends" or    
people from who they remember the name, 
no-one without a "status" get's a change
people don't really care if the persons 
they vote for a really good or not, it's
just because they don't want to have too
much work to do. there are a whole lot  
of people in the charts which are dead..
or who are not good. the voting and the 
charts do not represent the real best of
the scene. yet again, this is all my own
opinion, you don't have to agree.       
people who are arrogant and foolish     
enough to say "vote for us", are lame.  
everyone. if you want votes then you    
want to be famous, to be better than    
others, eventually ending in SICKENING  
ARROGANCE if you are open for that.     
of course there are famous people who   
stay nice, friendly dudes.              
but if you are SICK enough, DUMB enough 
to say in addy's: "only elite dudes may 
contact me" then you are very arrogant  
and you miss the REAL facts of life.    
but why not become normal again.        
you can't help it, i can't help it, but 
we needn't be overjudging our own       
abilities, now do we? friendship is the 
thing that counts, not the dumb "elite" 
thing. get real!!! ELITE is NONSENSE.   
remember it: eliteness is lameness,     
lameness is eliteness. and don't forget!
don't let us become fascists!!! nooo!!! 
          ELITE is LAME, it's           
             all the same!              
the person who first had the arrogance  
to say another person was lame, was lame
himself. well, i will quit now. no more 
crap from me. next time more musictalk  
from me. if you are a musician and want 
to join the musicgroup XENTAX, then send
me a note!! or drop me a line!!!        
before i'm off, i wish you all a very   
nice day and i'll give you a memberstats
from xentax:                            
XENTAX memberstatus:                    
mr.mouse/blaze    : leader,musician     
active/varsity    : leader,musician     
pina/xentax       : leader,swapper      
the gee/hitmen    : leader,musician     
mr.ammo/blaze     : leader,swapper      
mateus/xentax     : leader,musician     
peace/blaze       : leader,music,coder  
the stranger/f4cg : leader,music,coder  
i'll give the keys to the fabulous      
mr.ammo, but first: please read and     
spread the "united europeans"-note.     
stop ultraright, fascistmovements.      
stop neo-nazis. they need jailsentences.
they need to be put away.               
hhhmmm.... short piece from me this time
eh? well, mr.ammo has got a lot for ya, 
so after my address, here he comes...   
for musicordering, musicswap, musicutil.
and addybook's musicreviews. 'till soon.
welcome after a few months of absence...
  first i'd like to explain to you why  
i didn't write my chapter in ADDYBOOK 10
the reason is very simple because i had 
to help my dad with rebuilding our house
as we changed a view things here at my  
home! we expanded our living-room and i 
had to help laying the carpet and re-   
decorating! damn that took a lot of...  
energy and i felt very tired after a    
hard days work.... but hey i won't      
bother you anylonger with this shit...  
'cause i know you're not interested in  
these silly stories why i didn't write! 
  well, on the next page you'll find the
content of this chapter and that's it!  
i guess.....                            
           the content:                 
           - SOME NEWS                  
           - ABOUT NEWS!                
           - MTV VMA WINNERS            
           - SOME FINAL WORDS           
 well.... let us start with the news... 
- record companies across the usa have  
begun scrutinising the lyrics on forth- 
coming rap tracks, with a view to       
censoring potentially offensive tracks, 
in order to avoid repeating the storm   
created by ICE-T'S controversial track, 
COP KILLER.                             
- NIRVANA are not going to split up -   
and the band are looking forward to re- 
cording a strupped-down third album!    
SO WE'RE BRINING 'EM BACK"              
that quote comes from the inimitable    
FLAVOR FLAV, on adverts for PUBLIC      
ENEMY'S forthcoming compilation.        
the band say that some of their best    
singles were overshadowed by their      
bigger hits!                            
the lp, due out this month, is a        
collection of new tracks and remixed    
cuts from earlier records.              
- KEEP IT COMING (dance till you can't  
get enough of it) is the latest release 
from the C & C MUSIC FACTORY.           
- BOBBY BROWN celebrated the release of 
BOBBY - his first album in almost four  
years - whit a launch party in          
loas angelos.                           
brown's pregnant wife whitney houston   
wasas there and brown duets with her on 
one track on his lp.                    
bobby brown's album is already          
released. a spokesperson for his record 
label said a tour was very likely, but  
no dates had been arranged.             
- 808 STATE have announced that their   
latest album is, quote, " A BIT MORE    
ROMANTIC " than previous efforts.       
the album entitled GORGEOUS will hit    
the shops october 19th, and sees a      
return to more beautiful techno music,  
says the band..                         
808 state are now aiming to produce     
dance records that can be listened to   
sitting down...                         
- in america, MICHAEL JACKSON is to per-
form at the american superbowl on       
JANUARY 31TH. jackson will play a twenty
minute set at half-time, featuring      
material from the DANGEROUS tour.       
to most americans this will be their 1st
confrontation with the material from the
dangerous tour as it has been on tely in
europe! the performance was booked by   
an attempt to boost ratings!!           
- AXLE ROSE of guns 'n' roses saw his   
psychotherapist up to five hours a day  
after shows on the band's tour last     
year. he said that he had some seriuos  
trouble with his voice!                 
- controversial MADONNA says in she     
enjoys herSEX and that she is:          
- THE SUGARCUBES' eccentric singer BJORK
has recorded a solo jazz-orientated lp! 
- the managers of SIMPLY RED and DIRE   
STRAITS have founded the first ever     
collective organisation of music        
managers, to be called the INTERNATIONAL
MANAGERS FORUM.                         
plans for the new body were unveiled and
unanimously endorsed at the in the city 
music conference.                       
the organisation's initial committee    
includes the managers of the pretenders,
jesus jones, status quo and the cocteau 
- QUINCY JONES, veteran and producer to 
the likes of lesley gore and michael    
jackson, is now moving into the publish-
ing world.                              
the first issue of his own magazine     
called VIBE, described as a rap-culture 
periodical, hits the street this month  
(sept.) and debuts with features on LL  
and with NAUGHTY BY NATURE'S treach     
adorning the cover.                     
- BELINDA CARLISLE has released a       
greatest hits album which includes her  
debut solo record, HEAVON IS A PLACE ON 
- SPIKE LEE has run into problems about 
using amateur footage of the beating of 
american motorist RODNEY KING in his new
film, terminator x.                     
- george holliday, the man who shot and 
owns the rights to the footage, is      
concerned that lee will use his footage 
during a controversial flag burning     
- JANIS JOPLIN'S sister has written a   
book about the late singer called, love 
laura joplin put the book together from 
letters that janis, nicknamed pearl,    
wrote from san francisco to her family  
back in texas in the late sixties.      
i must tell you that i'm sorry if there 
is any old news, but that 'cause my     
news suplier isn't available anymore!   
that means that i vave to get new from  
other sources like the dutch tely and   
of course mtv europe. i used to get it  
from super channel and they do news and 
rumours from tehe music business. if you
want that old type then i must tell you 
that ou can get it on teletext page 221 
of super channel of course! well, i also
subrtract news from magazines like e.g. 
the bass player! but that must be all!  
i'm not really looking for news, just   
grab some news and make the necessary   
changes! combining the 64 scene and     
school is shit! but i'll keep in the    
scene as i really love it!!! 64 rules!  
well, that's it what i wanted to say    
about the news section in this chapter! 
i guess most of you have seen the 1992  
MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS, but that doesn't
stop me to print the winners of all     
catagories... i know it has been a while
ago but there surely must be some people
who don't know who all the winners are. 
that's why i put it in this chapter...  
well, flip the page to find out who won!
best video of the year                  
artist:  van halen                      
song:    right now                      
best male video                         
artist:  eric clapton                   
song  :  tears in heaven                
best female video                       
artist:  annie lennox                   
sonfg :  why                            
best group video                        
artist:  u2                             
song  :  even bMtter than the real thing
best new artist in a new video          
artist:  nirvana                        
song  :  smells like teen spirit        
best rap video                          
artist:  arrested development           
song  :  tennessee                      
best dance video                        
aritst:  prince & the new power         
song  :  cream                          
best metal/hard rock video              
artist:  metellica                      
song  :  enter sandman                  
best video from a film                  
artist:  queen                          
song  :  bohemian rhapsody              
          (wayne's world)               
best direction in a video               
director:  mark fenske                  
artist  :  van halen                    
song    :  right now                    
breakthrough video                      
artist:  red hot chili peppers          
song  :  give it away                   
best cinematography in a video          
cinematographers: mike southon          
                  daniel pearl          
                            flip page...
artist:  guns 'n' roses                 
song  :  november rain                  
michael jackson video vanguard award    
artist:  guns n'n roses                 
song  :  november rain                  
best choreography in a video            
choreographer: travis payne,            
               frank gatson,            
               lavelle smith            
artist       : en vogue                 
song         : my lovin' (you're never  
               gonna get it)            
best special effects in a video         
special effects:  simon taylor          
artist         :  u2                    
song           :  even better than the  
                  real thing            
best art direction in a video           
art director:  nick goodman             
artist      :  red hot chili peppers    
song        :  give it away             
best editing in a video                 
editor:  mitchell sinoway               
artist:  van halen                      
song  :  rigtht now                     
 on the next pages the viewers' choice  
             award winners              
mtv europe                              
artist:  the cure                       
song  :  friday, i'm in love            
mtv australia                           
artist:  diesel                         
song  :  man alive                      
mtv asia                                
artist:  christina                      
song  :  jring mai glua                 
mtv brasil                              
artist:  nenhum de nos                  
song  :  no meu redor                   
mtv internacional                       
artist:  el general                     
song  :  mueveleo                       
well, this is it for my text in this    
magazine!!!! if i'm right, mr.mouse's   
text was in front of mine(if not too bad
now some requests to you...             
as you might have read in last month    
issue, there was a report written by    
my dear friend STORMBRINGER/CLIQUE. he'd
written a report of the torhout/werchter
festival!! now for my request, if there 
are any of you out there who go once in 
a while to a concert or a festival then 
please write a report for it and send it
to me (mr.ammo). you'll be credited and 
get addybook very hot!!!! also if you or
someone else in you know make music on  
the 64 or in a band! then please send   
some music to mr.mouse (or me) so       
mr.mouse can review them! this is the   
most essential part in this chapter     
'cause 64 music is ' the scene's music',
also if you've got some news (music)    
then write it on the back of the sheet!!
also write requests of what you would   
like to see in addybook or in this      
chapter!!! with this i mean ideas to    
improve the outfit, the text-output, etc
etc. (what do you think about an        
upscroller? (put it on the back of the  
sheets that you want it) with an up-    
scroller we can put more text in this   
chapter and you can go through this     
chapter fast and you can go back fast!! 
well, ignore the thing about the up-    
scroller. that is just what i think and 
not the other blaze'ers.(eccept mr.mouse
okay, on the next page you can find my  
address... just to send some stuff for  
this chapter...                         
                               flip page
       tel:+3xxxxxxxxxxxx (rolf)        
this is not for swap, though you can try
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