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       interview in addybook #11        
hello and welcome to the first inter-   
view done with THE SYNDROM/tia/padua.   
i think the most guyz know him and his  
tunes if not then read this interview   
and listening to this wonderful music   
done by him!!!                          
? hello syndrom, please give our readers
  some facts and info about yourself and
  your family!                          
! my real name is matthias hartung. i'm 
  18 years old and 1,90 m tall.         
  i finished school this spring and now 
  i'm going to study "informatic". i've 
  got a younger brother and a younger   
  sister, but they don't care on the    
  computer scene.                       
? when did you enter the c64 scene;     
  which groups have you been in and     
  which group are you in now?           
! i've got my c64 on 24.4.1988, when i  
  had my confirmation. first i lamed    
  around and collected games. in late   
  1989 i became a member of the Empire  
  Crackware Coorporation. there we      
  "cracked" some games and made 4 more  
  or less nice demos. but there were al-
  ready the coming tia members.- donald,
  gaston, and me. in summer 1990 we     
  formed tia and i tried to get into the
  scene with "hypertronic". and i realy 
  get some contacts. now i have about 30
  contacts and we finally released four 
  demos at all. now tia transformed into
  a musiclabel. all members are asked to
  join 2nd groups.                      
              members are:              
          gaston /tia/elysium           
   tragic error /tia/ninjutsu designs   
         the syndrom /tia/padua         
? what's your job in your current group?
! i'm the leader and organizer of our   
  music label. i joined padua as a      
  musician, but i perhaps do some coding
? what are your future plans on the c64 
  and in real life?                     
! on the c64 i'll bring all members of  
  tia into the charts. i personally want
  to be into the top 10 (so vote he,he!)
  and 2nd i want to do (sell) some music
  for games. in real life i want to     
  finish my study and want to get a good
  job and maybe found a family.         
? which group would you join if your    
  group would die? and why?             
! first i would say, that tia would     
  never die. and if you mean padua - i  
  got enough offers from other cool     
  groups, so that isn't a problem to    
  fined a new one. but it had to be a   
  cool demogroup.                       
? what's/who's your favourite...        
! demogroup: crest                      
  coder: crossbow                       
  musician: drax (hi, thomas!)          
  swapper: bitnapper/comic pirates      
  mag: script, brutal recall            
  music band: guns'n'roses, sisters of  
  movie: there are alot of cool movies, 
         so i don't have a special one. 
  girlie: just to be secret             
  food: spaghetti, pizza                
  drink: coke                           
? what do you like/dislike in the c64   
! i like all the cool demos, the friend-
  ship between the people, cool sendings
  cool musics. i don't like cracks that 
  much, but they belong to the scene.   
  and finally i hate the so called wars.
  they are stupid.                      
? are you in other scenes too?          
! yes i'm in the chocolate-eater-scene!!
  (just kidding).                       
? do you like demos?                    
! yeah, i really love demos. i collect  
  all, which are good. i think a cool   
  demo has to contain cool grafix, music
  some cool, perhaps new routines, it   
  just has to be "styled". the best demo
  ever made is for sure "dutch breeze". 
  2nd is "ice cream castle".            
? what kind of hardware do you use?     
! i own a c64, a 1541-ii, a black/white 
  and soon a color tv, a mk v-cartrige  
  and finally lots of disks.            
? who are your best friends in the c64  
! i like all my contacts, but my best   
  friends are:bitnapper, einstein, remix
  franky, greyrat, per, drago, donald,  
  gaston, t.error and some more (un-    
  ranked, ofcause).                     
? i guess you don't spend all spare-time
  you have in front of your c64, so     
  please tell us what you do besides the
! i like to bike. sometimes i play soc- 
  cer (as a goalkeeper). and finally i  
  read alot. once i started to play     
  guitar, but therefor i haven't enough 
  time anymore.                         
? have you ever been in trouble with the
! no, never.                            
? do you know any perverts?             
! what ?                                
? now a question for you that we ask    
  every time so here it is. what do you 
  think about the new kids on the block?
! music for babies...                   
? do you have a girlfriend? if so then  
  discribe her for us.                  
! no, not at the moment.                
? do you have good habits? please give  
  us three of them.                     
! -friendly to everybody                
  -along sleeping                       
  -if i eat, i eat muuuuch!             
? like good habits you must also have   
  some bad habits. please give us three 
  of this too.                          
! -i'm to lazy to work at home...       
  -i don't speak much at all.           
? if you would win one million english  
  pounds, what would you do with it?    
! i would buy a house, a car and the    
  rest i would invest somewhere else.   
? are there any guys in the scene that  
  you definitely wouldn't invite to your
! yes, franco/creatures. i'm afraid of  
  his revenge, as i always eat his whole
  chocolate... oh, just kidding-ofcause 
  i would invite him.                   
? by the way, when were you born?       
! i was born on the 12.11.1973          
? if you'd like to give our readers some
  final words then please do...         
! i would advice all c64 freaks to stop 
  the boring wars. let friendship rule!!
  so the c64 will never (!) die...      
? yo syndrom, i thank you for this      
  interview and leave you some space to 
  do some greets...                     
? yes, i thank you too. i send my greet-
  ings to: curve, parados, crest, oxyron
  loa, antic, clique, hitmen, in access,
  victrix, hysteric, wow+rush, lower lev
  el, gothic designs, slita design      
  spirit, comic pirates, pride, brutal, 
  skylight, padua, jch, drax, msk, xayne
  all creatures and the rest of padua   
  and at last to all tia-members.       
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