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  yo here is machine after this little  
  break of addybook!! okey i will here  
now write all the reactions down. i hope
i get next time MORE REATIONS!! don't be
so LAZY reader, write reactions! coz we 
want know YOUR opinion about addybook!  
  o.k. let's start with the reactions!  
 the first one is from: ELECTRIC/extend 
keep  this mag like this! it's boring   
to read all that nonsense in other mags.
addybook is mag where i read all. please
put also discover designer-charts!      
dear ELECTRIC: yo first thanx for your  
               reaction! yes addybook   
               had realy no many chapter
               i think only the importan
               t things! you want discov
               er charts, sorry but on  
               the new votesheet you    
               can't find discover chart
               but maybe in some month  
               on a new votesheet! but  
                anyway i hope you like  
                the new addybook! see   
                ya then!!               
   next is from: THE AUTHENTIC/dunex    
               cool mag!                
dear AUTHENTIC: thanx for the little    
                reaction, i hope you    
                like the new outfit too!
                see ya.                 
 and an reaction from: MANIZAX/confront 
i think it's a really cool mag. one of  
the best.  SIGNED: manizax/confront.    
dear MANIZAX: thanx for your reaction!  
              okey i hope you like the  
              new outfit i think the    
              outfit looks better as the
              old one! see ya.          
     now an reaction from: ZZAP/epic    
please have some more colors in the mag!
and please change the votesheet to 5    
lines instead of 10 lines! you could    
also have more chapters like searching  
for 'did you know...'                   
dear ZAPP: yo thanx for your reactions! 
           more colors can you find here
           in the new outfit! we don't  
           want more chapters o.k.?! coz
           you can find in our mag only 
           the important scene things   
           and not KITCHEN RECEPTS! we  
           don't want the charts in 5   
           lines, coz with 10 lines are 
           the charts very fair! also   
           please try to fill out all   
           10 lines! thanx anyway!      
  now some words from: MASTER/orbital   
cool looking votesheet... nice layout   
well done mr.ammo. more chapters needed 
in mag though!!                         
dear MASTER: i hope you like the new    
             votesheet too! if you want 
             more chapters then please  
             read one of the mags with  
             the many chapters! we have 
             only the very important    
             things in our mag, i hope  
             you understand this! thanx 
             anyway for your reaction!  
 now an reaction from: MISTRAL/sawbone  
ED. sorry i can't read the first words  
coz really ugly handwriting from mistral
...a mag that belongs to top 5 mags here
only important things (especially addys)
that's ruling! keep going and send next 
issue after summerbreak! i love dis mag!
dear MISTRAL: yo thanx for you reaction!
------------- yes you are right addybook
              had only the important thi
              ngs and not the many unint
              eresting things! ofcoz you
              get the new issue, coz you
              are one of my contax! i   
              hope you like the new     
              outfit and the many addys 
              this month! okey see ya!  
so folks that are all reactions they i  
had found on the many,many votesheets!  
had you all read CAREFULL the EDITORIAL 
there you can find some words about     
CODING and about VOTING so please READ  
it and write some reactions about the   
words from one of our coders (PEACE is  
the name of the coder!) i hope to find  
in the reactions some words from some   
coder! also dont forget 'SEND REACTIONS'
              ADDYBOOK HQ               
for addresses, votes, storys, reports...
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