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RONNIE JAMES DIO has rejoined black     
sabbath, because as he claims black     
sabbath was an unfinished job.          
guitarist TONY IOMMI agrees: "the line  
up from the earlier days, which is also 
the current line-up has from a song-    
technical point of view a whole lot to  
offer. "                                
drummer COZY POWELL had to be thrown    
out, because he had an car-accident and 
the record-company wanted demo's. so    
they had to search for another.         
this was VINNIE APPICE.                 
cozy stayed friendly towards black      
sabbath, but because tony was a good    
friend of his he would have expected    
more loyalty from him.                  
tony sais he is not proud of himself,   
but the other members also had a vote.  
anyway, they had all joined other bands,
but they rejoined, because this was     
a chance to reunite the line-up.        
the new album "DEHUMANIZER" was recorded
in the ROCKFIELD STUDIO in wales,       
together with producer MACK.            
the end-mix was done in munchen.        
in about two years black sabbath exists 
for 25 years!                           
this album is worth an ear, but i won't 
tell you much about it. just go and     
listen for yourself!                    
weeeeelllll!!!! this is about it!       
i hope you liked my chapter for addybook
and i hope you like addybook!           
before i give the keys to you i'll just 
advertise a bit here:                   
XENTAX ZAX is the name of a new music   
group. short is xentax.                 
if you people want to have any exclusive
tunes for your wares please give me a   
call or send!!                          
memberstatus of xentax:                 
THE STRANGER/xentax/f4cg                
THE GEE/xentax/hitmen                   
soooo, please do use the addybook 10    
chainnote called "CHAIN O'ADDY10!"      
it is on theis disk. read the info and  
please use it! we would be very thankful
if you all did!                         
well, mr.mouse is going ta quit.        
see ya next issue!                      
and musicians: send your stuff to me!!  
my address stand on the next page so    
move the JOY LEFT!!!!                   
            michael zuurman             
            the netherlands             
yo musicfreax,                          
here's stormbringer/clique with an      
article written for my friendz in BLAZE!
as you might or might not know,we in    
belgum had the biggest musicfestival    
called TORHOUT/WERCHTER ! this year,    
such bands as pearl jam,crowded house,  
red hot chili peppers and many more     
went on stage here in this little       
unknown country !! the whole thing      
started off on a field covered with     
mud due to the bad weather circumstances
the day before ! july 2nd was the day   
thw whole thing would start !!          
the festival lasts about 14 houres like 
last year !! on the 2nd of july,me and  
some friends went to the torhout field  
to make us up for a day never to forget!
first band coming on stage at 9 o'clock 
were THE SCABS..a belgian rockband which
realy broke through last year..they were
seriously having a nervous breakdown as 
they never played so badly,but we forgav
e them as the day was still long !      
second act coming up was the seattle    
band called SMASHING PUMPKINS..the      
little brothers from such bands as      
nirvana and soundgarden...actually,     
the second band who would play was      
pearl jam,but due to medical reasons    
the frontman eddie vedder couldn't      
go on stage !! the second dissapointment
for me as PEARL JAM was the band for    
who i was actually coming !!            
but smashing pumpkins played a very     
cool gig which gave the belgian rock    
fans a chance to MUD-DIVE as the ground 
was so soft b-coz of the mud that we    
just threw ourselves on the ground in   
the should've seen our clothes
after a very big ovation for the seattle
band it was time for the dutch band     
URBAN DANCE SQUAD to show what they     
really can do on a big festival         
crowded with 60thousand+ people !       
the sound was a bit annoying b-coz the  
loudspeakers and micro were peeping all 
the time..although they haven't convince
d me quite,it was a pleasure to see     
that urban dance squad wrapped the crowd
around their fingers with their great   
songs like no kid,deeper shade of soul, 
burrocrat of flaccostreet,routine       
and other songs but as i said before,   
they couldn't convince me 100% !        
next up was the sympathic australian    
band CROWDED a little       
story..due to the strike of the french  
truckdrivers closing the highways,      
the truck with the CROWDED HOUSE        
instruments didn't arrive on time so    
the guyz had to borrow some equipement  
from other musicgroups who were on      
stage that day !! i've seen that band   
already giging a few times but this     
time it wasn't that good as humour was  
far to find this time maybe b-coz they  
were pissed about the instruments!      
humour is usually very important on a   
CROWDED HOUSE concert so with that      
missing,this concert became a bit boring
..after some beers,we were ready to     
cheer up the next group appearing which 
was EXTREME...those hardrock guyz were  
really impressive..although they're not 
directly my favourite band,i enjoyed    
their 45-minutes lasting show...a couple
of great,hard songs combined with       
soft ballad masterpieces..i can only say
that this band has such a good live     
performance that it's a joy to see them 
on stage,'s really worth checking  
them out when they're coming to your    
place ! following artist was LUKA BLOOM,
this irish folk singer who only plays   
acous. guitar,was really boring to watch
the crowd didn't appreciate this as     
we were speaking louder towards each    
other than he was singing !! i can      
understand it was hard to pay attention 
to him after that exploding extreme he went of stage with almost
no applaus and no can 
be hard !!                              
luka went off stage and we were still   
a bit sleeping untill some kinda lunatic
z came on stage half doubt, 
these guyz were the RED HOT CHILI       
PEPPERS..most of the concert-visitors   
came for rhcpand so did i actually !!   
their combination of funk/punk/rock     
was really working good on the crowd !  
the set they played contained their most
popular songs like higher ground,give   
it away and their recent number one hit 
under the bridge ! me and my friends    
were standing at aproximately meters    
from him so we really had eye-contact   
with singer ANTHONY KIEDIS...after the  
best gig of the whole concert,he took   
a dive in the crowd but the girls       
of 13-14-15 year who came for BRYAN     
ADAMS went away and dearanthony fell    
on the ground and wracked his shoulder, 
which what i find a bit amusing !       
this gig was also the first gig with    
the new guitarist of red hot chili      
pepersafter joe fresciani leaving the   
band..the gig was definitely the high-  
light of the day...after all that       
slamdancing,the beer in my estomac      
askedto leave my belly so i puked and   
felltmuch better !                      
the last performer who climbed on stage 
that night was canadian BRYAN ADAMS,it  
was a disapointment that he was chosen  
to do the last gig !! the only reason   
why the organisers billed adams was     
to get many little girlies to the       
festival so we thought to learn them    
a lesson by slamdancing in front of     
them...they were looking like we were   
some kinda space aliens and so did      
bryan adams,the highlight here was that 
bryan adams shouted towards as something
so almost,60000 people were looking     
to us and also a dutch girl with whom   
i fellin love that night..yeah,also     
holland's got some horny blondies !!    
the concert from bryan adams wasn't     
as bad as i expected b-coz he played    
his real rocknumbers and the girlies    
were highly dissapointed because he     
didn't play EVERYTHING I DO....         
but i didn't care the least as i was    
kissing the most beautiful girl ever    
seen ! after bryan did 3 bissnumbers,   
he closed the whole concert and we      
all went home happily and def !!        
all by all,the concert this year was    
much better than last year where almost 
evry person fell asleep with sting and  
paul simon !! i hope ya enjoyed my      
report a bit and dropmea disk or letter 
for mega- and tape-swapping !           
well,see ya and enjoy the rest of       
ADDYBOOK 10 !                           
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