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yeeeaaaaahhhh! finally here is addybook 
number 10!! i really hope you like the  
new outfit and vote for us like hell!   
by the way, this is MR.MOUSE at the keys
here and i am going to have a whole lot 
of text here! i have got some music from
you guys and i must say thanks for      
sending! i guess you all thought that   
BLAZE had died or something. well, we   
didn't!! and we have returned from our  
summerbreak. thanks to some very cool   
dudes in blaze we've got this nice      
outfit and i would like to point out    
that i am just a writer for addybook;   
yes, i know i make music, but i think   
those other members are the ones who    
make addybook alive: coders, graphicians
and swappers! and of course musicians.  
(heheheh!) anyway, let me tell you what 
i got for you this time:                
*TOP SECRET/t.o.m./trash                
*GUY SHAVITT/scs                        
METAL NEWS:                             
*new megadeth album                     
*accept rejoined                        
*kiss is back with "revenge"            
*new black sabbath album                
so, i think that is enough. let us begin
handle    : ANDRE                       
real name : andre                       
group     : antic and sunrise           
sex       : male                        
age       : ?                           
before i go off talking about his music 
i'll give some personal info about him. 
he started about 6 months ago and it was
very difficult, because as he claims he 
was busy as a painter and megaswapper   
too. so his songs as he said were very  
bad at first. but after a while he      
finally understood how to work with     
VOICETRACKER. according to him he tought
himself the rules of voicetracker.      
as we all did, i think. but ok, enough  
crap about that.                        
he send me some songs which were brand  
new, or at least i may expect so,       
because i am not allowed to release them
as thay are exclusively made for various
groups. so the song that is added to    
this addybook is not his latest tune.   
but first i want to talk about the un-  
released sounds. from the 5 tunes about 
3 songs are build on the same notes:    
a, f, g and e. the basspatterns are very
alike and just basic c64 voicetracker   
patterns. the solosounds are also basic 
voicetracker sounds. i think he should  
try and invent original sounds.         
now when the bass plays a "g" for       
example, the other instruments play a   
"g" too. he forgets that there are more 
notes in a chord! so using the same     
notes on all tracks at the same time is 
just a save way of not being false!     
but i think that is not the correct way.
variety is not to be found. when you've 
heard one tune, you've heard them all.  
what about the rhythm? let us take the  
song made for excess.                   
pattern number 03 is rhythmetic faulty. 
this is a short piece of it:            
faulty:    better:                      
-------    -------                      
ins.02     ins.02                       
g-1.03     g-1.03                       
g-1.03     g-2.03                       
g-2.03     ins.01                       
ins.01     a-1.03                       
a-1.03     ins.02                       
both lenghts are: 80                    
but the snaredrum(snd.01) should be on  
the 3, not the 4. the same goes for a   
song composed for oxyron:               
normally(basic loop) you would have this
(*=bass -=hihatt &=snare):              
* - - - & - - -                         
1   2   3   4                           
but andre has:                          
* - - - - & - -                         
1   2   3   4                           
now if he would have done this on       
purpose he should have made the other   
patterns fit for it.                    
so, overall i can say that andre must   
improve on soundediting, variety in     
patterns and solo and he should improve 
on originality how difficult this may be
to all of us. so andre, nothing is lost!
continue and you'll become better!      
you CAN do it.                          
ANDRE/antic    percent    average       
-----------    -------    -------       
introability     58%                    
longplay         50        52.50        
rhythmetic       50        -----        
melody           52                     
address of this fellow:                 
next review                             
handle    : MATEUS                      
real name : ?                           
group     : t.o.m. and trash            
sex       : male                        
age       : 19                          
this dude works on the music assembler  
version 1.3 as i am told and started his
own music group: TORTURE OF MUSIC.      
let's hope the name is not what it      
sounds like!! i'd hate to see good music
turned into a mess!                     
they set up t.o.m. because the group    
TRASH needed an own musicsection. so    
mateus got busy on becoming a musician. 
then they made a few collections (2).   
i got send some music from PINA of trash
and i shall review it now.              
so first mateus.                        
let's talk about SCORE #33 from t.o.m.  
the intro is okay and there are some    
nice sounds. the basspattern is nice and
you get to hear a nice rhythmetic change
during the song. but the basspattern    
stays the same, that means not that     
varied. the solosound should have been  
more modern, it is a bit too simple.    
and the accompanying sounds could have  
been more varied too. but overall this  
song is okay.                           
now ZAK 4 TRIAD 1. very nice intro with 
an excellent atmospheric solosound.     
it fits real good to the chordsounds    
which accompany the bass and solo.      
there is variety in solosound and the   
solo itself. it doesn't take long, but  
it has got a good change of chords,     
nice drumsound. i think this is a very  
nice song indeed and perfect for a game.
last song: ZAK 4 TRIAD 2. intro is okay 
and the sound too. the solo which       
repeats itself now and then is also nice
to listen to.                           
the basspattern however contains the    
snare drum at one point and because the 
basssound uses a filter and the snare   
doesn't you get an irritating "tick!"   
whenever the filter is switched on/off. 
there is only one solo.                 
the song is atmospheric and it is above 
average so it's okay.                   
ZAK 4 TRIAD 1 is added to this issue.   
well, i think that mateus is an okay to 
a good musician and every musician      
can't always be excellent.              
MATEUS/t.o.m.     percent    average    
-------------     -------    -------    
introability    :   70                  
longplay        :   68        67.00     
rhythmetic feel :   60        -----     
melody          :   70                  
address of mateus is not known          
but contact PINA of trash:              
martin pilny                            
k.bartose 412/43                        
530 09 pardubice                        
next review                             
handle    : GUY SHAVITT                 
real name : guy shavitt                 
group     : scs and the force           
sex       : male                        
age       : ?                           
so, i guess you all know this dude or   
don't ya? you've seen him in the charts 
and you've heard from him in various    
programmes and scs's scores.            
the thing is with some musicians,that   
when they are in the charts everyone    
imediately likes the new tunes they make
even if it is really bullshit.          
take jeroen tel for example: during the 
Maniacs Of Noise days, charles deenen   
and he made good, original music.       
they became worldfamous. then they broke
up and jeroen tel went solo.            
and nowadays he lives from the name he  
has earned, not from his good music,    
because he doesn't make good music!     
but when people are filling in the vote-
sheets they remember him from his good  
days and they put him on the sheet!     
how incredibly stupid! there are people 
who make far more better music then he  
does, but who don't get a chance.       
therefore it was good to see a new      
person in the charts. so forget about   
the old generation, vote for the new    
musicians!! and when you've become a    
musician just to get in the charts, then
you are no real musician.               
anyway, enough bullshit, let's talk     
about guy.                              
he has made several good tunes and i am 
supposed to review scs score 17 or scs  
score 18. well, i choose for 18, because
number 17 is rather boring.             
but 18 is a nice tune and i'll tell you 
it has a nice starwarsish intro with an 
okay solosound.(when i talk about sounds
i mean the colour!)                     
there is one solo for the whole song    
which repeats itself, with only a change
of solosound. the solosounds are good,  
so you almost feel like there's a whole 
lot to the song.                        
the chord-sounds accompany the solo+bass
very nicely indeed.                     
as does the bassline, although the sound
is a popular basscolour.                
the bassline repeats itself too during  
the main solo, but it is nice and simple
which means it is not in the solo's way.
after two times of playing the solo,    
there's the end. the starwars-intro     
repeats itself several times and fades  
all in all a good song, although i must 
say that it is not an original style;   
i'd almost say it is commercial!!       
but guy knows what he is doing and i've 
heard he recorded in a studio recently  
just like reyn ouwehand or me!          
anyway, i'll round up this review.      
GUY SHAVITT/scs   percent    average    
---------------   -------    -------    
introability    :   78                  
longplay        :   60        69.50     
rhythmetic feel :   70        -----     
melody          :   70                  
address of guy:                         
guy shavitt/scs                         
p.o. box 39057                          
next review                             
handle    : TOP SECRET                  
real name : ?                           
group     : t.o.m.                      
sex       : male                        
age       : ?                           
well, well, this is the second person   
from t.o.m. and i don't know much about 
him. but he makes music and i'll review 
one song. it is called HIGHWAY and it   
is also added to addybook.              
i always make some notes while i listen 
to the music to review and for this     
song i noted: "this is a very excellent 
intro song". it is done with music      
assembler, i assume. there's a nice     
intro. the overal effects are nice, too 
although they're from the good ol' days.
it has got a good atmosphere, this is   
also due to the drum sounds. the solo-  
sound is good, but the solo itself      
however could have been better.         
there is no excellent fantastic solo,   
but it is a perfect intro sound and even
a demopart i'd think.                   
i haven't heard much from top secret so 
i'll just leave it to that and would    
somebody please pick up the phone?      
what? oh, it's the end of highway...    
TOP SECRET/t.o.m.   percent  average    
-----------------   -------  -------    
introability      :   75                
longplay          :   60      64.00     
rhythmetic feel   :   60      -----     
melody            :   65                
all in all a good music group.          
address of top secret is not known.     
contact PINA of trash:                  
martin pilny                            
k.bartose 412/43                        
530 09 pardubice                        
last review                             
handle    : GASTON                      
real name : ?                           
group     : tia                         
sex       : male                        
age       : ?                           
as you all may know, tia has been turned
into a musiclabel and they kicked the   
non-musicians out. THE SYNDROM is the   
leader of tia and his fellow musician   
is GASTON. you all know the syndrom by  
now, but what about gaston? well, the   
syndrom asked me to review his music,   
which i got from tia collection 2 and   
i will do so.                           
i have heard three songs from gaston and
i picked that song which i think is the 
it is released in survive, a demo by    
tia. let us say, the last demo by tia.  
i think the particular song is very     
ATMOSPHERIC. there are some cool sounds 
and there's good use of them. the bass  
line is very well formed. although there
is not much variety in solo, the solo's 
that DO exist are very nice to listen   
to. they represent the whole feel of the
song. the shitty thing about it is that 
the song is too long, because there is  
not much solovariety. when you listen to
it at first you can be very astounded,  
but because of the fact that it takes   
too long, you won't be interested for   
long. that is really a shame, because   
the song is of good quality! well,      
despite that minor fact, i like the     
song. and although the songs from the   
syndrom are more or less close to this  
one sometimes, you can hear that gaston 
is different. we all know that the      
syndrom is a cool musician, but i think 
it won't take long for gaston to reach  
that point too.                         
well, enough talked, let's hit it.      
GASTON/tia        percent   average     
----------        -------   -------     
introability    :   58                  
longplay        :   76       68.00      
rhythmetic feel :   66       -----      
melody          :   72                  
address of gaston:                      
well, well, that has been quite a bit of
text and there's more!!                 
if anyone of those who are reviewed do  
not agree with my ratings, then please  
send your declarations of war, hired    
guns or just threatening letters to me. 
don't take the reviews too personal.    
right. before i go on with the news     
especially for our metal fans, i just   
like to greet a few people.             
HENRY of faces: it has been a cool      
                meeting and i liked it. 
                anytime again.          
                if you could send some  
                pictures of us 4, send  
                them, please!           
                greetings to you friend!
                and fuck it, partytime! 
SLICE of shine: hetzelfde voor jou!     
                volgende keer maar geen 
                trein meer missen!      
                goed, extra groeten uit 
                addybook van mij!       
ACTIVE/xentax/: hoe is het, pal!        
varsity         ik hoop goed!           
                tot ziens!              
THE STRANGER/ : how are ya dude!        
xentax/f4cg     special greetings to ya!
THE GEE/xentax: hahaaa! wie is koning?  
                uiteraard! ik!          
                uitstekend! captain,    
                all weapons armed.      
                excellent, lut. worf... 
yes, here we go with news on the new    
MEGADETH album.                         
name: countdown to extinction           
the new album is a record which         
imediately kicks your ears, then        
disapoints you, but which is all in all 
a fantastic album at last.              
the song "skin o' my teeth" is the first
on the album and you'll swing your shoes
off when you listen to it.              
it is really something else than        
the album "rest in peace", more subtle. 
but it has got as much to offer as that 
album. tempochanges in "symphony of     
destruction" and the megaheavy          
"this was my life" are very brilliantly 
done. the songs are that good composed/ 
arranged that they lock on at eachother 
very easily! the titletrack and the song
"foreclosure of a dream" are a bit on   
the commercial side, but hey who cares. 
the old fashion mean "psychotron",      
the superterrifying "captive honour" and
the epic "ashes in your mouth" are the  
last three masterpieces on the album.   
megadeth is still megacool. buy or die. 
ACCEPT rejoined!                        
after being split up for 6 years accept 
has taken the step to rejoin again.     
they broke up in 1986 which set all     
accept fans in tears(well, nearly).     
why did they rejoin? because of all the 
fans they had and still have.           
they broke up and the amount of fanmail 
from acceptfans kept coming in and the  
rockjournalists kept talking about      
accept when they had the chance to talk 
to one the former-accept members, which 
had all formed other bands!             
they were really sick of it.            
to make a long story short, the four    
acceptmembers decided after 6 years of  
begging from the fans to rejoin.        
they had played whith all kinds of      
people in the non-accept days, but the  
right stuff was never there. those      
people were very good indeed, but not   
the same as the accept formula.         
slowly and surely they became aware of  
the fact that ACCEPT had always been    
something special and they longed for   
when they finally played together in    
a rehears-area they imediately loved it.
none of them regrets this step.         
but if it weren't for the fans, they    
would have never rejoined.              
KISS is back with "REVENGE"             
the promise that this latest album would
be heavier than ever before is most     
certainly realised!                     
PAUL STANLEY is very proud of the album.
in the American Billboard top 100 the   
album has newly entered on place 6!!    
paul claims:"it is good for us to       
realise that we really can do better    
than we thought we could.               
there have been times that everything   
went shit and that we just didn't do    
our best. but during the last stage of  
"revenge" we realised that this album   
would beat all other kiss-albums.       
we hope that the fans will agree."      
he also says that kiss can make good    
albums in their sleep, but to make      
top-albums is the only acceptable goal. 
if they would fail to be as good as     
in the earlier days, they might aswell  
producer is again BOB EZRIN. after they 
checked if bob had not changed in way   
of thinking kiss, they started working  
on "revenge".                           
paul has written some songs together    
with former kiss-guitarist VINNIE       
VINCENT. but only because they can      
write good songs together, not because  
he likes the person.                    
as you can hear in his songtext, paul is
(as we all) a man with different        
personalities. he loves hard, hot and   
sweaty sex, but he also claims there is 
nothing more perfect then a good        
let me round op this crap with saying   
that kiss is still a very professional  
band and uptodate! after 20 years!      
now LOAD please MUSIC 2 to read the rest
of this chapter!!!!                     
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