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hello guys here now the second interview
this interview was done by SCRAPPER with
? stands for scrapper /blaze            
! stands for depeh /antic               
so move now your joy left and read the  
? hello depeh, please give our readers  
  some facts and info about yourself!!  
! hi there,well my name is goran johans-
  son i have one brother, tomas and one 
  sister, inger. at the moment i will   
  start the second year of my teletech- 
  nical studies. i have brown hair. blue
  eyes and i'm 1,85 m tall.             
? when did you enter the c64 scene and  
  which groups have you been in ?       
! for about 2 years ago antic was born  
  so i think that's it. i have been in: 
  sccs, squadron, prizma, cicen, dnob,  
? what's your job in your current group?
! i'm the leader and maincoder. i also  
  swap a little.                        
? what are your future plans on the c64 
  and in real life?                     
! on the c64: to make a demo which i'm  
  totally happy with and to make more   
  cool friends.                         
  real life: to finish my studies       
  booze alot, find a nice girl, who i   
  later on marrie.                      
? which group would you join if your    
  group would die? and why?             
! antic won't die aslong as i'm still   
  alive, but as a hypothetical question 
  i would probably ask my friend in     
  either flash or light.                
? what's/who's your favourite...        
! demogroup .... light                  
  crackergroup . i don't care           
  coder ........ flamingo               
  musician ..... zyron/antic,guy shavitt
  swapper ...... incubus/antic, death-  
  gfx-man ...... creeper/flash          
  music bands ..... guns'n'roses,       
                    snap and any tech-  
                    no group!           
  movie ........... terminator 2, aliens
  disc mags ....... explorer, brutal r. 
  paper mags ...... bulletproof!        
  girlie .......... my latest one.      
  food ............ pizza, spareribs    
  drink .... coke, tequila bonbon, milk-
? what do you like/dislike in the c64   
! all these lamers who writes like:     
  "check dis out, i have made a realtime
  scroll" and all these mags.           
? are you in other scenes too?          
! no, but who knows in the future, i    
  have an amiga too!                    
? do you like demos?                    
! yeah, i like demos when there are new 
  ideas in it and not just old routines.
? what kind of hardware do you use?     
! i have: 1 c64, 2 joysticks, 2 drives, 
          1 256 kb expension memory,    
          1 final cartridge 3, 1 matrix 
          printer and 1 powerfull stereo
          ( hey depeh you can code very 
          good without any monitor or tv
          cool eyh!!!)                  
? who are your best friends in the c64  
! my really best friends are: the antic 
  crew, creeper, morpheus and spy/fhi,  
  spirou and goblin/light, trash/bzd,   
  kingpin/wow, oze/tpf.                 
? i guess you don't spend all spare-time
  you have in front of your c64.        
  so please tell us what you do besides 
  the c64.                              
! sleeping, going to parties, booze alot
  lieing in the sun getting fried, play 
  tennis, watch tv.                     
? have you ever been in trouble with the
! no, not if you mean by computing.     
? do you know any perverts?             
! yeah, oze of tpf and xor/antic is     
  after eachother dicks (hehe) got you  
  now, niklas!                          
? what do you think about the new kids  
  on the block?                         
! they STINK!                           
? do you have a girlfriend?             
! not for the moment. i have been sick  
  for two weeks and can't go out.       
? do you have good habits ?             
! i always code when i don't have       
  anything to do. i eat everyday, i     
  watch tv everyday.                    
? like good habits you must also have   
  some bad habits !                     
! i'm always tired and angry in the mor-
  nings. i'm lazy. i have to much con-  
? if you would win one million english  
  pounds, what would you do with it ?   
! buy a big mansion and all cars of     
  luxury thing i ever want a pool is of 
  course included in the mansion.       
? are there any guys in the c64 scene   
  who you definitely wouldn't invite    
  to your birthday party ?              
! the jam lamers, and no more, i don't  
  have any enemies, you know.           
? by the way when were you born ?       
! i was born the 25th of january 1975.  
? if you'd like to give our readers some
  final words then please do...         
! keep your eyes open for our next demo 
  to come real soon!                    
? i thank you for this interview and    
  leave you some space to do some greets
! greetings to ALL ANTICERS, creeper,   
  moffe, spy of fhi, scooby, spirou,    
  goblin, waco and flamingo of light    
  aaron, tron of fairlight              
  bob of censor, ugnadunk and lobo of   
  wrath, the stunt dudes, you for this  
  interview, kingpin and grapple of wow,
  oze, zeldin, rickmeister of tpf, trash
  hcl, garwin of booze design, tch and  
  deathstralker of brutal, dense of hys-
  teric, and all(?) my contacts and the 
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