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yoho here is MACHINE to print a lot of  
REACTIONS to our mag addybook!! SORRY   
BUT you all CAN'T find here some DEMO   
or MAG tests but maybe you can find     
a LIFE party report from the LIGHT PARTY
under the reactions! but in this MINUTE 
i sit in my home castle and type only   
the REACTIONS here in the texteditor!   
i hope the mag editors (scrapper+peace) 
will give me a chance to make a live    
report??! also this issue will be       
realesed and finished on the light party
okey i start now to write down all the  
cool,nice....reactions in the texteditor
the first reaction is from:TTS/oxyron   
i like the addybook coz of the high     
amount of text-bytes and the cool sounds
perhaps you should style the mag        
abit more colorful, but it's ok anyway! 
DEAR TTS: it's nice that you like addy- 
          book coz of the amount text-  
          bytes! if we search the musix 
          for all the chapters then we  
          try to use the best ones!!    
          yes the style looks`very ugly!
          but wait of issue 010 and you 
          can find a real better outfit 
          with more color in it!        
          but anyway thanx for your     
          reaction tts! (see ya on light
 the next reaction is from:YAZOO/oxyron 
addybook is a nice mag with many text   
and objective charts, but some more     
chapters would be useful, and please    
kick the music corner. anyway, i'm      
looking forward to the new mainmenu...  
DEAR YAZOO: yo nice that you like addy- 
            book!! yes we try to write  
            in all issues of addybook   
            long text. i think objective
            charts had only a mag with  
            enough votesheets! and we   
            try to become every issue   
            a lot of votesheets, by this
            way we thanx all guys for   
            spread the whole votesheets!
            you want more chapters?!    
            oh than come scrapper+peace 
            in a real time pressure!!   
            but i think it's enough with
            8 chapters!! in our mag you 
            can find only the important 
            scene things and not the    
            many uninterestet things    
            like in some other big disc-
            mags! and we don't stop     
            made the music corner coz   
            a lot of guys like it or    
            hear you never music yazoo? 
            yes everybody cry about the 
            mainmenu (self the coder!)  
            but wait some days and you  
            see a better one!!! see ya  
            on light party, pal!        
      the next reaction comes from:     
i think addybook has quite big amount of
addresses and it's a good mag exept for 
some speeling-mistakes. i think you     
should remove the logo in it and include
a better one. bisdes: it's boring to see
the same logo in every issue. the font  
is easy to read. nothing more to add,   
just keep on...                         
p.s. decrease the flashes in the text!  
DEAR MICKE: yo first thanx for your     
            reaction to addybook! yes   
            many votesheets =many addies
            if you like to spread some  
            voteshhets then you can see 
            maybe many many more addies!
            and remember first should   
            addybook only be a mag with 
            addies! (the name addybook  
            tell it!) yes you are right 
            we made many english mistake
            s but the most of us here   
            left the school for some    
            years!! (2-6 years!)        
            with the new mainmenu come  
            NEWgrafix and not the boring
            3 color logo! we try to use 
            this time not so many flashe
            s in the text!! ok see ya!  
       the next reaction is from:       
i'll try to cut this short. addybook is 
just another mag in the scene. tell me  
how many peoples would miss it, if you  
decided to stop doing it. that wouldn't 
be too many. i just mean, what's the    
point of all those lame mags with very  
few very unoriginal chapters and very   
little very bad english. this has gone  
to far. your mag has no use, and it is  
only an example. there is at least 35   
other mags what should be stopped. so   
here is my message for you: STOPP DOING 
and if you don't print this reaction,   
then i know that you are just few lousy 
cowards and nothing more.               
DEAR JANSO: yes addybook is just another
            mag in da scene or should it
            be a mag out of the whole   
            SPACE??!! how many people   
            would miss it?? maybe 1 or  
            2 or 10000000 i have no     
            numbers!!! yes you are right
            it gives to many mags but   
            please try to send me a     
            list where i can see the    
            35lame mags.if you send me a
            list with the 35 lame mags  
            then i will the here print  
            in this chapter and ALL can 
            see the mags WHICH YOU HATE!
            but anyway if you see a mag 
            on your disc which you hate 
            then do it like me: FORMAT  
            THE DISC!! and you are FREE 
            from the LAME mag! i send   
            you here the new issue of   
            addybook so try to send me  
            your mag called "bribed" and
            i will judge it in one of   
            the next following issues!! 
            see ya in PEACE!!           
      now to the next reaction from:    
your mag is ok. the graphics are good,  
the music is nice and the code is       
brilliant... with one bug: if you have  
installed a 2nd discdrive the load -    
routines fucks up... fix it and try to  
make crack-reviews if you want to have  
the very best mag in the world!!        
anyway keep on producing each month!!   
DEAR CHOTAIRE: yo thanx for your reactio
               n!! graphics,music,code  
               are many better in issue 
               010!! i think the load-  
               routine will soon be fixe
               d maybe in this issue!   
               crackreviews can you to  
               99,5% maybe see in the   
               next issue. but don't    
               send the crax to me coz  
               i make the reviews not!! 
               the crack reviews will   
               done by our cracker clax+
               tom!! (c+t) okey see ya! 
  now following a SPECIAL reaction from 
         earthshaker/silicon ltd.       
yo, this is earthshaker/silcom ltd. with
a little reaction to your issue 6 of    
addybook. in that issue (the news part) 
was standing the following news;        
lightniss/acrise joined silicon ltd.    
the fact that i write this is that, news
isn't true, the following is true and   
please make it right in your magazine.  
lightniss/acrise asked me (esr) if he   
could join scl. i said that he should   
send some examples of his work. he did  
this, and sended me some logos. i though
t that they were awfull and told him    
this. after this he sent me again some  
logos and thought that they were getting
better and better,so i gave him another 
chance. but still he isn't in SCL member
but until now he still didn't send even 
one logo. so he isn't a real SCL member!
DEAR EARTHSHAKER: well, we notice your  
                  real long letter and  
                  the most readers notic
                  e is now too, okey but
                  anyway thanx for your 
                  letter! one question  
                  to you: when is the   
                  next silicon party?!  
                  please try to send me 
                  the dates. okey hope  
                  you become this issue!
 and now an reaction from:MERLINE/image 
nice musics and gfx, and good readable, 
but the interviews could be much better 
to less questions,and not realy original
DEAR MERLIN: thanks for your reaction   
             merlin.we have now a better
             voteshheet with some kewl  
             questions if you like to be
             interviewed then tell me   
             and i send you a votesheet!
             see ya maybe in some month 
             in venlo!!                 
   and now a reaction from: ALIVE/wow   
hey dummies, don't you think that this  
hell like amount of these fucking maga- 
zines are a bit boring? DON'T START     
making a cliche magazine or i'll stop   
reading yer mag! (hehe,how kearful!)    
keep up dealing only with addies charts 
and MABYE news!! my best wishes: alive  
DEAR ALIVE: well, thanx for your interes
            ting words. you are maybe   
            right, there are real to    
            many mags with to many un-  
            interestet things, but a lot
            guys saided to me: hope addy
            book become soon more chapte
            rs!! and so we thing to make
            more and so we come to our 8
            chapters. but anyway hope   
            you don't stop reading addy-
            book coz the many chapters! 
            okey see ya!                
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