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yoooooo folks outthere!! MR.MOUSE is at 
it again: the reviewing!                
what have i got for you? well, let us   
-THE GEE  (musician without group)      
-RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS                  
is that promising or what?              
righto folks, before i go off remember  
to spread the READ YOU ALL!-note!!!     
ok. let me begin:                       
handle : THE GEE                        
name   : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            
age    : 18                             
group  : none, but wants one.           
sex    : yes, er.. male.                
this fellow comes from the netherlands  
and is composing for half a year now.   
he started when i gave him voicetracker.
now he would like his music reviewed.   
(i pushed him a bit)                    
anyway, let's talk about his music.     
it is build on rhythm and bass and it's 
nice. he says he finds it difficult to  
get a solo in(it sure ain't easy) so he 
get's the main background music first.  
i've heard a few songs with a solo and  
although they contain some false notes  
here and then, the melody is clear.     
he is somewhat inspired by REYN OUWEHAND
and by the music he likes very much     
namely: techno, house etc.              
you sometimes hear these styles in his  
zax. he gave me some 15 tunes to check  
out and i must say that some of them    
are nice to listen to.                  
that means he is good for music for     
intro's, but possibly for longplay too. 
the rhythm is well coordinated, no      
rhythmetic faults, only that sometimes  
because he puts bass and drums on one   
track the beat is gone.                 
that is a shame. it's always difficult  
to preserve the beat in a song.         
i think JEROEN TEL is good at that.     
but were are not talking about jt but   
about THE GEE here.                     
some songs are build on one basspattern,
but most of them have many variations.  
this is good.                           
what about the solo? well, i said that  
the gee has false notes in his music    
here and then, but he'll learn. i mean, 
it is quite possible that me myself     
make false music! there are a lot of    
musicians around that make false music  
and still people love their music!      
strange isn't it? but nobody seems to   
he sometimes rips sounds from other     
musicians, but is programming sounds    
himself, too.                           
so this is about it, i should give him  
some grades now. but first: CONTACT HIM!
THE GEE        percent                  
-------        -------                  
introability   : 70                     
longplay       : 50                     
rhythmetic feel: 65                     
melody         : 60                     
comment: this dude would like a group.  
         so people: let's do it.        
his address is:                         
the netherlands                         
on to the next review: normal music.    
group    : RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS        
title    : BLOOD SUGAR SEX MAGIK        
label    : warner bros. records         
released : early 1992                   
yes ladies and gentlemen, that new one  
of the red hot chili peppers is out some
time and i'll inform you about it.      
the album contains 17 tracks and has    
78 minutes of music.                    
the complete type of music could by     
discribed as FUNK. some people might say
that funk is not so hard, but this is   
a mixture between funk and jazz, with   
some rock songs.                        
let's take the song: BREAKING THE GIRL. 
this is a somewhat SYMPHONIC lovesong.  
symphonic is something completely else  
than funk, but they can do it.          
i'm not sayin' they are symphonic in the
style of PINK FLOYD for instance, but in
their own way. if you like funk you     
should check out the songs IF YOU HAVE  
it are heavy funky songs with text that 
them peppers always write: about women, 
love, sex, sex, and women...            
but they've got feeling too as you can  
hear in the song: FUNKY MONKS, showing  
love in it's true reality.              
a friend of mine, the solo-guitarist    
of the band in which i play, told me he 
get's goosebumps all over, when he hears
the guitarsolo in I COULD HAVE LIED.    
remarkable is the fact that the songs   
(when you listen to the cd) are put to- 
gether very closely; when one song has  
just finished, the other one plays.     
i must say that these guys are magik    
indeed. it's incredible what they can   
do. of course is my opinion not your    
opinion, so that means that you'll have 
to check it out for yourself.           
if you look at the members of this band 
you might say: jezus, some punks these  
guyz are!! you're right when you say    
that they've got a lot of tatoes, long  
hair and dress weird, but that's just   
how they are! the guitarist of the band 
lives in a very large village in a very 
RICH neighbourhood, he's got his own    
pool, lives in a cool summer-sea-swim   
area and loves to fuck... bringing lots 
f girls. and inviting his pals over...  
strange indeed. but hey, isn't that what
we all would wish? just to party all    
day, lying in the water, coctails at the
ready, drink lots of other booze too and
screw around? well, it may be vulgair or
perverse to some of you, but that's just
the way humans are! but he doesn't have 
time to do all those things, because    
he's got to compose! to be on tour!     
to record! so his life is almost        
complete... he just needs that one true 
do you think i am talking a lot of crap?
ok,ok. but it is true!                  
back to the review. they got the title  
of their album from the song BLOOD SUGAR
SEX MAGIK. nice song indeed.            
if you like good basslines, you get to  
hear a whole wide variety of basslines  
in this album, very heavy basslines!    
this is just one of those albums that   
should please almost everybody.         
even rappers.                           
so, go out and buy it NOW!              
by the way, ACTIVE of PROXYON told me he
totally agreed with my review of his    
music. i'm glad. i've heard a recently  
composed zax from him and yes he's      
getting better!! (issue 2, addybook 7)  
this chapter will NOT be transferred    
into a feedback chapter, ok!!           
"now i'm not losing my mind, at least i 
 don't think i'm losing my mind; last   
 night baby, woohhh..."                 
jimi hendrix, live at monterey, england 
weeeelll, guyz and gals, i'll quit my   
piece now and i hope you will send me   
your music!! (SIDCHIPSCRATCHERS next    
time! and possibly CYBERDYNE of         
TRINOMIC too! and what about THE CURE?) 
before i go: yo to all the people who   
             know me...                 
send your music, concertdates and any   
utility to:                             
            the netherlands             
well, read that magic chapter of that   
cool dude MR.AMMO now and vote for him  
in the swapper charts!!!! vote!!!!      
MR.MOUSE handing over the keyboard...   
yoo, mr.ammo here with:                 
      - news 'n' rumours                
      - a preview of primal sream's     
        newly released music-video.     
      - a review of pearl jam's album   
okay, let's start with news 'n' rumours.
- INXS headlined australia's largest    
  ever concert in sydney earlier this   
  month. 100.000 fans packed into       
  centennial park, raising 2 MILLION    
  dollars for AIDS research.            
  it was the only home performance of   
  the year for inxs, who played for free
  also on the bill were CROWDED HOUSE!  
- JULIAN LENNON'S new single is get a   
- THE LIGHTING SEEDS' debut lp is out   
  since april 6.                        
- JUGDEEP SINGH releases a single, who's
  going to love you, on more protein.   
- KISS OF THE GIPSY release a self      
  titled debut lp!                      
- OFRA HAZA, the israeli vocalist, has a
  new single out called DAW DA HIYA!!   
- INNER CITY release alchamy.           
- EN VOGUE have a new lp, FUNKY DIVA.   
- BILLY IDOL was fined 1600 pounds,     
  ordered to make a video warning about 
  the dangers of drink and drug-abuse   
  and to attend therapy for alcoholism  
  by a beverly hills court earlier this 
  idol had pleaded guilty to punching a 
  22-year-old girl in the face.         
- meanwhile, charges made against ROD   
  STEWART over an alleged assault of a  
  press-photographer have been dropped  
  after the parties agreed to an un-    
  specified out-of-court settlement.    
- OZZIE OSBOURNE was slightly injured   
  after 600 fans swarmed an stage at a  
  concert in IRVING, CALIFORNIA.        
- DAVE STEWART has teamed up with ex-   
  singer TERRYHALL in a new band        
  provisionally called ELECTRODUB.      
  they've already recorded tracks for a 
  projected ep.                         
- LAIBACH are to release a new lp,      
  kapital, on mute later this month.    
- JASON DONAVAN, the australian soap-   
  opera and pop star, has been awarded  
  200.000 pounds in damages against uk  
  fashion magazine, THE FACE, which was 
  ruled to have suggested he was homo-  
  sexual and a hyprocrite who lied abou\
  his sexual preferences.               
- GEORGE HARRISON performed his first   
  solo uk concert sice the break-up of  
  the beatles on monday april 6 on      
  behalf of the natural law party, who  
  are fielding candidates in the british
- americans have less than one week     
  (until april 24) to decide which      
  version of ELVIS PRESLEY, the young   
  rockabilly or the middle aged, las    
  vegas cabaret star will appear on new 
  commorative stamps.                   
- PERRY FARREL, the former JANE'S       
  ADDICTION frontman, has announced that
  his new band will be called PORNO FOR 
- TRACEY CHAPMAN'S first material in two
  years, a single called bang bang bang,
  was released by elektra records on    
  monday april 6. a new lp is aslo due  
  out very soon.                        
- THE QUIRE BOY'S will  release a new lp
  bittersweet and twisted, this summer. 
- CHRIS DE BURGH'S new lp will be called
  power of ten. out soon.(it might be   
  out by the time you read this, check  
  your local record-shop).              
- GUN have a new lp, GALLUS on a&m.     
and now some reviews...                 
music video review:                     
PRIMAL SCREAM with                      
PRIMAL SCREAMADELICA                    
following the deserved success of their 
debut aLbum SCREAMADELICA, this is a    
visual feast to go with primal scream's 
potent 60s eclectism.                   
the songs are linked by documentary     
footage featuring way-out colours and   
other psychedelia to go with tracks     
including the superb COME TOGETHER plus 
INNER FLIGHT (a track not featured on   
the original album).                    
former JESUS & MARY CHAIN bassman       
douglas hart directed this 45 minutes of
PEARL JAM - TEN                         
now, this is a good one - an album that 
anybody at all taken by rock should have
in their collection.                    
the mood and style of the songs swings  
from hard metal, through indie to       
psychedelia: it's best tagged as " the  
thinking person's heavy metal."         
pearl jam come from seattle home as     
soundgarden, nirvana et al, and as the  
success of their single alive, proved   
they're just as popular as any other    
member of the grunge gang.              
the strong vocals of eddie are always   
supported, never drowned, by the music. 
and that's one hell of a point in pj's  
favour - they're musical.               
whether you prefer the likes of the slow
, almost melancholy, black or fast 'n'  
heavy deep, you can't help but          
appreciate the entire album's worth.    
of course, pj miss the mark at times,   
like wandering off in guitar solos when 
everything was fine without them, but   
they more than make up for this with    
what is a cracking album.               
okay this was it for this time.         
as i'm in a hurry i can't tell you more 
except for my addy where you can send   
your stuff for this chapter to.         
    MR.AMMO/BLAZE (not on envelope)     
    the netherlands                     
    phone: +xx-(0)xxxx-xxxxx            
 FRIDAYS and SUNDAYS.                   
this is for swapping, this music chapter
and some vhs. MODEM + TELEPHONE FREAX   
are MORE than WELCOME.                  
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