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            !! INTERVIEW !!             
hello guyz this time we have interviewed
         done by SCRAPPER/BLAZE         
so let's start with the question torture
? hello frederik, please give our read- 
  ers some facts and info about yourself
  and your family!                      
! hi, well some facts about myself...   
  let's see now,my real name is frederik
  or rico. i'm 21 years old, 182 cm.    
  tall, medium length, dark-blonde hair.
  i am out of school after some (14)    
  years of struggle. i've got a smaller 
  sister, anna, and still lives with my 
? when did you enter the c64 scene;     
  which groups have you been in and     
  which group are you in now?           
! i first started in 1987, with an own  
  group, called "SILVER ROM CRACKERS",  
  but then i've had my c64 since 1984.  
  in 1988, i joined TRIUMPH 2001, with  
  mahoney & kaktus, injun and some other
  dudes. when triumph died, i joined    
  AGILE for a while. in november -88, i 
  formed PRETZEL LOGIC, together with   
  jonas, and we are still going and have
  got some more members since then.     
? what's your job in your current group?
! i'm a coder, i suppose, but i also    
  pull the strings, project leader you  
  may say. i also do some swapping. i'm 
  mainly the one who comes up with the  
  demo-ideas, together with mikael.     
? what's are your future plans on the   
  c64 and in real life?                 
! i plan to hang on the c64 for as long 
  as it lasts. selling games has always 
  been the main object, but i don't take
  the time to produce a state of the art
  game. i don't think it would be a wise
  move to spend all that time, and pro- 
  bably get nothing out of it.          
  as for my real life, it ends 16:th of 
  june, when i'll join the army for 12  
  month,but there will still be weekends
  and some time off, so it's not THE END
  of my world, only almost.             
? which group would you join if your    
  group would die? and why?             
! i will stick to PRETZEL LOGIC 'till   
  the bitter end. PRETZEL LOGIC will die
  when i die, so ...                    
? what's/who's your favourite ...       
  +demo-group     +magazine (disk&paper)
  +cracker group  +music artist/band    
  +coder          +movie                
  +musician       +girlie               
  +swapper        +food                 
! my favourites ...                     
  demo group   :the judges              
  cracker group:any group with injun    
  coder        :chris butler            
  musician     :rob hubbard             
  swapper      :jerry/triad             
  magazine     :shock (disk)            
               :pirates (paper)         
  music        :vangelis (artist)       
               :tangarine dream (band)  
  movie        :bladerunner             
  girlie       :tricky qustion, this one
  food         :pizza hut deep pan pizza
  drink        :pepsi                   
? what do you like/dislike in the c64-  
! i really like the 64-scene, b'coz of  
  it's ability to always come up with   
  something new, but i don't like the   
  egoism some guys show up. i also think
  the scene lacks some of the old days  
? are you in other scenes too?          
! i'm not in a other scene than the c64 
? do you like demos?                    
! I LOVE demos. i really like the demos 
  that has got some thinking behind them
  not just "look at my new routine on an
  empty screen", but with style and     
  design. blackmail's demos, mda-demos i
  could list a lot of groups that make  
  good demos. unfortunately the list of 
  bad demomakers would be much longer.  
? what kind of hardware do you use?     
! i use a c128, a modified action replay
  5.0, 1764 ram expansion, a couple of  
  1541's and a 1581. an amiga with cab- 
  les to my 128, a 1084 s monitor.      
? who are your best friends in the scene
! many of my contacts are really great  
  friends, some personal friends, some  
  only by letters (i love getting let-  
  ters on paper). i don't want to name  
  any specific, but i think you know who
  you are.                              
? i guess you don't spend all spare-time
  you have in front of your c64, so     
  please tell us what you do besides the
! i practise ju-jutsu, and works as an  
  instructor, and i'm also chairman of  
  sandviken ju-jutsu club and that takes
  an awefull lot of time. besides that, 
  it's not much time left.              
? have you ever been in trouble with the
! no, i've never had any troubles with  
  the authorities.                      
? do you know any perverts?             
! i know some guys that passes through  
  their lifes, staring on a squared     
  screen, typing things like "lda" and  
  "inc". some sort of perverted beha-   
  viour i think ...                     
? what do you think about the "new kids 
  on the block"?                        
! who?                                  
? do you have a girlfriend? if so then  
  discribe her for us.                  
! yes, i'm madly in love with a girl    
  named anna. and the fine thing about  
  it, is that she is in love with me too
  we've been together for a year now.   
  she is 165 cm tall, got dark, medium  
  length hair. she's got a lovely smile,
  and looks just great.                 
? do you have good habits? please give  
  us three of them.                     
! good habits ... i'm a calm person, i  
  like to think things over before i do 
  anything stupid. i don't smoke, and i 
  don't drink too much alcohol.         
? like good habits you must also have   
  some bad habits. please give us some  
  of these too.                         
! i'm terribly lazy.                    
? if you would win on MILLION english   
  pounds, what would you do with it?    
! give it all to thoose who needs it    
  better than me (kidding). i would skip
  the army, and live a nice, quiet life.
  some of it would go to charity though.
? are there any guys in the c64-scene   
  who you definitely wouldn't invite to 
  your birthday-party?                  
! i would invite all the guys i know,   
  and for the rest, since i don't know  
  them, i can't tell. and i don't want  
  to judge anyone by roumors.           
? by the way, when were you born?       
! i was born in the sixth of october,   
  back in 1970.                         
? if you'd like to give our readers some
  final words then do ...               
! i usually say this: let's keep the    
  scene going for as many years as we   
  can (ten or fifteen more ...).        
? yo frederik i thank you for this in-  
  terview and leave you some space to do
  some greets ...                       
! thank you for the opportunity to speak
  no special greetings. look in our next
  demo "UNTOLD STORIES" instead ...     
  here you arrived now the end of this  
 chapter try to press space or read the 
 interview again!!! and at last but not 
  least follows our headquarter addy:   
              ADDYBOOK HQ               
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   and INTERVIEW or try this number:    
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