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yo dear readers here comes the mish mash
corner first we start with a mag review 
news press issue 09 from the rebels !!! 
coding:the coding was nice not so big   
bugs or nice text displayer the irq-    
loader was a bit slow but i think the   
guys in rebel will improve it in the    
next issue!!                            
grafix: nothing special not the best    
grafix but i think for a mag it's enough
music: really kicking ass music it's the
ideal mag-music you can hear the music  
again and again!!!                      
now about the chapters there were 9 cha-
editorial:in this chapter the editors of
newpress say hello to the readers and   
talk about the new outfit and say sorry 
for to less text in the issue blablabla 
and so on .....                         
news&rumours: in the last issue of news 
press the were dammed much old news     
wrong datas(trance is dead) and so on   
but in this issue the guys in rebels    
makes a good job there were some wrong  
news but all in all the news were fresh 
and dont look like in other mags yes    
the guys in rebels makes a nice job this
charts:the charts normally there were   
not much to say i think guys in rebels  
do in this chapter a good work! to kick 
brutal recall out of the charts!!!      
adverts part 1: addys addys and again   
adverts part 2: addys addys......       
boardnews'n'numbers: yo in this chapter 
you find nearly all board numbers in the
state and in europe,there datas were all
in all correct and i think this was the 
best chapter in this issue of news press
neotec makes a good work!!!             
cover competition: for me its a boring  
chapter only for cover-freaks and co... 
interview: well nothing much to say its 
ok not so boring like in other mags!!!  
housenation:really cool chapter i think 
this was the real report what happens   
at the moment in the tekkno scene but   
this chapter is only for tekkno fans and
freaks it's ok....                      
hmm thats all! this time news press #9  
was for the best issue of all the other 
ones was nothing special a mag like the 
other 100 mags around the scene maybe   
the can work a bit on the irq-loader,=  
not so less text and a better grafix and
what you see than a top 5 mag ok go on! 
here are the points i give news press#9 
6.3 points of 10 points but i'm sure    
that the next issue will be better as   
this time....see ya suckers!!!          
          top ten single charts         
       1. forever number 1/powerplant   
       2. i'm every shoeman/hobbes      
       3. i'm to sexy../dense           
       4. could it be magic/magic       
       5. give in to me /arrogance      
       6. bad girl /debbie              
       7. history /rcs                  
       8. i have nothing/airwolf        
       9. sing hallelujah/bod           
      10. keep the faith/x-fire         
well on the top you see the smash hit of
pwt forever number one the big jump of  
hobbes with the covervision of hitney   
husten i'm every shoeman and on the 3rd 
place you can see the supermodel dense  
with i'm to sexy ok thats all .....     
-did you know that the light party was  
 in sweden                              
-did you know that some so called elite 
 groups buys calling card from edwin van
 santen there were some groups on the   
 top 6 who buys cards from him lame lame
 and again lame but who cares this fact!
-did you know that i prefer sado maso   
 sex because this art of sex isn't so   
 boring like the normal sex!!           
-did you know that the most of the ger- 
 man members of trance are pevers!!     
-did you know that it exist a firm with 
 the name shock!!                       
-did you know that someone is calling   
 the boards as radar/arcade maybe radar 
 dont know that arcade is dead          
-did you know that the australian group 
 bodycount is the australian group since
-did you know that the burglar are co-  
 ding the protection for lemmings so we 
 all know which group will have the 1st-
 release of this game..                 
-did you know that genesis have becomes 
 many many new members in the last 3    
 weeks so we can wait for some cracks & 
 firsties from güp!!                    
-did you know that pandora is a party-  
line group the most members are calling 
every day the party-line!!              
-did you know  that in this moment i'm t
alking with bizarre over the telephone  
-did you know that the next issue of a- 
head will be a dammed cool issue!!      
-did you know that enigma will die soon,
because the most members are to lazy!!  
-did you know that 60% of the germans   
 are mens(ed. bad times for machos)     
-did you know that this issue+text+menue
 was maked in only 1 week!!!            
-did you know that bizarre and doc      
holliday are spanish guys               
- did you know that there were some guys
who dont know that aslive drop the scene
and give him some votes!!               
-did you know that the demo from success
will be a dammed cool demo              
- did you know that it exist a firm with
the name mechanix                       
-did you know that rsi are more than 41 
people at the moment!!!                 
-did you know that this was the last did
you know for today!                     
well now comes some craptalk shit !     
what is bullshit?                       
well bullshit is shit from a bull or?   
what is milk?                           
milk is milk pasta!!                    
and what is this!?                      
this is what this is so this is this and
this is this.                           
                    ++ no carrier       
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