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yo dickheads here is back doc holliday  
of trance today with a interview with   
action jackson of the ruling company    
? = a-head                              
aj= action jackson                      
?=introduce yourself,give us some datas 
about your age,sex,weight,shoesize .... 
  well...i'm 23 years of age,90 kilos,  
  and i've shoesize 43!                 
?:when have you got yer c-64 ,and has   
  happened since then....??             
  i started with a c64 in 1984 and foun 
  ded my first cracking group in '85    
  under the name fss...which meant      
  future software spies!                
  my handle was scp!!                   
?:tell us a bit about your favourites?  
  drink       : malibu-cola             
  food        : cheeseburger            
  movie       : dances with wolves      
  condom      : checked!                
  politics    : -                       
  fixergroup  : empire+armageddon       
  crackergroup: legend+rsi (21-3-93)    
  demogroup   : crest                   
  discmag     : shock!                  
  papermag    : pirates+bp              
  game        : darts (alternative)     
  slogan      : eat shit!               
  boards      : galaxy high             
  friends     : too much!               
?:do you have any other hobbies besides 
  the computer?                         
  do you really care?                   
  i play soccer every saturday & train  
  2 days a week for that!               
  further i watch & swap movies...      
?:do you have a girl-friend  if  yes,   
  give us some datas about her??        
aj: not a steady one now but just sum   
    girls i go out with!                
?:what do you think about the scene in  
  the moment??                          
  too less cards... hehe!               
  too less warez...                     
  the end is near, i guess!!            
?:do you like sado sex, if yes,why?     
?:what  is your favourite sex position  
  (without animals)?                    
  you tell me!!                         
?:hmmm how many members does trc have?  
  got sum swappers joining us l8ly..    
  guess its round 20 members!           
?:and what are your jobs in trc ?       
  i lead them trough the wilderness!    
?:what kind of music do you hear?       
aj: almost everything... except heavy   
    metal!! i like covers nowadays too! 
?:who is for you the best cracking group
  in the scene?                         
  trc!!   we fuckin rule!!              
?:what is your opinion about the mags   
  in the scene?                         
  too fuckin' much! i started frontpage 
  just when there were 2/3 mags! sex'n  
  crime+ shape's mag! now its about     
  50/60 mags... burp!!!!!!              
  (ed. i know about 150 mags now..)     
?:give a definition of a lamer/loser?   
  that guy who's doing remark! remy     
  ebus is his name! first he calls me   
  up and told me where i got the final  
  version of lemmings/c64 from! i never 
  got & have it! then after more talks  
  through the phone i met him at ects   
  in london/september'92 & he behaved   
  like a fool as he didn't know me at   
  all! further he's earning money from  
  comm.force with our demos!! fuck thiz 
  lamer!! so.. l8r.. i heard from sum   
  guys that there should be a report of 
  the ects show in remark 16 where he   
  claims to meet the lamers from trc..  
  i just heard that so from my informa- 
  tion source its dawned trough it was  
  in the mag! such guys like these      
  should be abandonned from the scene!! 
  maybe sumone can send me remark 16!   
  now he's earning money with lemmings  
  the only thing he does is to write a  
  letter to psygnosis and negociate     
  about the price!  lame..lame..lame!!  
?:who're your best friends in the scene?
  best friend is cba.. further all trc- 
  skater,moron,scat and much more..     
?:which group is for you the newcommer  
  of 1992 ??                            
   europe -  illusion!!!                
   usa    -  armageddon!                
?:how old is the ruling company?        
aj: its from 1988 i thought correctly!  
    same year built as blackmail!       
?:how many contacts do you have at the  
aj: around the 100 guys..               
?:do you have any enemies in the scene? 
  maybe remy now??                      
?:what do you think about puzzle games? 
  i'm sick and tired of these warez!!   
?:tell us about yout future -drams on   
  the scene and in yer real life !      
  not much to tell...in a few years i   
  will buy a house for my own.          
  for the c64..we'll see how long it    
?:will you greet someone?               
  hello losers!!!!!!!!!!!!              
?: last words ?                         
aj: no..glad it's over..hahahaha!       
ed.it is over indeed..load another      
chapter !                               
doc holliday !                          
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