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welcome to the game-corner of a-head in 
this chapter you'll find all the future 
plans of the software companies for the 
next12 month or more!!                  
     name                 art           
amc astro marine corps  action          
arsenal fc soccer team  soccer          
bugsy 3 the revemge     adventure       
chuck rock 2            jump'run        
dream team basketball   basketball      
mtv the game            jump'run        
schwert und magie 4     adventure       
henry                   jump'run        
the addams family 2     jump'run        
brides of dracula       action          
titus the fox           jump'run        
sturmtruppen            adventure       
lemmings                action          
superleague             management      
space max               interaction     
fc liverpool soccer     soccer          
well this is the list of the games who  
will released by the wellknow companies 
in europe you see that there aren't much
games for this machine but there are ok 
ok now we continues with the news around
the software scene                      
well as everbody knows legendary deeds  
is a wildstyle production and will re-  
lease after the summer holidays i think 
it will be a nice adventure!            
rumours are saying that paradize're work
ing on creatures 3 but i think that this
is only a rumours!                      
did you know that cubes magic prev was  
coded by posdnugs of rsi and 1-released 
by rsi, i think it's lame when someone  
release his own game as 1st release but 
this isn't my problem when you know what
i mean with this ok!                    
well diablo/padua are searching for some
one who have some conection to sofware- 
firms because he cant sell his game it's
a kind of arkanoid so contact him!!!    
we in trance are working on some games  
like soccer in action, an adventure some
puzzle games and other stuff so when you
wanna join trance games inc. contact one
of your trance contact and ask him for  
further informations!                   
with sleepwalker ocean release maybe the
last one for this machine they are think
ing about stop to produce games for the 
c-64 but i hope that they dont stop coz 
that will be a big shock fro all!! ocean
is one the best companies who produce   
high quality games on this machine not  
the shit like codemasters & co!!        
the rumors about the end of zeppelin on 
this machine are wrong they continues on
the c-64 but the make a little break and
start after the summer holiday with some
new game-productions so wait and see    
after the big success popey 3 alternat. 
software brings in the summer-hollidays 
popey 4 it's the same game-play only new
levels and graphix!                     
in these days many companies will die   
but we see that they comes new companies
from australia and the east-part of eu- 
rope.i think it's great!!               
rainbow arts will start again on c-64   
they will start with crash-war a die&   
drive game!                             
ok thats all for today sorry for not    
so much text in this chapter but there  
were so much news about new games so    
see you in the next issue ++ no carrier 
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